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Literary Theory Today

M.A. Abbas ,Tak-Wai Wong

Publication Year: 1981

Published by: Hong Kong University Press, HKU

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pp. vii

We would like to thank the British Council for so generously putting two travel grants at our disposal and so making it possible for us to invite Stephen Bann and Elinor Shaffer to participate in the conference; the Hong Kong Comparative Literature Association and the University of .....

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pp. 1-13

This crisis of authority may be regarded as depressing or challenging, depending on how one sees the role of theory in literary studies. What is unquestionable is that a lot of work is.being done and familiar issues appear in all sorts of unfamiliar guises. For example, after so many ...

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Notes on the Obvious

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pp. 14-29

Cinema poses a series of acute problems for aesthetic theory, and particularly for textual analysis. Meaning in cinema is obvious: the average cinema film appears straightforward, and can be understood immediately (with subtitles) by virtually everyone on the planet. This ...

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pp. 30-42

In the first place, I was bewildered by what exactly was the status given to semiotics. John Ellis begins by saying that a semiotic approach to cinema does not explain its obviousness but then he goes on to say that there are two major semiotic ways of looking at cinema, ...

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Writing on Giorgione

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pp. 43-69

What is the reIationship between painting and writing on painting? Immediately the question is posed, we are aware of a multitude of different answers that might be proffered. Many of these answers however would fall within two separate families of response. Writing on ...

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pp. 70-79

Here Ruskin retrieves a "wholly perished" figure, by transforming his knowledge of Giorgione into a myth, a myth which is a kind of poetic enactment of a painting. This clarifies Ruskin's relation to Pater, Stokes and Marcelin Pleynet, because like Ruskin they too are in some ways poets; they ...

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The Authority of Symbols

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pp. 80-94

There is nothing new in the observation that symbolic language and symbolic behaviour are widespread. The importance of symboIs in religious language and behaviour, in philosophies, in a Iiterary oeuvre, all these have Iong been experienced and long recognized. Indeed, it is a mark ...

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pp. 95-108

But I would like to extend some of its implications by making a few speculative remarks of my own. I should say first of all that, if I had heard these arguments a few years ago, I would have limited myself to picking up the point raised in the last paragraph: ...

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Mikhail Bahktin and the Critique of Systematicity

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pp. 109-129

At the same time, he differs from theorists like Roman Jakobson in denying from the outset any systematic, non-historical nature of language on the model of the Saussurian "langue." Thus for him Saussurian linguistics does not provide a modeI for expIicating literature. On the ...

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pp. 130-136

The Formalist mode of analysis was linked very much to a practice of writing; the Formalists were very aware of the problems of making specific art works for a particular society. Now post-revolutionary Russia placed certain demands on the artist. What the Formalist group of artists and critics ...

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Linguistic Analogies

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pp. 137-152

Culler has already warned that linguistics offers no ready—made method for the interpretation of works of literature, but only "a general focus," which may either stimulate the critic to look for "differences and oppositions which can be correlated with one another and organized as ...

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pp. 153-160

One of the things that interested me about your paper was what you have left out, whether polemically or not I don't know. For example, your general account of the relations between linguistics and literature leaves out perhaps most of the important ideas and concepts that have been useful ...

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A New Line a New Mind : Language & the Original World

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pp. 161-176

... the absence (of people) by way of his Ione presence (the affirmation of "no-one-around" demands the perceiver's presence), of the ambience which demands his immediate withdrawal from the scene to leave the absence true to its nature, to allow the negativity of presence to take on its ...

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pp. 177-184

... dealing with literature on a cross-cultural basis with a view to ascertaining the universal, then this paper is a brilliant example in the field of comparative poetics. It is, moreover , a perceptive statement of the similarities and differences between the East and the West and can be seen ...

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The Critic in the Wilderness : On Hartman's Romance with Romanticism

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pp. 185-212

I begin with a proposition which I think few would disagree with…that the most ambitious and innovative writing on the Romantic poets in recent years has come from the so-called "Yale" critics. It is obvious that the work of Harold Bloom, J. Hillis Miller, Paul de Man and ...

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pp. 213-221

First we might observe that there is a continuity of influence exerted on the Romantic critic ("ephebe") by the poet ("precursor") who was an early object of critical study. Hartman's most recent criticism, for instance, owes debts of theme and tone to his ear1ier study, ...

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Hermeneutics and the Novel

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pp. 222-242

Modern hermeneutics has shown itself to be one of the most fertile and effective sources of literary theory and analysis. Its origins in the interpretation of the Biblical text and canon keep it firmly rooted in the central scriptures of Western society, while philosophical ...

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pp. 250-259

Within the limited scope of your paper, you show cogent1 y and admirably the sources and development of hermeneutics. You show, for instance, how hermeneutics arose out of the critical movement in the eighteenth century which was preoccupied with Biblical exegesis. You ...

Speakers and Discussants

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E-ISBN-13: 9789882202092
Print-ISBN-13: 9789622090354

Page Count: 252
Publication Year: 1981

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