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Getting Heard

A Handbook for Hong Kong Citizens

Christine Loh

Publication Year: 2002

Published by: Hong Kong University Press, HKU

Table of Contents

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1. What One Person Can Achieve

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pp. 1-5

We live in interesting, and perhaps difficult, times. While knowledge and material wealth have increased for some, poverty, sickness and environmental degradation remain widespread. And although the developed world enjoys access to instant telecommunication, many individuals nevertheless feel...

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2. Social Tools for Sustainability

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pp. 6-10

This Handbook provides a practical guide to tools for improving communication with government and with each other so that people can participate in making choices and taking action. The stories of the individuals and organisations mentioned in this book...

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3. Public Participation

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pp. 11-17

Public participation means different things to different people. To some people, participation means voting in elections. To others, it means joining a political party and standing for election. It might mean joining a Rotary Club or an environmental interest group or doing volunteer work with...

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4. Forms of Participation

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pp. 18-27

Participation implies a number of things. It implies that the system will respond in some way to input from the public. We believe the Hong Kong political system can become more responsive and participatory but you need to participate in order for this to occur. Participation also implies that those seeking to...

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5. Developing a Campaign and Raising Money

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pp. 28-38

In Chapter 4, we discussed the impact of committed individuals and groups. We also discussed NGOs and looked at how they build campaigns to promote the issues that are important to them. This chapter provides some basic information about how...

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6. Sustainability Tools

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pp. 39-55

We cannot always work alone. There is a great deal of creativity, expertise and energy in groups. The secret to successful group work lies in the ability to foster and draw on synergy between group members. However, working as a group can often be frustrating and unproductive. Working in groups...

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7. The Media

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pp. 56-64

The media is a powerful tool if you know how to use it effectively. It can be used to publicise issues and mobilise people. Media coverage also expands the size and diversity of your audience when you are trying to get a message across. Every community organiser needs to have a basic...

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8. Shaping Public Opinion

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pp. 65-72

There are a variety of other useful skills that can be used to help shape public opinion on a particular issue. This chapter discusses some ways to alter or modify people's views of an issue. It should be acknowledged at the outset that influencing public opinion takes time. Do not expect that saying something...

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9. Government

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pp. 73-78

Why do you think government exists? General disillusionment with government is a common theme of our times. People see politics as cynical, unprincipled and overly adversarial. They do not feel their political leaders really represent them. In the long term, this may prompt fundamental...

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10. The HKSAR Government

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pp. 79-97

The HKSAR Government is your government. It is there to work for you. You should not be shy about asking it to work better. You may have different ideas about how Hong Kong should be governed - and there is no reason why you should keep your ideas to yourself. Let your government know what you...

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11. The Corporate World

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pp. 98-103

Discussions about social activism do not usually include much information about the corporate world. We believe companies can have enormous social impact. Since there is usually little focus on this sector, a look at the issues of corporate social responsibility and corporate governance may...

Appendix I

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pp. 105-108

Appendix II

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pp. 109-110

Appendix III

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pp. 111-112

Appendix IV

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pp. 113-114

Appendix V

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pp. 115-116

Appendix VI

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pp. 117-118

Appendix VII

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pp. 119-121

Appendix VIII

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pp. 122-123

Appendix IX

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pp. 124-127

Appendix X

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pp. 128-131

Appendix XI

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pp. 132-144

Appendix XII

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pp. 145-147

E-ISBN-13: 9789882201439
Print-ISBN-13: 9789622096141

Page Count: 160
Publication Year: 2002