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The Cameroon Condition

George Ngwane

Publication Year: 2012

The Cameroon Condition brings together three seminal essays by George Ngwane, one of the most renowned, committed and daring Anglophone Cameroon writers. ìThe Mungo Bridge,î is a stinging indictment of the tenuous relations between La Republique du Cameroun and the Southern Cameroons ñ a marriage gone sour right from the honeymoon. It raises hard questions on the failed union, and is uncompromisingly courageous in the solutions it proposes. This popular essay was first published at a time when it was risky to be open and critical, especially on what has come to be known as The Anglophone Problem. ìThe Anglophone Fileî discusses the narrow and barren politics of belonging that have exacerbated divisions and controversies among Anglophone elites, turning them into political fodder for the Francophone dominated state. The essay suggests ways out of the divisions and intrigue that have kept Anglophones permanently at daggers drawn against each other, and facilitated their exploitation, humiliation and marginalization. The third essay, ìFragments of Unity,î concerns the South West Region, whose leaders Ngwane criticizes of political opportunism and of a chronic lack of vision and fortitude with regard to the socio-economic development of the region. It calls for a leadership free of the docility, mediocrity and praisesingerliness. These are powerful essays that have attracted praise and criticism alike. They are essays to leave few indifferent. Their continued relevance to current debates makes of them a most read.

Published by: African Books Collective

Title Page

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Copyright Page

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pp. v-viii

I am pleased to provide this preface to ‘The Cameroonian Condition’ which is a collection of previously acclaimed publications by . . .

The Mungo Bridge

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pp. 3-4

1960 was the year that set us free from the shackles of our colonial masters – England and France. The bells of merger between two cultural . . .

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Chapter One. National Integration

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pp. 5-22

Paul Biya in his Communal Liberalism describes a Nation as a human community vitally conscious of its unity and solidarity that transcends ethnic, religious . . .

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Chapter Two. National Unity

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pp. 23-31

Nothing best expressed this view of National Unity than such a profound philosophy postulated by the President. National Unity is a priori . . .

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Chapter Three. National Consciousness

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pp. 33-58

Franz Fanon, a distinguished Negro writer, described National Consciousness as the all-embracing crystallization of the innermost hopes . . .

The Anglophone File

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Chapter Four. Where The Coastal/Graffi Divide Began

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pp. 61-70

The land policy has been a factor that has influenced the population influx of the stranger element especially of the Grass Lander . . .

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Chapter Five. Why The First Attempt At Coastal/Graffi Unity Failed

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pp. 71-79

The catalogue of grievances by the Coastals on the KNDP regime widened the gulf between Endeley and Foncha so much that even . . .

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Chapter Six. How the Drama of South West/North West Divide Is Being Rehearsed Today

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pp. 81-90

If power was seen to be emanating from the Anglophone Ministers, then real policies were made by one man Ahmadou Ahidjo and those . . .

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Chapter Seven. Why We Must Build Bridges Instead Of Walls

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pp. 91-99

There is therefore a Northwest/Southwest divide. This is what constitutes the Anglophone file. Anybody ignoring this will not only be subverting . . .

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Chapter Eight Why We Need a Two By (X) State Federation

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pp. 101-112

The common denominator between the Southwest and the Northwest Provinces is that they both stand for a Federation. A ten state Federation . . .

Fragments of Unity

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Chapter Nine. Our Geography

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pp. 115-120

The South West Province was born from the 1972 decree that transferred the Federal Republic of Cameroon to the United Republic of . . .

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Chapter Ten. Yesterday’s Heroes – The Cradle of South West

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pp. 121-135

Dr. Emmanuel Mbella Liffafe Endeley was born on April 10th 1916 at Buea. He was educated at the Roman Catholic Mission School Bonjongo . . .

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Chapter Eleven. Our Task Today

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pp. 137-169

Leadership is extremely important in the making of any society but it will not give us all solutions to all problems. But as African statesman . . .

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Chapter Twelve. Our Common Future

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pp. 171-178

The South West Province constitutes a group of people who share the same geographical boundaries against a common historical legacy . . .

Back Cover

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E-ISBN-13: 9789956727100
Print-ISBN-13: 9789956727285

Page Count: 188
Publication Year: 2012