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The Women who Ate Python and Other Stories

Sammy Oke Akombi

Publication Year: 2008

A collection of six thought-provoking stories, four of which were award-winning-stories at the 1990 literary contest of the national Association of Cameroonian Poets and Writers (APEC). The stories are set in different localities in Africa and Cameroon in particular. The author in a lucid manner explores the theme of women lib- the African way in the lead story. Ebenye, the protagonist, representing the sharp-witted African woman cannot understand why she should cook food without tasting of it. So she decides to take the bold step of eating a piece of the python that she has been ordered to cook for the men of her community. The other stories tackle themes of corruption, poverty, alcoholism, endurance, love and more.

Published by: African Books Collective

Title Page

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Copyright Page

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1. The Woman Who Ate Python

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pp. 1-16

In the fullness of day, whenever the impulsive clouds decide to disperse, the rays of the sun settle radiantly on the immense form of the Cameroon mountain and expose its striking majesty to every eye that stops to face it. The slope is gentle that slants to the left and the same for the other that slants to the right. At the foot of...

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2. Death of the Dead Man

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pp. 17-33

Nkwomen rose from a gutter just as the sun was getting on its marks. He belched, yawned, and then through his anus, he noisily released some gas that had been fighting its way out of his bowels. This adulterated the freshness of the morning air. His surroundings immediately acquired the putrid...

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3. Up From a Slum

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pp. 34-59

I sat in the large auditorium, watching the endless ushering in of graduating students and their guests. We the young medical graduates had been lucky to be ushered in first. I sat down honourably on a seat that held the label bearing my name. I started wondering what the world would have in store for me after...

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4. No Armour Against Fate

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pp. 60-72

It is evening and the last embers of the light of day are creeping out and disappearing into thin air. A look skywards, and the eyes will be sprightly welcomed by a wide expanse of blue, sky-blue. A few ticks away from the hour, the invisible hand on the invisible switch will switch off the warning light, and the sky and the...

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5. Acquired Drinking Efficiency Syndrome

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pp. 73-86

Tanko’s lips were moving feverishly as he was making a desperate effort to sing “dombolo.” He was on his way home, reeling on the road like a child learning how to walk. His entire body was odiously reeking of alcohol. An oncoming car almost knocked him down as he continued to ‘zigzag’ his...

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6. Tears Are Not Forever

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pp. 87-106

Akpata Ajongi lives in one of the houses crawling at the foot of Meyonga hill. His is easily the best house in the area. Its mud walls have a coating of cement from floor level to the rafters. The frontage, which forever seems to beckon on the hill, easily catches the eye of every person passing by. The attraction...

Back Cover

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E-ISBN-13: 9789956717026
Print-ISBN-13: 9789956558018

Page Count: 112
Publication Year: 2008