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Telecommunications History & Policy into the 21st Century

Ronald G. Fulle

Publication Year: 2010

Telecommunications History & Policy into the 21st Century provides a succinct overview of the telecommunications environment and the factors that have shaped this industry from its inception through 2009. As a former executive with AT&T, Mr. Fulle shares his professional knowledge of an industry that is evolving at an increasing rate. This book provides a valuable examination of the evolution and complexity of the telecommunications industry, not only from its technological advances, but through actual business case studies and analysis of the four components of industry change: technology, regulatory and legal policy, market forces and security. Each chapter provides a brief summary of key concepts and a list of study questions to invoke discussion and review. While the events of the past have been significant and important, the best is yet to come!

Published by: RIT Press

Title Page, Copyright

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pp. v-vi

Question and Pledge

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pp. vii

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This book, Telecommunications History & Policy into the 21st Century, is the first edition of what may well turn out to be a series of several editions on this fascinating, fast moving, ever changing and challenging subject. The speed with which technology, policy, market forces, and security affect the telecommunications...

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1 The Beginning through Predivestiture

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pp. 1-20

Newton’s Telecom Dictionary, that so-called bible of telecommunications, defines telecommunications as: “the art and science of communicating over a distance by telephone, telegraph, and/or radio. The transmission, reception...

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2 A Digression: Basic Telecommunication Technology, Policy, and Concepts — Then, Now, and in the Future

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pp. 21-64

There are certain telecommunications technologies, policies, and concepts that are essential to know in order to truly understand the essence and ramifications brought about by evolution and change within the industry. The intent...

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3 Divestiture — A Momentous Phenomenon

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pp. 65-78

At a Washington D.C. press conference on January 8, 1982, Assistant Attorney General for Antitrust in the U.S. Department of Justice, William Baxter, and AT&T CEO, Charles Brown, announced a mutual agreement to terminate...

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4 Postdivestiture through the Beginning of the Internet Age

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pp. 79-92

The year 1984 was truly a time of new beginnings. The seven newly formed Regional Bell Operating Companies (RBOCs) were born of AT&T via the MFJ and AT&T was reborn as a slimmed-down company now unencumbered by its...

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5 Telecommunications Act of 1996

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pp. 93-114

After years of discussion, debate, and compromise, the telecommunications bills meandering through the House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate finally converged to a final bill acceptable to both houses of Congress and which...

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6 The New Millennium through 2009

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pp. 115-132

The Telecommunications Act of 1996 removed restrictions from the various telecommunications stakeholders and offered the potential to change the way we work, live and learn. This major policy change yielded a time of promise and great anticipation for the telecommunications industry in general as...

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7 Crystal-ball the Future!

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pp. 154-160

While all would attest to the fact that currently it’s virtually impossible to forecast deep into the future with any degree of accuracy, most also would agree that through the use of such tools as moving average, extrapolation, trend estimation, or possibly regression analysis, econometrics, probability, and simulation...

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8 The End of the Beginning: A New Beginning!

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pp. 161-180

History tells us that communicating at a distance has been both a desire and a need of mankind since the beginning of human societies. Socalled modern telecommunications began with the invention of the Telegraph in 1838 or the...

Appendix Case Studies

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pp. 181-210

Glossary of Terms

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E-ISBN-13: 9781933360584
Print-ISBN-13: 9781933360393

Page Count: 252
Illustrations: 21
Publication Year: 2010