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The Earth Fights Back

Colin Diyen

Publication Year: 2011

ColinÌs addition to the sci-fi/fantasy genre is a new chapter in the renaissance of Cameroonian fiction. He has created a convincing alternative world whose characters will keep us firmly grounded in the issues of our own world. The author is a true storyteller with a talent for keeping his audience spellbound. He has dealt with complicated issues in a way that does not detract from the flow of the narrative.

Published by: African Books Collective

Title Page

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Copyright Page

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Author's Notes

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pp. i-ii

It is not easy to take a book right to the end when you are still trying your hand at writing, and that is why I abandoned The Earth in Peril half way. To be honest with you, it was not easy. Actually, I had always wondered how...

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pp. iii-v

Awobua, the king of a small rocky satellite of Mars, known as Mungongoh, had a life’s goal, and this was to rid the earth of all humans and transfer his subjects to the earth. All the top brains in Mungongoh had thus been concentrated in an institution meant for the development...

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Chapter 1

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pp. 1-10

After having suspended all offensive actions against the earth, king Awobua did not stop observing it closely. He had managed to be patient for fifteen years and had added another ten for good measure. Although he was determined to sacrifice as much time as possible...

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Chapter 2

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pp. 11-15

Mobuh came out of king Awobua’s inner sanctum sweating and looking terribly shaken, and virtually frothing in the mouth. A mad dog would have learnt something from him about frothing techniques. He had just been through a very rough time and was almost...

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Chapter 3

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pp. 17-31

The summons for the meeting was quite brief and sounded quite urgent. Every member of the Institute of Research for the Development of Ideas (IRDI) received the message and clearly understood that no late coming or absenteeism would be tolerated. It was certainly...

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Chapter 4

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pp. 33-39

Itoff took off for Mobuh’s office where the idea was presented in detail. Mobuh thought it was okay and immediately shoved off to the king’s private abode. But then, he was still not certain as to how the king would take it so he went into the king’s presence with a lot of...

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Chapter 5

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pp. 41-48

Mobuh’s instructions to Itoff later on in his office were quite severe. The frown on his face, his gestures and even the simple sound of his voice were quite hard, meant to intimidate and push Itoff to do even the impossible. There was no wavering and...

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Chapter 6

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pp. 49-52

The subsequent meetings of the IRDI were hot but not inspiring. Many ideas were proposed but none of them even measured up to the previous ones. The brains of the members seemed to have become empty, if not tired. To guarantee success, Mobuh made it a point of...

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Chapter 7

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pp. 53-58

Fulumfuchong was sitting on the king’s chair placed on a pedestal in front of one of the huge cages containing king Awobua’s lions. His dalla was more magnificent than any that Awobua had ever worn, and he was wearing Awobua’s special cap that served as a crown. He had always...

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Chapter 8

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pp. 59-61

“I am serious,” said Fulumfuchong. “We have abandoned activities on earth for all this while. It may not be save yet for full scale activities to start but I am convinced that it is safe enough for a very small team to go out there and nose round for a few days. I would personally opt to lead this mission...

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Chapter 9

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pp. 63-73

The selected crew was bundled into a cream coloured craft that Fulumfuchong himself, who was a senior engineer in aeronautics, had designed. The space craft was equipped with modern communication equipment and lots of intricate gadgets and materials. It had all the comfort...

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Chapter 10

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pp. 75-80

After zooming round the earth twice, Fulumfuchong finally opted for the landing spot close to Bermuda. They had several of such landing spots depending on where they wanted to operate. During the flight Fulumfuchong had not only concentrated on getting...

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Chapter 11

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pp. 81-88

The president of America received them in the White House with a warm and broad smile. For the first time America had a president who somehow was linked in one way or another to various races represented in America and representative of virtually all the continents...

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Chapter 12

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pp. 89-95

The next day as Fulumfuchong, Dr Yivissi and Nyamfuka were ushered into the Oval office, the President stood up and received them as if they were very high dignitaries. His strategic meeting with his top aides had revealed a lot. A thorough analysis of the summit...

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Chapter 13

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pp. 97-103

The trip back to Mungongoh was prepared with care. Twenty five marines were selected for their capacity to wield heavy objects while moving very fast, and for their capacity to endure. It was decided that Nyamfuka would be left behind as main link during the process and to lead...

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Chapter 14

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pp. 105-107

During the next strategic meeting the CIA chief proposed the possibility of abandoning Fulumfuchong to his plight instead of taking a risk to save him. Nyamfuka could still make a good king, he...

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Chapter 15

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pp. 109-114

The trained Americans, fifty of them boarded the strange craft, not knowing whether they would ever return to earth. On the other hand, there was quite some excitement as the young heroes anticipated adventure and glory. There had been much crying the day they...

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Chapter 16

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pp. 115-118

King Awobua emerged from his palace moved to the waiting coach. It had been close to a hundred years since he had emerged from his palace for ceremonial reasons. His lions were kept in huge cages within the confines of the palace. The few times he went to...

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Chapter 17

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pp. 119-123

Funkuin had a cool shower, wiped her body dry and stood naked in front of the large mirror in her room. She examined her firm breasts carefully, then diverted her attention to her shapely waist and her hips. Yes, she still had quite a good shape, fit enough for the young...

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Chapter 18

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pp. 125-130

Nyamfuka smiled with satisfaction as he analysed the message he had just received from Funkuin. He beckoned the captain who was leading the crack force that was accompanying him to Mungongoh...

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Chapter 19

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pp. 131-135

Fulumfuchong was led into the amphitheatre through the royal entrance by Ngess. The sordid looking but very pretty Yivissi was by his side. All eyes of the frightened Mungongoh citizens in the amphitheatre settled on him as he moved to the king’s seat. He pointed at...

Back Cover

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E-ISBN-13: 9789956716593
Print-ISBN-13: 9789956579228

Page Count: 144
Publication Year: 2011