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Valley of Decisions

Biography and Essays in Honour of Hon. Justice Iorhemen Hwande

Iorhemen Hwande

Publication Year: 2012

In a tribute to Hon. Justice Iorhemen Hwande CFR, Chief Judge of Benue State this book includes contributions from a variety of scholars from Nigeria. 14 essays cover a wide range of topics such as: Insider Dealing by Company Directors and the Nigerian Capital Market; United Nations Conventions on the Law of the Sea as a Tool for the Resolution of Climate Change Disputes; Is a Practicing Christian Lawyer/Judge in Nigeria an Anachronism?; The Justiciability and Enforcement of Social Rights; and International Economic Law and Development.

Published by: African Books Collective


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Title Page, Copyright Page

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Part One - Bibliography Board

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Part Two - Essays

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...This Book is in honour of Hon. Justice Iorhemen Hwande CFR, The Chief Judge ofBenue State whose contributious to the development of the Judiciary call for remarkable recognition such as this...

Table of Cases

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Table of Statutes

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...Arnold Bennetthe British Novelist had a publisher who boasted about the extraordinary efficiency of his Secretary. One day while visiting the publisher's office, Bennet asked her ''your boss claims you are extremely efficient what's the secret? Its not my secret said the...

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Chapter One - Family Background

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...From his background, it is obvious that palm kernels were never cracked for him. He cracked them himself. Like other men, life is a struggle. He rose from a very humble background to the exalted office of the Chief Judge of Benue State...

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Chapter Two - Marriage

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...By divine arrangement, the distance was not a barrier, and the courtship was not put asunder, the result was the wedding of 28th October, 1978 while Iorhemen was in Port- Harcourt for the National Youth Service Corps Scheme....

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Chapter Three - Early Education

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...His enrolment in school was not automatic. The young Iorhemen started in a Bible School at Takuruku. His father did not contemplate sending him to school. He was in the habit of following his cousin to school as he had interest in...

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Chapter Four - Higher Education

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pp. 11-12

...Though in a different school Isaac Aku who was the Principal at Otukpo, had moved to Government Secondary School, Kuru as the Vice Principal. He was on the panel for the selection for admission into the Higher School Certificate...

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Chapter Five - Career Years

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...Upon completion of service, his Lordship had a desire to go into private practice. He prepared a ground to this effect as he had useful discussion with the Late D.G. Vembeh with a view to joining his law firm. D. G. Vembeh was actively involved in...

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Chapter Six - Incorporating an Insurance Company in Nigeria: Legal and Economic Imperatives

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pp. 21-50

...The English law of contract and a fortiori, the Nigerian law of contract, has its roots going back to the Middle Ages. Most of the general principles were developed and elaborated in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. These principles and perhaps even more, the general approach of the courts to contractual...

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Chapter Seven - Towards a Better Administration of Criminal Justice in the 21st Century Nigeria

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pp. 51-68

...The term "criminal" is an adjectival formulation from the word crime. Crime is any actoromissionof any member of a community or society which is contrary to the existing Code of Conduct provided by any sovereign authority in that community, and forwhichsandionsareprovided thereof. InNigeria, the sovereign...

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Chapter Eight - Insider Dealing by Company Directors and the Nigerian Capital Market Issues and Perspectives

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pp. 69-102

...good source of corporate finance. However, dealingsinserurities are often fraught with manipulations and market abuses. Frequent occurrence of cases of flagrant misuse of insider information by directors and/or officers of companies abouncL and there...

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Chapter Nine - United Nations Convention on the Laws of the Sea as Tool for the Resolution of Climate Change Disputes

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pp. 103-126

...Climate change today is an issue of great international concern because of its links to security of man on planet earth. The effects of climate change including sea level rise, desertification, glacial melting and water star gates, all...

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Chapter Ten - The Legal Effects of Confessional Statements and Plea of Guilty on Burden of Proof in Drug Trials: Omoju V. FRN as a Case Study

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pp. 127-154

...This work is conremed with the worrisome manner drug tria1s are conducted in this country, which is redolent of total lack of understanding and appreciation of the drug problem by the courts. In order to halt the drift towards the development...

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Chapter Eleven - Consent Provisions in the Land Use Act and the Travail of the Mortgage Industry in Nigeria

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pp. 155-168

...This article discusses how the requirement for the State Govemor's consent to transactions in land, including mortgage, affect the commercial life of the society who use their landed properties to raise loans and advances from banks. In a mortgage transaction...

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Chapter Twelve - Is a Practising Lawyer/Judge in Nigeria an Anachronism?

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pp. 169-188

...The entry point or prescribed minimum attainment for our discussion. which ipso facto, becomes the benchmark, below which nothing but proliferation makes meaning in the Faith we profess in Jesus Orrist and in the practice of Law either at...

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Chapter Thirteen - The Interplay of the Concept of Insurable Interest and the Principle of Indemnity in Insurance Contracts

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pp. 189-208

...insurable interest must be a legally recognized relationship to what is insured whereby the insured will suffer some financial loss by the happening of the event insured against. The absence ofinsurab1e interest makes the contract of insurance a mere gamble and, therefore, unenforceable...

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Chapter Fourteen - The Imperative of Democratic Governance in Nigeria

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pp. 209-242

...Democracy is so often discussed that the expression is to be found in the rhetoric of national politics everywhere, in language of international diplomacy, in the jargons of several professions and academic disciplines...

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Chapter Fifteen - The Justiciability and Enforcement of Social Rights: An Appraisal of Emergent Comparative International and Regional Case Law

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pp. 243-268

...The aim of this article is to determine how the jurisprudence developed from emergent comparative international and regional case law relating to the justiciability and enforcement of social rights, has effectively strengthened the arguments...

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Chapter Sixteen - The Polemics of Summary Trial Procedure under Section 157(1) of CPC

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pp. 269-284

...Criminal Procedure Code is an adjectival law prescribing the mode by which criminal trials and appeal procedures are undertaken to ensure compliance with the rules of natural justice, constitutional fair hearing and general principles of...

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Chapter Seventeen - An Appraisal of the Liability of Employer for wrongful Termination/Dissmisal of his Employee under Nigerian Law

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pp. 285-314

...The contractual relationship between employer and employee may be determined by either of the parties. In doing so however, the parties must ensure that they comply with the terms and procedure guiding their contract of employment...

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Chapter Eighteen - International Economic Law and Development An Analysis of Instruments of Trade Policy and their Implications for Foreign Investment in Developing Economies

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pp. 315-340

...International trade stems from the fact that countries are endowed with different material and human resources. While one country may be richly endowed with a particular resource(s) it may be sorely lacking in another resource(s) needed for its development. As a result of this disparity...

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Chapter Nineteen - Appointment of Judicial Officers to the Superior Courts of Benue State

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pp. 341-364

...Different persons at different times and places have their own views about the governing issues and considerations to the appointments of judicial officers. To some lawyers who are in private practice and who belong to the ruling party, elevation to the higher bench in Benue State is a reward for their efforts. To some magistrates, armed with such a...

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E-ISBN-13: 9789788431558
Print-ISBN-13: 9789788431183

Page Count: 392
Publication Year: 2012