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Salvation Colony

Linus Asong

Publication Year: 2009

Dennis Nunqam Ndendemajem, the spectral social misfit of No Way To Die, having failed to die by suicide, is pursued by the hatred of friends and family relations. He seeks refuge in The Salvation Colony of the Angels of Limbo Church of Africa - a veritable paradise for all whom society has sidelined and whom chance or choice have led thereto. Refuge Dennis finds at the Salvation Colony, thanks to the kindly founding spiritual and material patron, the highly reputable but extremely devilish Pastor Sixtus Shrapnell, fondly referred to as Our Father. At the Colony, though completely dehumanized, Dennis maintains self-value and something to live for in life - God. In dispensing so completely and successfully with any authorial presence in this extremely rare but deeply psychological novel, Asong pushes the art of African fiction to a great new height. The novel shows his intellectual and perhaps formal vortex. His iridescent flushes of exquisite know-how in art, philosophy and psychology make the work worth a thinker's time.

Published by: African Books Collective

Title Page

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Copyright Page

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Part One

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Chapter One

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pp. 3-7

When I picked up the receiver and looked across at the clock on the wall, the time was exactly 11 p. m, . . .

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Chapter Two

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pp. 9-12

I decided that Manda Chabeule, Dennis’ wife should spend the night with her children up in the visitors’ room. I . . .

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Chapter Three

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pp. 13-17

I crossed the road from Dr. Essemo’s gate, not knowing whether I was dead or alive. As I walked it felt as if . . .

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Chapter Four

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pp. 19-22

About two kilometres down the road I noticed that the man kept sniffing as if something was smelling him. It . . .

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Chapter Five

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pp. 23-25

IT was nearly five o’clock in the morning when the taxi carrying me arrived Azilut Esso. The driver halted in front of . . .

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Chapter SIx

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pp. 27-31

At 10 o’clock, one hour later than I had been told, a black Volvo car drove into the ALCA premises. Brother Moses, . . .

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Chapter Seven

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pp. 33-40

So much happened that was of very little interest to me. For one thing all of it, the singing and praying sitting and . . .

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Chapter Eight

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pp. 41-43

I was the subject of the last part of the service. The Pastor said: “As we bow down our heads to communicate with God, I . . .

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Chapter Nine

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pp. 45-49

Salvation Colony or simply The Colony, was indeed a place one could not easily miss. It was located at 27 kilometres . . .

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Chapter Ten

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pp. 51-59

When did you last go to church?” Pastor Shrapnell asked me when it was finally my turn and I entered his . . .

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Chapter Eleven

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pp. 61-64

After my consultation with Pastor Shrapnell, and at the end of which I pledged my entire life to the service . . .

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Chapter Twelve

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pp. 65-69

The following day began with prayers, compound care, breakfast and then Human Investment. During the . . .

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Chapter Thirteen

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pp. 71-75

Next on the podium was Dr. Nigonle Nchutebong alias “Doctor Parrot.” He was probably in his mid-sixties with . . .

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Chapter Fourteen

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pp. 77-82

In keeping with the spirit of ALCA, another Gospel Crusade was planned for Ngeashia, a small town about seventy . . .

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Chapter Fifteen

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pp. 83-92

This world is not our home. We are just passing through. It is such a small place. So small that you . . .

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Chapter Sixteen

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pp. 93-98

The thought had been on my mind since the first day I arrived from Nigeria. I mean the thought that it would . . .

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Chapter Seventeen

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pp. 99-105

It took me an awfully long time to discover that Mr. Dennis was absolutely ignorant of whatever transpired between . . .

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Chapter Eighteen

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pp. 107-111

I say this is not gladness that filled my heart when Bro said he had actually seen my husband.
“It is a lie you

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Chapter Nineteen

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pp. 113-121

WHEN YOU travel in public transport, you meet all sorts of queer people! And you are condemned to put . . .

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Chapter Twenty

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pp. 123-128

GOD ANSWERED my prayers and freed me from the claws of those devils, from the world of sin! I had . . .

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Chapter Twenty-One

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pp. 129-134

In this bloodyfucking sonafobitch-of-a-diplomat, you have to draw up your weekly programme buddy, otherwise these niggars . . .

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Chapter Twenty-Two

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pp. 135-142

Like a spectre from the past Dennis showed up at my gate some four hours after I spoke to that stupid American. It . . .

Part Two

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Chapter Twenty-Three

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pp. 145-150

A journalist who starves is a journalist who has never learned his trade. Yes, that was what I told my man, . . .

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Chapter Twenty-Four

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pp. 151-153

We worked ceaselessly and by the 9th of October the maiden issue of THE NAKED TRUTH appeared on . . .

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Chapter Twenty-Five

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pp. 155-158

In a bid to recruit as many detractors of The Colony as we could I went to Dr. Essemo with an autographed copy . . .

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Chapter Twenty-Six

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pp. 159-163

The fate of the disreputable ALCA pleased us of the Roman Catholic church who featured so prominently in . . .

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Chapter Twenty-Seven

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pp. 165-168

On November 10th, it had been reported that Reverend Father Archibald Danfeely of the Menako main parish had been found dead, most . . .

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Chapter Twenty-Eight

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pp. 169-171

Cosmas and myself worked indefatigably to link the Catholic Church scandal with that of ALCA. Our purpose, as . . .

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Chapter Twenty-Nine

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pp. 173-177

I telephoned from the vicinity of The Colony. I had no other reason than that I wanted to talk to . . .

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Chapter Thirty

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pp. 179-182

The state of medical practice in the country helped make him a divine healer. The medical school graduated at . . .

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Chapter Thirty-One

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pp. 183-187

I returned to The Colony in a smouldering irritation, my temperature, pulse and tongue, all speaking of a dreadful . . .

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Chapter Thirty-Two

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pp. 189-197

Our Father shall not receive us now,” I reported back.
“When shall he receive us?” I was asked.
“At five p.m.,” I said resignedly. . . .

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Chapter Thirty-Three

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pp. 199-201

I did,” he confessed his deed with the bank cashier. Shrapnell noticed with an embarrassed smile the progressive disappearance . . .

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Chapter Thirty-Four

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pp. 203-204

We did not even wait for Dennis to send for us. We knew that if Dennis and his fellows had confronted Shrapnell . . .

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pp. 205-206

There was no press conference, at least not in the officially arranged manner. Every morning, within living memory, a . . .

Back Cover

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E-ISBN-13: 9789956716296
Print-ISBN-13: 9789956558940

Page Count: 216
Publication Year: 2009

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