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A Dirty Game

Wilfred Ndum Akombi

Publication Year: 2011

Mayor Foti is accused of killing his predecessor by a veteran journalist whom he desperately wants dead. He hires assassins to kill the journalist only for the assassins to kill his own son instead. As a consummate embezzler of public funds, Mayor Foti is determined to be filthy rich and above the law. He sends his other son to Germany to assist with siphoning abroad of stolen money. For how long will Mayor Foti have the last laugh? Heavy drinking and a cardiac arrest are waiting round the corner. Whom for? Ö Here indeed is a dirty game!

Published by: African Books Collective

Title Page

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Copyright Page

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Chapter One

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pp. 1-3

Sitting and sipping spirits with friends of the same political party and discussing the possibilities of becoming richer was a pastime for Foti. He, like his friends, had a huge appetite for riches...

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Chapter Two

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pp. 5-15

In the city, a demonstration formed spontaneously. Men, women, and students didn’t take long to make placards with such writings asking for the mayor to account for Kamso’s death...

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Chapter Three

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pp. 17-20

Obi and his friends were determined to make it that Monday morning. They were in a yellow taxi, the colour of all Cameroon taxis. They were massively in disguise- only their eyes could be seen...

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Chapter Four

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pp. 21-29

A week after the investigations into the dead of Williams, the family of Bergit decided to lay him to rest. At the solemn occasion near the grave, family members said final words...

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Chapter Five

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pp. 31-43

Days counted fast. It was two weeks since investigations into the death of Williams started. Foti had pushed in more than enough money to pilot the process. The police were to question Grace that...

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Chapter Six

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pp. 45-47

There was tension everywhere. There was tension both in radio and newspaper houses. Who could be the next, just like Williams? Many people doubted whether the alleged criminals would be...

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Chapter Seven

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pp. 49-63

The court was ready to hear from the alleged criminals. It was March. The mayor and his entire family were still behind, but the court was already jamb to full capacity. Many prominent members of the opposition parties...

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Chapter Eight

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pp. 65-69

Weeks later, in the start of April, people were ready to listen to the judge deliver judgement in the murder case of Williams. They also expected the deceased to be buried after the same judgment. The mayor’s...

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Chapter Nine

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pp. 71-72

He wasn’t only good in constructing words for the public. Tanga was always well dressed. Most often, he was always in a sober suit, a hat, and in Italian square headed shoes. Always with a briefcase, he appeared...

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Chapter Ten

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pp. 73-81

There was a business magnet called Felix Akonte. He had started business by retailing nails and door hinges. Upon the years, he had expanded his business to a company known as Société Bonpi. Bonpi had closed down...

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Chapter Eleven

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pp. 83-91

Months later, BAKWA TV was handling a business program. Tanga was at the front while others sat facing him. Among them were economic analysts, a professor in Economics and Management… There, was also...

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Chapter Twelve

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pp. 93-96

Weeks counted. It was a Monday morning and the airport was full with passengers. Kennedy is dressed this day in a dusty dark suit and ready to leave for Germany....

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Chapter Thirteen

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pp. 97-102

Kennedy passed the night at a Düsseldorf train station with the police. He handed them his particulars and they took his fingerprints as he declared himself a refugee. Early the following morning, a police car drove him...

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Chapter Fourteen

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pp. 103-108

Kennedy and two others were taking a walk. They wondered if the crowd they saw approaching was on demonstration. They also doubted if they were simply people in...

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Chapter Fifteen

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pp. 109-118

He wasn’t long without a girlfriend. His personality, social comportment and his financial ability made him a figure of attention. That is the reason he had a beautiful lady in the area he resided. Katrine Dasi had just...

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Chapter Sixteen

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pp. 119-123

Money was transferred into Kennedy’s account from home. About a week after he had the money sent to his account, he went out with his girlfriend for a...

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Chapter Seventeen

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pp. 125-140

Foti continued to control the council. One Friday early morning, the mayor leaned on a sofa at the waiting room answering a call. A man of about thirty years of age entered after a knock...

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Chapter Eighteen

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pp. 141-146

Foti, his wife and aunt recovered. Just two weeks after hospital, Abiga left for the States to meet her daughters. At this time, Foti was drinking just a bottle of beer...

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Chapter Nineteen

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pp. 147-153

Three private journalists were under arrest. Amongst them was Akuro Ngam, a long time friend to late Tanga. They arrested him for having published articles criticising the electoral commission. He was a member of an...

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Chapter Twenty

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pp. 155-158

One morning, two weeks after Foti was back from the capital city, at the pace of a snail, he drove to his office. It seemed something wasn’t going on well. At the same time he sat in his office thinking about...

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Chapter Twenty-One

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pp. 159-164

Kennedy was too worried about the whereabouts of his father. He couldn’t get his father on the phone for several days and feared he was caught. His father was agile, courageous, and active...

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Chapter Twenty-Two

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pp. 165-167

Just three weeks after Foti left, the case The People of the Republic of Germany vs. PainKi was heard for a second time. Claimants seemed to be breaking even and the court placed an injunction order on PainKi. All activities were...

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Chapter Twenty-Three

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pp. 169-173

Three months later, Foti sort asylum and was issued a temporary resident permit. He was disappointed in his son and didn’t want to call him often as used to be. He was assigned an asylum room in a small village...

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Chapter Twenty-Four

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pp. 175-177

Fridays were days most lawyers would spend in their offices. Court sessions were often held from Monday to Thursday weekly. That morning, Omotula was expecting Foti...

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Chapter Twenty-Five

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pp. 179

Foti screamed daily. He was in serious pains. For several weeks, he didn’t eat but would drink more than a fish from morning until evening. He was seeking solace in...

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Chapter Twenty-Six

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pp. 181-182

It was 5.45 pm and Batholo was there at the train station expecting to receive Kennedy driving all the way from Germany. It wasn’t long before he arrived. For him, there was still some hope because he still had some money...

Back Cover

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E-ISBN-13: 9789956579358
Print-ISBN-13: 9789956579709

Page Count: 186
Publication Year: 2011