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Evil Meal of Evil

Kehbuma Langmia

Publication Year: 2009

An Evil Meal of Evil is a play about greed and its consequences. Set in the traditional African village of 'Ntisong', the play exposes the complexities of unravelling the issue of Death. Sunyin, the young wife of Dohbani epitomizes what is wrong with coerced marriages. A group of blood thirsty vampires popularly known in the village as members of 'Nda Saah' superstitiously kill targeted individuals purposely to enrich themselves. Sunyin, the protagonist in the play suffers from a premature widowhood simply because her father Njukebim forced her into marrying Dohbani. As the play unravels with the culprit of 'Nda Saah' brought to justice, questions still linger about the fate of 'Ntisong'. This play examines the advantages and disadvantages of 'black art' mysticism in Africa.

Published by: African Books Collective


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Title Page

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Copyright Page

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I am greatly honored that Kehbuma Langmia has asked me to write a foreword to his play, An Evil Meal of Evil. However, I understand the choice, as the play was hatched right under my watch; I watched it go on stage for the first time; and I read and edited the final draft. I cannot go into the long close relationship between Kehbuma and me that relates to the conceptualization...

Act One

Dramatis Personae

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Scene 1. Njukebim, Sunyin’s father is in his ‘‘Talih.’’

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pp. 4-8

Wonderful! The sun is almost coming out from its shell. I believe Dohbani could not have been deceiving me when he proposed that he would come this morning and take Sunyin who is now giving me a lot of trouble. She is already grown up with hair on her armpit. It’s time for me to get...

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Scene 2. Sunyin has been married for over a year now

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pp. 9-12

.When shall we be free from such inconveniences, Sunyin? The land we live on and till is rebelling against producing more food. Yet jiggers want to feed on my dry body. Last year the yams and cocoyams at Njenmoh wept bitterly for not being able to produce their young ones simply because...

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Scene 3. The members of ‘Nda Saah’

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pp. 13-18

Tanu, Ngangbebyu, Tabeb. Here once more are the seven bloodthirsty villains of this village. Send us your blessings and show us the way to all the evils deeds. Our fortunes lie with human beings. Tanu, Ngangbebyu, Tabeb, today we are here to welcome the contributions of Nahwubly...

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Scene 4. Dohbani and Sunyin are on stage

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pp. 19-21

Husband, the foo-foo is ready. I don’t see any reason why you wish to hurry. Your morning foo-foo is ready. Please my husband, stay and eat before you go. I can imagine you collapsing under the jug of palm wine because of hunger. And who will be blamed? Me as usual! Then, I’ll have...

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Scene 5. Dohbani is brought in, dead

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What peace, Pastor? The peace to bury my young husband? The peace to live in hell as a widow without the one I love? Are you talking sense, Pastor?...

Act Two

Dramatis Personae

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p. 27-27

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Scene 1. Following the death of Dohbani

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pp. 28-30

Tanu, Tabeb, Ngangbebyu! We are assembled here this evening for what you already know. Your trap has caught the powerful animal. Nahwubly has fulfilled the mission, which was assigned to her. She has no other child now in the active world of living beings. When next your thirst has to be quenched or your throats have to be oiled, Nahwubly...

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Scene 2. Sunyin lies in her homestead, legs out-stretched

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pp. 31-35

Here I am, a lonely girl experiencing widowhood. Here I am, looking pale as if I am a refugee abandoned in a foreign land. Here I am, with no child even to share in my sorrows or keep me company. This is the marriage which my parents wanted me to experience. Yes, this is the marriage. Having a husband only for a few unfruitful years? I see the world turning upside down. Everything is useless in my eyes...

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Scene 3. Njukebim and Nadoh are at home

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pp. 36-44

Don’t mutter anything as sad because you are responsible for this everlasting ill-luck that has befallen my daughter. She is now forced in her youth to experience the life of a widow. Instead of experiencing the enticing pleasures of matrimony, she is going to gnash her teeth. Had I known! Had I known! I earlier disagreed with you about this marriage...

Back Cover

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E-ISBN-13: 9789956715053
Print-ISBN-13: 9789956558902

Page Count: 60
Publication Year: 2009