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The Wooden Bicycle and Other Stories

Tikum Mbah Azonga

Publication Year: 2009

The Wooden Bicycle and Other Stories is a compilation of eight compelling short stories which immediately engage the reader, regardless of which story is selected for reading. Just like the author's other collection of short stories, Cup Man and Other Stories, the book is a depiction of the joys and pains of everyday life in the typical African country or even in the West Indies. This dimension includes an in-depth look at life within the African community in the West - an experience which is, of course daunting as the immigrant struggles to adjust to the new dispensation. Azonga once again shows outstanding skill in narrative techniques by adopting a style that is at once simple and intricate, entertaining and instructive.

Published by: African Books Collective

Title Page

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1. The Wooden Bicycle

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pp. 1-6

There are times when despite the feelings parents may have for a child, they still wish they had not brought that particular child to life. Such was the case with Jonas Bikwibili and his son, Moses. He was the first of seven children Jonas had with his wife, Judith.
Moses was 13, and now in Class Seven, the final class in primary school. If all went well, that is, if he passed both...

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2. Fateful Ride

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pp. 7-18

Market day was one day we looked forward to with baited breath. And once it came, it was another eight days before the next one. This was because like in most villages in the region, our local market was held on the weekly ‘country Sunday’, or to put it in proper English, the weekly public holiday. This day fell once in eight days and not seven days because there are eight days in the village week. Since there are only seven in...

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3. One Way Ticket

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pp. 19-36

The news spread like wild fire in the village. At long last after twenty years in Britain without a single visit back home, she was coming back. People debated about what she would look like. Some wondered what things she would bring back from the white man’s country. Yet others speculated about what she would give them personally. Whatever was the case, she was the talk of the village...

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4. One of a Kind

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pp. 37-58

It was the very start of the school year and on this first day of the term children could be seen hurrying to their different schools. There were three in Banakuf Village, of which St. John’s Primary School was the largest. The other two included one run by the Presbyterians and the third, by the State. Like other State primary schools, the latter was officially named, ‘Government Primary School’ Banakuf...

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5. The Money

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pp. 59-66

Mami Aggie had a problem on her hands and knew this only too well. A mother of seven, she used to say that she had more than her fair share of troubles, compared with other mothers with the same number of children. Yet, the strange thing is that her troubles – nearly all of the – came from one and the same child. The author of Mami Aggie’s misfortunes was Bala, a boy, and...

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6. Moment of Truth

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pp. 67-76

Fondem belonged to a group of friends who grew up in the village together. They were ‘kang’, pronounced so that the intonation falls like in the English word, ‘for’, when uttered in isolation. Translated into English, therefore: ‘kang’ means, “Age mate.” Ordinarily this applies to people who are of the same age. However, in practice, some can be up to three or even four years older...

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7. Caught In-between

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pp. 77-82

Christ the Saviour College (CSC) was a much sought-after institution which attracted large numbers of students from both far and near. The twenty year old educational institution had made its mark in academia, having produced some of the best GCE ‘O’ and ‘A’ Level results in the country. However, perhaps its strongest point was its Christian ethos which permeated all...

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8. A Matter of Choice

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pp. 83-98

There was absolutely no doubt that this was a big day in the life of Banang Farm and the villages and little towns from which most of its work force was drawn. The name Banang was derived from one of the local villages where the experimental crop was grown. The centre of attraction whose full name was the Banang Experimental Farm but was popularly referred to only as...

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9. Daddy's Boy

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pp. 99-134

It was no secret. Anyone who knew Mr. James and his family was aware that of all his children, he loved David most.
Mr. James as he was widely known in the town was a wealthy business man, in fact the most well-to-do in Tonga town. His real names were James Abanda. However he had come to be known as ‘Mr. James’ although he should have...

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10. Chicken Soup

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pp. 135-146

Infants 1A were released for Long Break first. As soon as the bell went, Ni Martin rushed next door to see if our class, 1B, was out already. As the door to our class was still locked, he concluded that we still in the classroom. So, he came over to the set of glass windows that stood on two of our classroom walls and pressed his...

Back Cover

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E-ISBN-13: 9789956717262
Print-ISBN-13: 9789956558353

Page Count: 152
Publication Year: 2009

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