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Conjunctures and Continuities in Southeast Asian Politics

N. Ganesan

Publication Year: 2013

In their evolution of political structures and life, countries often undergo significant conjunctures, major events that reorder political structures and norms. The examination of such conjunctures offers an important methodological framework to uncover and document changes that have significantly altered the political template of a country. This collection of case studies examines the critical conjunctures that have affected the countries of Southeast Asia in recent decades. Each chapter traces the antecedent conditions prior to the event, describes the changes brought about by the conjuncture, and details the lasting legacy.

Published by: ISEAS–Yusof Ishak Institute


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This edited volume is the outcome of a project that owes its origins to a workshop held in Kuala Lumpur in October 2009. The workshop that was entitled “Recent Historical Conjunctures in Southeast Asian Politics” was generously funded by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida) ...


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1. Conjunctures and Continuities in Southeast Asian Politics

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pp. 1-24

In their evolution of political structures and life, countries often undergo significant conjunctures or what is sometimes referred to as historical junctures. For parsimony, the term conjuncture which appears to better reflect a confluence of forces has been chosen. A conjuncture involves “interaction effects between distinct causal sequences ...

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2. (Re)Assessing the EDSA "People Power" (1986) as a Critical Conjuncture

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pp. 25-52

Having paved the way for restoring democracy after over a decade of Marcos’ authoritarianism, popular views take EDSA People Power as a critical turning point in Philippine political history. This chapter seeks to take another look at this idea by evaluating the socio-political and discursive contexts within which it developed. ...

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3. The Road to Doi Moi in 1986: Domestic Dimensions

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pp. 53-66

In modern Vietnam one could argue that there were a number of turning points that made history. The proclamation of the independence of Vietnam in September 1945 and the subsequent birth of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam certainly constituted a milestone, which put an end to more than eighty years of French colonial rule. ...

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4. The 1988 Uprising in Myanmar: Historical Conjuncture or Praetorian Redux?

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pp. 67-102

The 1988 popular uprising that ended the Socialist era of political governance and state building in Myanmar had all the makings of a significant historical conjuncture1 that not only transformed the country’s political and economic systems as well as the nature of ethnic insurgencies but also brought Myanmar’s contentious domestic issues ...

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5. Cambodia's Historical Conjunctures and Their Significance

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pp. 103-122

The main aim of this chapter is to analyse and assess the impact of historical conjunctures on modern Cambodian society. Important changes in modern Cambodia are assessed with the goal of identifying a selected number of historical conjunctures to be included in the study. The conjunctures that are selected are presented empirically ...

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6. Changing the Rules: Historical Conjuncture and Transition in Indonesia

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pp. 123-150

In 1998 Indonesia faced the political consequences of economic turmoil and decades of repression. The Asian financial crisis had triggered reformasi, but it was arguably the oppression of the New Order regime, thirty-three years of increasingly centralized authoritarian rule, that fuelled the anger and passions of so many Indonesians. ...

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7. The Resistible Rise of Thaksin Shinawatra: Crisis, Change and the Collapse of Thailand's Democracy

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pp. 151-183

The military made its move on the evening of 19 September 2006. Ominously foreshadowing that something big was about to go down, Thai television stations abruptly cut out of scheduled programming and played soothing, ready-made slideshows bearing still images of the royal family, at times accompanied by music composed by the King. ...

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8. The March 2008 General Elections in Malaysia as a Historical Conjuncture

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pp. 184-216

This chapter argues that the twelfth general election of 8 March 2008 in Malaysia was a watershed political event, which may be appreciated as a historical conjuncture, following Ganesan.1 Certainly, 8 March altered significantly the political parameters of electoral politics and, as I have argued elsewhere, ...

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9. Conclusion: Conjunctures and Continuities in Southeast Asia

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pp. 217-224

The case studies from Southeast Asia examined in this book appear to indicate that there have been a large number of developments that can be considered critical conjunctures in the last two decades or so. The country experts that were selected for this project obviously appear to think so and go on to offer compelling reasons on why particular events constitute the equivalent of conjunctures. ...


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E-ISBN-13: 9789814379953
Print-ISBN-13: 9789814379946

Publication Year: 2013