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The Corals of Hong Kong

P.J.B. Scott

Publication Year: 1984

This book provides a comprehensive and up to date review and critique of corporate governance reforms and related financial reforms in China during the country’s transition to a market economy, involving its enterprise, banking and capital markets sectors.

Published by: Hong Kong University Press, HKU


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This book is intended for the growing generation of swimmers, snorkellers and divers who escape from the horrors of the overcrowded city into the quiet and calm of the aquatic world. Its aim is to provide descriptions and clear colour illustrations of local coral species and the common plants and animals found in association with them. An introduction ...

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1. Introduction

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For centuries Polynesians have lived in their tropical paradise, canoeing over reefs, fishing and collecting crustaceans and edible shells which live in coral crevices. The limestone skeletons have long been recognized as useful building material and fertilizer. With understandable awe of the spectacular beauty, early coastal peoples used the shells of rare ...

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2. Coral Biology

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Reef-building corals belong to the phylum Coelenterata (or Cnidaria). Because of the level of organization of these animals, coelenterates are placed between the phylum Porifera (sponges), which are very simple animals with no real cellular organization, and the more complex phylum Ctenophora (sea gooseberries). Coelenterates are characterized ...

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3. Coral Reefs

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Scleractinians are the world's greatest hosts. They feed and shelter a greater variety of organisms than any other animal on earth. Primary architects of the most extensive and palatial residences in the sea, their guests range from insignificant plankton carried by currents over the reef into mouths passively and perpetually opened in acceptance of this ...

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4. Coral Conservation

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The destruction of coral around Hong Kong shores has been considerable, as the countless dead colonies in proximity to spreading pollution, reclamation and dumping sites confirm. Along with the corals, of course, die innumerable associates to whom they are essential for life. These silted skeletons are a depressing testimony to the effects of ...

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5. A Species List of Hong Kong Corals

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The following pages contain information on individual coral species found in Hong Kong. All the common ones are included as well as some uncommon and rare species. Categories used under the heading 'Abundance' are designed to give an indication of the possibility of encountering these corals: Ubiquitous — found almost anywhere corals can survive. ...


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E-ISBN-13: 9789882200906
Print-ISBN-13: 9789622090330

Page Count: 120
Publication Year: 1984