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The Wages of Corruption

Sammy Oke Akombi

Publication Year: 2009

Corruption is endemic in Cameroon. Twice, Transparency International have accorded the country the infamous first place in corruption. As one of many concerned Cameroonians, Sammy Oke Akombi was moved and they realized that something was in fact wrong somewhere and something had to be done somehow. This collection of short stories is his contribution to the collective resolve by concerned Cameroonians to wage a war against this most unusual friend of fairness. The stories seek to elicit awareness about a social ill that is ironically championed by the very politicians, functionaries, educator, leaders and power elite whose duty it is to keep society healthy and on the rails. The stories are on corruption in different segments of society and about the people who perpetrate it. Almost everyone is immersed in it and so must make every effort to resurface from it. It takes only the will to stay alive because the wages of corruption like any other sin can only be death.

Published by: African Books Collective

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pp. v-viii

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pp. ix-x

After establishing the credibility of Transparency International, who twice have accorded our country the infamous first place in corruption, true patriots were moved and they realised that something was in fact wrong somewhere and something had to be done somehow. Cameroonians in one voice thought they should...

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pp. xi-xii

Ihave had the pleasure of reading through the manuscript of this piece. I find that it is an exciting collection of stories brilliantly narrated by Sammy Oke Akombi, on some burning issues of societal morality. The first story The Politician, explores the place of the politician in Cameroon today and their role in the domain...

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The Politician

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pp. 1-6

There was an impending election and there was a politician, candidate for the lone parliamentary seat for Griefland constituency. The candidate and his aides developed and adopted a strategy. It was to pocket all the village heads of this constituency. He was not going to pocket them with dependable ideas and laudable plans...

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The Sacrificed Lunch Pack

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pp. 7-10

My little girl Alice, curious little creature, looked at me sternly as I walked in. As soon as I slumped on the sofa, she came up to me and asked why I had stayed so long at work. I had to explain painstakingly, to satisfy her. Kids nowadays enjoy having their dads around them, unlike the days I was growing up...

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Another Murder in the Cathedral

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pp. 11-24

Pius Ake was at his second post, after he had left every young person’s dream school, the National School of Administration and Magistracy. He was serving as a Sub divisional Officer . He liked his job very much and whenever anyone cared to listen, he boasted that his was the best job in the entire wide world. When asked...

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My Command at a Lamidat

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pp. 25-30

I had just taken command as a Senior Divisional Officer in a Lamidat. There was obviously a reigning Lamido, the traditional ruler of the people. Shortly before my installation I had gone to him to pay homage. He commanded so much respect, especially from his people. They never looked at him directly when they spoke to him...

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The Barren Womb

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pp. 31-42

It’s insane to think that children are incidental in marriage’, Kula thought as he kept wriggling his wrist. He had just been told how worthless he was in keeping a wife who had been unable to bare him children and how foolish he was, not to have gone out and fetch children. He had been married to his beautiful wife ten years...

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Doctor Kalawa

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pp. 43-56

Calm, meticulous and suave, Dr Kalawa has just qualified as a surgeon. His thesis on oncology was exemplary and it is till date displayed on the website of the medical school he attended. After a brilliant presentation of his end-of-course thesis, which made headlines the world over, he became a hot cake on the job...

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My Money

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pp. 57-64

My imagination went riot the day I watched a fourteen-sitter bus swerve past the one in which I was an occupant. It shot in the air violently, missed its trajectory and crashed brutally against an embankment. The ensuing noise was deafening and as if that was not bad enough, it was followed by a very huge...

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Pastor Aduma's Concubine

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pp. 65-76

Pastor Aduma had sworn that he would leave the church if his subsequent post were not a juicy one. When he joined God’s ministry in 1999, it was to serve God and also make some money to get himself and his family out of the spell of poverty. He and his family had known poverty ever since he was born and when he became...

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The Wound of Justice

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pp. 77-84

Toki Joe had always admired the law. So it was no surprise that at fifteen, he used to go to court premises during holidays, only to admire lawyers and judges in their professional outfit. Sometimes he attended court sessions. In one of them the presiding magistrate made a statement that caught his attention. The...

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Brown Kaloka the Coxcomb

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pp. 85-100

Brown Kaloka is a young man in his late thirties. He has a height of one and half metre, which many people consider as average. But he has always wished he was taller. So he has adopted the habit of always raising his shoulders to satisfy himself that he is tall enough. Another characteristic is that his face is rather spherical but...

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The Phoney Phone Call

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pp. 101-106

Like every responsible citizen, I left my home one morning at quarter past seven in the morning. Just a few minutes before half past seven I was already seated in my office ready for the day’s work. After examining my day’s planning I started work in earnest. At ten o’clock my secretary entered to inform me I had a phone call from

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Tension on an Arrival

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pp. 107-116

The first lady, in her usual munificence has been doing great for the depraved, especially children whom for no fault of theirs are the most vulnerable of humans. It was in this regard that her attention was turned to Griefland constituency. She had never set foot on this constituency although from time to time she...

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E-ISBN-13: 9789956717859
Print-ISBN-13: 9789956558476

Page Count: 130
Publication Year: 2009

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