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Chinese Ideas About Nature and Society

Studies in Honour of Derk Bodde

Charles Le Blanc ,Susan Blader

Publication Year: 1987

The main theme that pervades this Festschrift, written by fellow-scholars and students of Bodde for his seventy-fifth birthday, is that of the proper ordering of the universe as it obtains in the Chinese tradition.

Published by: Hong Kong University Press, HKU

Calligraphic Dedication

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Table of Contents

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pp. ix-x

This publication would never have seen the light of day without the exemplary forbearance of the contributors. The lengthy process of editing and finding a publisher was, however, a rare and delightful opportunity to learn to know in a very personal way - albeit mostly through correspondence...

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pp. xi- xii

This collection of essays, written by fellow-scholars and students of Derk Bodde for his seventy-fifth birthday, covers a wide variety of subjects spanning more than two thousand years of Chinese history, that is from the Warring States...

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Biography of Derk Bodde

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pp. 1-20

In a small room crowded with students and a smattering of faculty on the campus of the University of Pennsylvania, a professor was delivering a speech in support of Henry A. Wallace, presidential candidate of the Progressive Party. The year was 1948. The professor's delivery was marked by the same clarity of diction and systematic arrangement of ...

Bibliography of Derk Bodde

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pp. 21-34

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A Letter from John C. Ferguson to Derk Bodde

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pp. 35-36

Dr. Ferguson (1866-1945) went as a young missionary from the United States to China in 1887. There he became a distinguished administrator (among other posts, the first president of Nanyang College, 5hanghai, 1897-1902...

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Distinguished Scholarship Award, 1985

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pp. 37-38

Derk Bodde - Emeritus Professor of Chinese Studies . and founder of East Asian Studies at the University of Pennsylvania renowned for pioneering scholarship in a wide range of Sinological fields: Your work in such diverse areas as the institutions, history, thought, festivals, law...

Interpretations of Nature

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The First Neo-Confucianism: an Introduction to Yang Hsiung's 'Canon of Supreme Mystery' (T'ai hsuan ching, c. 4 B.C.)

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pp. 41-100

Confucius, Mencius, and Hsun-tzu were humanists, in the sense that they believed the conditions of the good life were to be met within human society. The relation of the individual to the gods or to the cosmos was not a comparably urgent problem. By 100 B.C. the first stable ...

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Symbolic Expressions of Yin-Yang Philosophy

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pp. 101-116

The peoples of nearly every tribe and nation have used symbols to eχpress their deepest and most abstruse, philosophic or religious ideas, because symbols can more immediately convey these, on many ...

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From Ontology to Cosmogony: Notes on Chuang Tzu and Huai-nan Tzu

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pp. 117-130

In a classic work F. M. Cornford argues that Greek culture, starting about 600 B. C. moved steadily from religion to philosophy and that the latter was by and large a rational transposition...

Beliefs and Values

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The Role of Compromise in Chinese Culture

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pp. 133-152

Professor Bodde, in his essay on 'Harmony and Conflict in Chinese Philosophy', speaks of 'the Chinese mind, with its strong preference for working compromises in place of unworkable absolutes', and says that 'basic among Chinese thought patterns is the desire to merge seemingly The theme of the tendency toward compromise in Chinese culture is ...

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'Yen Ch'a-san Thrice Tested': Printed Novel to Oral Tale

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pp. 153-174

In my earlier studies of the late nineteenth-century novel San-hsia ωuyi 三俠五義 (Three Heroes and Five Gallants) and its relationship to an incomplete song-book manuscript located in the Rare Book Library of Academia ...

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Living with the Chinese: the Muslim Experience in China, T'ang to Ming

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pp. 175-194

A foreign religion or minority is inevitably faced with the problem of religions, Mazdeism, Nestorianism and Manichaeism, and Judaism and Islam too, though all mainly for foreigners and non-Chinese, were faced Buddhism. Nevertheless...

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The Cult of the Dragon and the Invocation for Rain

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pp. 195-214

Chinese historical sources frequently mention the occurrence of drought and the measures that were adopted to relieve the population from such calamities. Some of the methods reflect the early belief in a connection...

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Shih chi 127, the Symbiosis of Two Historians

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pp. 215-234

In my forthcoming book 'Ch'u Shao-sun 褚少孫一the Third Author of the Shih chi', I intend to present studies and annotated translations of those chapters of the Shih chi 史記 which have not yet been translated at all and especially...

Legal and Political Concepts

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Kuan-tzu and the Newly Discovered Texts on Bamboo and Silk

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pp. 237-248

During the early 1970s Chinese archeologists made a series of phenomenal discoveries of early documents written on bamboo and silk that have proved to be invaluable in the study of early Chinese thought and institutions. Two of these in particular have had a profound impact on The...

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The Functions of the Commandant of Justice during the Han Period

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pp. 249-264

During both the Former and the Later Han period, the Commandant of Justice, t'的g wei 廷尉 was one of the Nine Ministers, chiu ch'ing 九鯽, and a highly...

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Pan Ku's Accusations against Wang Mang

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pp. 265-270

The historian Pan Ku血固(d.A.D. 92) was a partisan of the Han dynasty and consequently a harsh critic of Wang Mang王莽. Guided by political necessity and a philosophy of history which was based on the ...

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The Concept of Doubt in T'ang Criminal Law

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pp. 271-280

ln the West those of us who are accustomed to the common law tradition of the English-speaking world or to the civil law of the European nations agree that no one can be convicted of a criminal offense unless his/her guilt is established...

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The Meaning of Hsing-te

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pp. 281-292

The study of traditional Chinese intellectual history depends fundamentally on understanding exactly what every word and phrase of classical Chinese means in its...

History of Science

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The Fire-lance, Ancester of All Gun-barrels

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pp. 295-334

The history of the fire-lance can be seen as the progressive development of the use of gun-powder in China. At some moment after the first invention ...


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E-ISBN-13: 9789882200692
Print-ISBN-13: 9789622091894

Page Count: 360
Publication Year: 1987

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