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Rural Unrest during the First Russian Revolution

Kursk Province, 1905-1906

Burton Richard Miller

Publication Year: 2013

A narrative of peasant unrest in Russia during 1905–1906 combines a chronology of incidents drawn from official documents with close analysis of the villages associated with the disorders based upon detailed census materials compiled by local specialists. The analysis concentrates on a single province: Kursk Oblast. Miller focuses on local events and the rural populations that participated in them. The volume documents the degree to which the peasant community had been pushed onto the path of change by the end of the 19th century, how much the “peasantry” itself had become increasingly heterogeneous in outlook and occupation, and the rapidity with which these processes had begun to corrode the legitimacy of the older order.

Published by: Central European University Press


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At one point in its life cycle in the second half of the twentieth century, a part of my generation of Americans was closely concerned with the question of social and political change, the transitional processes by which the mythologies and traditions that define a known societal present move into an unknown future. The manuscript that is presented in the following pages is a legacy...

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The events to which I shall devote my attention in this study, even at the remove of a century, retain immense interest for historians of revolutionary processes that shook the ancien régime in Russia in the first decade of the twentieth century. The “dress rehearsal” for the larger cataclysms of 1917 from which Soviet power emerged triumphant, the First Russian....

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I. Kursk Province on the Eve of the Revolution

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Before proceeding to a narrative of peasant collective action in Kursk Province during 1905–1906, a review of the general context in which these disturbances took place is indispensable. By almost all accounts, rural unrest in the heavily agricultural provinces of the Black Earth belt had its origins in the “land question” and scholarly treatments of peasant...

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II. 1905 in the Rural Districts of Kursk Province

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The accounts of incidents of rural unrest in 1905–1906 in Kursk Province that follow are drawn from a narrow complex of official documents, published in anniversary collections (among these documentation from the State Historical Archive of the Kursk Region)1 or abstracted from the repositories of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (of the Department...

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III. Rural Disorders in Spring–Summer 1906

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By the end of 1905, it must have been evident to all the protagonists that the tide had begun to turn in the local authorities’ struggle to bring sufficient force to bear on the villages, both to deter new outbreaks of unrest and to speed up the work of the police and judiciary. By mid-January 1906, Governor Borzenko had at his disposal an armed force of perhaps...

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IV. Typology, Chronology and Geographical Distributions of Rural Disorders, 1905–1906

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In the foregoing chapters, a selection from the narrative record of a large sample of incidents of peasant collective actions in Kursk Province during 1905–1906 has been presented in detail. A review of the main characteristics of these events, however, will allow us to draw out some general conclusions about the revolutionary processes...

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V. The Villages That Revolted

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In the foregoing chapter, we have seen that when the incidence of agrarian unrest during 1905–1906 is viewed on the level of districts, peasants in all fifteen districts participated in the events of these years, but that when the number of parishes in which unrest occurred is determined, the scale of unrest is somewhat less imposing. Of the 195 volosti extant in 1905, 109 recorded...

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The emergence of a revolutionary situation at the end of the nineteenth century in Kursk Province was ultimately a response to an evident corrosion of the older certainties and inevitabilities of rural life in the face of the accumulated effects of demographic pressures and of long-term economic and cultural processes. Prince Peter Dmitrievich Dolgorukov...

Appendix A: Correlation Tables: Parishes and Villages

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Appendix B: Villages Listing

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Sources and Literature

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