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From Socialism to Capitalism

Eight Essays

By Janos Kornai

Publication Year: 2008

Eight essays connected by various common strands. The most important one is the community of the main subject-matter: socialism, capitalism, democracy, change of system. These four expressions cover four phenomena of great and comprehensive importance. Each piece in the book deals with these and the connections between them.

Published by: Central European University Press


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Title Page, Copyright

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List of Tables and Figures

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The political climate in Hungary as I was working on this volume in the fall of 2006 and spring of 2007 was tense and sometimes potentially explosive. What kind of system do we live under? You call ...

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1 The Coherence of the Classical System

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pp. 1-23

These are three prototypes or models. At no time in the history of any specific country has its system corresponded exactly to any of these three prototypes. Even so, these models are not descriptions of ...

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2 The Inner Contradictions of Reform Socialism

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pp. 25-45

Let me begin my remarks by defining the concept of “reform socialism.” I ascribe it to the socialist regimes that differ from the Stalinist model of classical socialism in several important respects, made some t...

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3 Market Socialism? Socialist Market Economy?

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pp. 47-60

The linking of the two terms socialism and market has a long history. Various combinations and ties between them have emerged in long-lasting, sometimes rather heated debates, in academic circles and ...

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4 The Speed of Transformation

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pp. 61-80

Ten years have passed since the publication of my book The Road to a Free Economy: Shifting from a Socialist System—the Example of Hungary (referred to hereafter as Road.) It was the first book in the international ...

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5 The Great Transformation of Central Eastern Europe:Success and Disappointment

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pp. 81-121

The study examines eight particular countries that became members of the European Union in 2004: the Czech Republic, Estonia, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Slovakia, and Slovenia.[1] I will take the ...

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6 What Does “Change of System” Mean?

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pp. 123-150

The inspiration to write this study came from some of the speeches held at demonstrations in Kossuth tér, in front of the Hungarian Parliamentin Budapest, in the autumn of 2006. According to one speaker, the aim was to be “a new change of system, a fourth republic.” ...

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7 What Can Countries Embarking on Post-Socialist Transformation Learn from the Experiences So Far?

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pp. 151-182

Table 1 in my book The Socialist System (Kornai 1992b) lists 26 countries where the “socialist system” was operating at the end of the 1980s.1 The first two columns of the table at the end of this paper, ,...

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8 The System Paradigm

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pp. 183-207

This study applies the concept of a paradigm, as the title makes clear.The concept was introduced into the philosophy of science in a classic work by Kuhn ([1962] 1970). Kuhn did not offer a clear definition of ....

Previous Publications of the Studies in this Volume

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Publication Year: 2008

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