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The Raped Amulet

Sammy Oke Akombi

Publication Year: 2008

An extraordinary story of a young man from Africa who tries hard to reconcile the ways he had grown up with, and those he was experiencing in his host country - Great Britain. The story is set in Coventry, in the English Midlands and is told by Dion Ekpochaba, a postgraduate student at the University of Warwick. Dion, fresh from his motherland, Cameroon, loses an amulet, a cherished heritage of his ancestry and becomes desperate about the loss. He meets an elderly English man, Tom Jones who makes a startling revelation: the amulet had just been desecrated by his dog and thrown into the depths of a lake in the campus. Dion became so flabbergasted that Tom Jones thought he might have gone out of his mind. The two strangers tried to understand each other to no avail. However, the misfortunes of time turn the tides, resulting in a friendship, which provides grounds for mutual understanding and respect for each other's ways. Read on and spark your views on making the world a better place.

Published by: African Books Collective

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pp. iv

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Chapter One

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pp. 1-6

Dion Ekpochaba rubbed his eyes gently, sighed and then rolled in his bed from one side to another. He opened the eyes and then closed them again, It was not unusual for him to remain wrapped up in a duvet for long hours on a Sunday morning. But fortunes seemed to have changed. For two straight weeks he had been ...

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Chapter Two

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pp. 7-11

When it had become certain that Dion Ekpochaba would be travelling to the United Kingdom for further studies, it was incumbent upon him to inform every member of his extended family. Majority of them were duly informed – uncles, aunts, brothers, sisters, cousins, and even in-laws. They all recognized that it was a great ...

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Chapter Three

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pp. 12-16

He had been in England for quite a bit and he had not had any cause to have recourse to his amulet. But on that day that he hit his left foot on the doorstop, he felt, something was wrong somewhere. Evil was lurking somewhere, ready to rear its ugly head and pounce on any unfortunate bystander. . ...

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Chapter Four

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pp. 17-30

Back in his room, Dion took off his jacket, intending to have a nap before facing up to the demands of the evening. As he was unbuttoning his shirt he realized that the thing that hung on the string around his neck was gone. It was no longer there, the amulet. He held the string that held it and took it off his neck and half consciously ...

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Chapter Five

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pp. 31-36

Dion Ekpochaba was not a neophyte in witnessing fits. As a form one pupil in a boarding school he had witnessed his most intimate friend succumb to violent fits during an early morning roll call ritual. The young man was patiently standing on his own row of form one pupils, waiting for his turn to answer present. ...

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Chapter Six

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pp. 37-46

The following morning, when he opened his eyes, his room had been invaded by the light of dawn. He remembered the events of the previous day and then he thought for a while and was not quite sure as to what side of the world he belonged to. He rubbed his eyes, opened them wider and recognized that nothing had changed. ...

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Chapter Seven

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pp. 47-52

When Dion looked at his watch, he had spent two hours with Tom Jones. He told him he was returning to the campus. The old man thanked him for the visit and asked him to stop by, anytime he felt like. Then he remembered that Dion had not said anything about the survivors of the Lake Nyos incident. ...

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Chapter Eight

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pp. 53-61

It was a pretty long time that Dion had not gone to 48, Chancellor street, Cannon Park. He thought that another visit there would be refreshing. It would be fun to meet someone like Tom Jones, occasionally, in order to hear him talk about good old Cameroon. A country that he had crossed many rivers and seas to go to and defend, ...

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Chapter Nine

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pp. 62-67

Ndutu provided the requirements and he and the traditional healer went to their village. He called his immediate family and explained to them what he had diagnosed and the treatment he had planned for their son. They all agreed that the village people were very jealous and they were capable of such evil. ...

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Chapter Ten

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pp. 68-77

The following day, Ndutu was at the doorsteps of Laboratoire de Biyem-assi at 2.00 p.m. He walked straight to the cubicle in which his blood sample had been taken. He found the attendant who had attended to him the previous day. She sent him to the psychologist. As he got in there he understood everything. ...

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Chapter Eleven

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pp. 78-87

When Jojo got home that day, she did everything to look happy. But forced happiness like everything thing that is done forcefully is difficult to hide from a discerning eye. Ndutu noticed that she was not her usual self when she walked in. He had been home and he had for once got the lunch ready. ...

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Chapter Twelve

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pp. 88-99

Annie Parker, so she was called before she married Steve Bottomless, used to be the girl every young man wanted to associate with” Tom said, looking excited. “She was down-to-earth, intelligent, resourceful and inspiring. Above these pleasant qualities, she was a piece of elegance. Her oval face that ...

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Chapter Thirteen

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pp. 100-107

Dion Ekpochaba returned to his room forty, Tocil flats more deflated than inflated. Deflated because so far, Tom Jones and his country have impressed him but nothing about his country seemed to have impressed Tom, apart from Tole Tea of course, which he simply discovered by mere chance. He had liked the tea ...

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Chapter Fourteen

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pp. 108-117

True to the thought of Irving Berlin, the toughest thing about success is that you’ve got to keep on being a success, Dion was haunted by the expectations of his new found fans. They all had high hopes for the Cameroonian team, which they agreed deserved the name indomitable lions. Fellow Africans who had been ...

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E-ISBN-13: 9789956717378
Print-ISBN-13: 9789956558247

Page Count: 124
Publication Year: 2008