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Born to Rule

Tah Asongwed

Publication Year: 2009

Born to Rule is the autobiography of an African-president monarch who does not want to pass away without leaving anything in writing to future generations. The book is more than just the autobiography of a president in that it has responded to all the key issues that most people have been asking about the development and underdevelopment of Africa. It is a seminal contribution to the world's collective knowledge of African and world history. At times it is compellingly incisive, satiric, and tongue-in-cheek and, in some places, trenchantly hard-hitting and humorous in its brutal portrayal of the way Mandzah and, by extension, the African continent, is managed and mismanaged.

Published by: African Books Collective

Title Page

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Copyright Page

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pp. vii

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pp. ix-xxvii

When President Wan Nei contacted me to write the foreword for this book, Born to Rule, I took it as a singular honour, and welcomed the opportunity as a noble calling for me to manifest to the entire world the solid bonds...

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pp. xxix-xxxi

It seems incredible to me that so many president-monarchs like me should be passing away without leaving anything in writing to posterity. This is another area in which we on this African continent have shown great bankruptcy...

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pp. xxxiii-xxxvi

In writing this book, Born to Rule, I am indebted to a number of individuals and corporations who, on hearing that I was planning to write my life story, gave me much moral and financial encouragement. First, the Alibaba...

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1. Early Childhood

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pp. 1-4

Many authors have written various things about my early childhood. While some of the things border on truths, half-truths, hearsay, gossip, innuendoes, and so on and so forth...

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2. Education

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pp. 5-6

I have a very humble academic background and I am proud of it. Although I had opportunities to pursue my studies abroad, especially as the missionaries with whom I was staying were prepared to sponsor me...

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3. Initiation into Politics

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pp. 7-14

I think it is unfair for people to call the organization set up by the late Efon Akum a political party as the colonial administration trumpeted it all over the world. Many people have said it was a hotbed...

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4. Party Leadership

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pp. 15-23

As soon as the MIP got wind of the fact that my own party, the MAPU, was planning a nationwide rally to elect me as its standard bearer, they launched a civil disobedience campaign...

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5. Party Convention and my Investiture

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pp. 25-26

The death of Mr. Karangwa, leader of the MIP, was the most shocking news that hit the whole country. The only other event that had ever mobilized the entire country was the death of 56 workers...

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6. From Pluralism to Single Party

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pp. 27-32

In order to quell public disaffection with politics, my party, the MAPU, decided that the main plank of our development policy would be a single instead of a multi-party system. It was with some fear...

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7. Appointments in Government

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pp. 33-39

Of all the thankless tasks that a president performs, none is as demanding of his time, wits and intelligence as the appointment of cabinet ministers. This is one domestic chore I would rather do without...

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8. Policies in Some Key Sectors

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pp. 41-93

At a time when our raw materials are no longer fetching us mush foreign exchange, my government has decided to revamp the various sectors of the economy by taking some very painful...

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9. The Debt Problem

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pp. 95-101

The debt problem is one of mankind’s greatest afflictions. It is a common, benign disease that initially affected the developed world primarily. However, when it started being transmitted...

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10. Taxation

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pp. 103-104

It is an error to believe that we make lots of money from taxes. Our people, taking their cue from those in government, have sharpened their ingenuity for tax evasion. The big guns are not paying...

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11. Internal Security

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pp. 105-109

There is no nation in the world nor political party that allows its institutions to be transgressed at will. Governments, be they democratic as we are, autocratic, fascist, communist or socialist...

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12. Plots

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pp. 111-131

Following the numerous forms of treachery of which I, my government, party and country have been victims, we decided to institute a number of measures to ensure that traitors must...

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13. Indoctrination

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pp. 133-134

Immediately our enemies, or as they are called in the language of politics, revolutionaries, return home after spending years in the cold abroad, they are interviewed by a panel made up of a judge, a member of the...

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14. Disinformation

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pp. 135-138

We define disinformation as publishing or broadcasting false information to counter false information. There is no reason why we should cross our arms and not react when our...

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15. Favouritism and Nepotism

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pp. 139-148

I do not need to define what favouritism and nepotism mean because everyone readily recognizes them. My country has come perilously close to disaster because my ministers and all those in important...

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16. Tribalism

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pp. 149-150

One thing I do not understand about the workings of the human mind is the way our people think. As a people, we must transcend petty jealousies and build one strong and united...

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17. Political Prisoners and Human Rights

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pp. 151-153

Rebels and dissidents without a cause have made war songs out of the state of our prisons and human rights situation. We are just as interested as they are in condemning the imprisonment of innocent people for their political beliefs...

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18. Democratization

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pp. 155-161

There has been a lot of noise about the lot of hot air blowing from Tubab East. Everywhere on this continent people are clamouring for multi-party politics as if it is a panacea to the fatally infectious problems that beset...

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19. Mandzah and Africa in the World

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pp. 163-166

A number of events have been taking place over the last few years that have completely changed the course of Tubab East history, and thus that of the world. I am referring, of course, to the tumultuous changes taking...

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20. My Legacy

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pp. 167-168

In the thousands of interviews that I have accorded the press in all the countries I have visited throughout the world, the one question that is usually on the lips of journalists is what I would like to leave...

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21. Post Scriptum

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pp. 169

Just as this historical treatise was being finalized, I had to page my publisher all over the place, including his favourite palm wine drinking houses to inform the reader about the latest mission I have successfully...

Back Cover

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E-ISBN-13: 9789956715138
Print-ISBN-13: 9789956558421

Page Count: 208
Publication Year: 2009