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No Love Lost

Peter Wuteh Vakunta

Publication Year: 2008

No Love Lost is a tale of troubled times in which the storyteller strives to return to wholesomeness a society whose values have jumped the rail. Set in the 'No Man's Land' of Ongola, the novel unravels the corruption and influence-peddling endemic in this African country. Framed around the travails of an unemployed university graduate, the story is the gripping depiction of one man's vendetta against a society at odds with itself. Among others, the novel explores the themes of identity crisis, political gerrymandering, individual and collective greed, love and marriage, and class exploitation to weave an enduring tapestry of great human interest. Written against the backdrop of nascent neo-colonialism No Love Lost combines the traditional and the modern; the private and the public to demonstrate that the quest for truth and justice behooves all and sundry. The author infuses the narrative with oral traditions to capture the reader's attention in a compelling style. This is a refreshing work by a writer whose heart throbs for his people and their plight.

Published by: African Books Collective


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Title page

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Chapter 1

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When Tewuh received his Bachelor of Science degree from the hands of the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Ongola, he said to himself that those years of hardship were over. He had worked very hard and it had paid off. Smiling from ear to ear he hugged and shook hands with his...

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Chapter 2

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The following morning Tewuh did not feel rested. He had battled incessantly the whole night. “I won’t let you go! Come along now!” she said, baring the tobacco-stained teeth beneath her thick lips. Terrified, the boy stared into her hooded eyes. He feared he was going to die and...

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Chapter 3

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The next day he decided to go meet his uncle Bunkwe to seek his advice on what to do to get a job. His reasoning was that because his uncle had spent several years in the white man’s land and had worked in all kinds of offices there, he would surely have some words of wisdom for him. Small papa, as he...

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Chapter 4

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The job of rice demonstrator was no sinecure. Rice farmers came to him for solutions to innumerable problems, many of which were clearly above his capacity. Some farmers needed help in selecting the right brand of seeds to sow; others needed help in preparing their paddy rice for hauling. Some...

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Chapter 5

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Tewuh continued to lead a promiscuous life despite his promise to get married. He drank as much as he flirted. The only time he did not have a female between his legs was when he was walking. When he was full of alcohol, he would start to sing his favorite love song:...

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Chapter 6

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Tewuh needed a job. He decided to sell his motorcycle to make some money for his job search. A local mechanic who owned a motorcycle repairs shop in Abakwa opted to buy the bike dead cheap given that the keys were missing. Tewuh ran into Rachel as soon as he emerged from the shop,...

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Chapter 7

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Student life at E.A.S was as hectic as teaching at Saint Cassava High school. Tewuh was required to take many courses, including psychology, linguistics, curriculum and instruction, child development, English, French, biology, math, communication and chemistry. At the end of the school year,...

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Chapter 8

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It was already the beginning of a new semester when he was released from jail.He had lost an entire semester but was determined more than ever before to obtain his teaching qualification. Natasha wept for joy when she set her eyes on her fiancé. The two threw themselves at each other and kissed...

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Chapter 9

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They had no difficulty finding jobs. Tewuh who had gone to Ecole Anormale Supérieure on a private sponsorship from Saint Cassava High School went back to teach there. His wife had to be posted to a government high school because she was sponsored by the State. The only problem they encountered was...

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Chapter 10

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When news broke that Chui Tewuh and his wife Tohnjeuh Natasha had won the green card lottery, they became the hottest news items around town. Their names were on every lip in the village of Ndobo. Everyone wanted to know what they would be doing in the United States of America....


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Back cover

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E-ISBN-13: 9789956716739
Print-ISBN-13: 9789956558407

Page Count: 132
Publication Year: 2008