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A Legend of the Dead

Linus Asong

Publication Year: 2009

When the admirable Kevin Beckongncho becomes the new Paramount Chief of the much-coveted throne of Nkokonoko Small Monje as well as its new DO, Chieftaincy could finally be said to have been redeemed. But he quickly becomes a marked man, as he runs into fatal collision with an unscrupulous governmental system with which he cannot co-exist. How this great man suddenly dies, and why his people must not mourn for him, is the unresolved mystery with which Asong closes both the book and his trilogy that includes The Crown of Thorns and No Way to Die.

Published by: African Books Collective

Title Page

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Copyright Page

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pp. v

Part One

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pp. 1-32

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Chapter One

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pp. 3-7

THE GOVERNOR sat at his desk without saying anything, either to his wife or his two sons noisily flipping over the pages of some football magazine on a desk in the corner of the spacious office. He thought of it, and that would...

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Chapter Two

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pp. 9-22

IT WAS a little after six. Darkness was still a long way. Heavy rain had fallen in the early hours of the afternoon, but the sun was now shining. It had been shining for the past two hours. Now thick columns of vapour could be seen rising gently...

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Chapter Three

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pp. 23-30

THE DAY after the three Paramount Chiefs left Tetseale, Captain Abongo arrived from Small Monje. He was Company Commander who had been sent to quell the uprising. He was bringing with him three members of the...

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Chapter Four

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pp. 31-32

NGOBEFUO, NDENWONTIO, and Ntongntong showed no signs of repentance for the outrages they had perpetrated. Even more than that, they completely refused to discuss anything on the Governor’s declaration that he would...

Part Two

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pp. 33-124

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Chapter Five

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pp. 35-44

THE SOWA Government Primary School in Ngeungale of which Kevin Bekongncho was a co-headmaster ran a two shift system. Every other week one headmaster, a set of teachers and pupils attended classes from...

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Chapter Six

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pp. 45-48

THE SUN continued to pour its unrelenting rays on Sowa when the blue Jeep carrying Beckongncho wheeled into the premises of the District Officer. A police officer jumped down first, asked Beckongncho to get down, and as...

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Chapter Seven

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pp. 49-66

THE SAME Jeep that brought Beckongncho from his house to the DO’s office took him to Tetseale, a distance of some four hundred kilometres. They left at about 5 pm, had four breakdowns and arrived...

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Chapter Eight

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pp. 67-78

BECKONGNCHO WAS led back to the same cell with instructions that he should be treated with the merciless severity. The Governor would not talk to him soon, until he had worked out such a definitive line of action as would...

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Chapter Nine

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pp. 79-90

ABOUT HALF an hour after the Minister gave instructions for Beckongncho to be brought to see him, a tallish man was led into his office. His beard was tangled and unkempt and he wore a twisted, dirty black suit. His...

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Chapter Ten

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pp. 91-102

THE GOVERNOR had already returned to his office by the time the Minister finished talking with, or rather, listening to Beckongncho. He had, however, left word with the Minister’s body guard at the porch into his office...

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Chapter Eleven

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pp. 103-107

LATER IN the evening of the day of the Top Executive meeting, the phone rang in the study of the Provincial Governor. He was sitting in a chair with his head held down in very deep thought. He had already got wind of...

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Chapter Twelve

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pp. 109-111

THE RELEASE of Beckongncho was only the beginning of his troubles. There was first the trauma of the arrest, detention and psyche would not be easily eradicated. The Governor’s eventual decision to allow him to go as...

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Chapter Thirteen

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pp. 113-117

TO RULE Nkokonoko Small Monje without Ngobefuo or any of those old men who had perished with him in Tetseale meant starting from scratch. Nobody was more aware of this than Beckongncho himself...

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Chapter Fourteen

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pp. 119-124

MBE BEJAAH had indeed gone to the palace in Small Monje. The story that he had disappeared had been invented and left behind by himself to conceal his whereabouts, should the soldiers want to...

Part Three

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pp. 125-173

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Chapter Fifteen

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pp. 127-130

BECKONGNCHO EVENTUALLY made the trip to Tetseale. He would learn that there had been no error in any of the announcements made either concerning his nomination or the idea of the union of Small Monje and Bimobio...

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Chapter Sixteen

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pp. 131-147

BECKONGNCHO RETURNED to Tetseale for his orientation course two weeks after he had come back to Small Monje. He was in Tetseale for five weeks, during which time he was given a Jeep and a team of eighteen...

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Chapter Seventeen

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pp. 149-157

ANUSE’S ANSWER was more than Chief Beckongncho had bargained for. That was not the kind of definite accusation he had expected to respond to. It was a slap in the face. Yet he did not lose control of himself, and...

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Chapter Eighteen

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pp. 159-163

THE THOUGHT of the confrontation did not end with the closure of the meeting by Chief Bechongncho that afternoon. The president’s description of Anuse’s accusation as a mortal stab wound on the heart of the tribe...

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Chapter Nineteen

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pp. 165-173

ON WEDNESDAY, two days after Chief Beckongncho’s return to his palace in Small Monje, the committee of the Likume Elements of Small Monje met in an emergency session. That Wednesday was especially...

Part Four

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Chapter Twenty

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pp. 177-183

DURING THE first few months of his reign Chief Beckongucho virtually lived in the palace of Small Monje and drove to work in Bimobio country, a distance of twenty-three kilometres. It was here in the palace that he...

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Chapter Twenty-One

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pp. 185-191

CURIOUSLY ENOUGH, the firm dismissal of the Likume Delegation did not exactly set the seal on the fate of Marcus Anuse and his followers in Likume, nor Anuse’s relationship with Chief Beckongncho...

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Chapter Twenty-Two

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pp. 193-204

MADE UP of a population of at least one million Tetseale was not only the seat of government but the economic capital of Ngong-Nchem. In a curious way it always seemed to reflect the spirit of Ngong-Nchem...

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Chapter Twenty-Three

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pp. 205-210

BECKONGNCHO LEFT for Likume with two Elders the day after he got to Small Monje. They arrived in Likume at about 9 p.m the very day, luckily enough...

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Chapter Twenty-Four

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pp. 211-224

WHEN BECKONGHNCHO left Likume he was sure that he had lost all authority, love and respect as the Paramount Chief. He vowed he would never set foot there again. He vowed he would not go down...

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Chapter Twenty-Five

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pp. 225-235

ON HIS return to Small Monje Beckongncho summoned a meeting of his Chief Elders where he told them the move he had just taken in order to allow himself enough time to concentrate freely on affairs of the tribe...

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Chapter Twenty-Six

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pp. 237-242

AS FAR as the handing over ceremony was concerned Beckongncho stood very firm on his decision. It will be recalled that when the programme of the day’s activities was first presented to him on Wednesday 9th February, he insisted...

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pp. 243-247

THE CIRCUMSTANCES of the death of Paramount chief Kevin Beckongncho remain one of the unsolved mysteries in the annals of that principality. One morning exactly eighteen months after the installation...

Back Cover

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E-ISBN-13: 9789956579716
Print-ISBN-13: 9789956558704

Page Count: 258
Publication Year: 2009

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