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Catherine Imbriglio

Publication Year: 2013

Winner of the 2013 Colorado Prize for Poetry

Intimacy is a series of experimental poems that play with, resist, and acknowledge complicity with received concepts of intimacy that circulate in this media-centric age.  Undertaking an expansive understanding of the word “intimacy”, each poem contains a word or set of words that modifies the noun, uncovering the attending, associative and often contradictory obligations that arise in our relations with one another.

Published by: Center for Literary Publishing

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Rush Intimacy

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Light falls on the wrought iron chair on the chair on the weight of the chair.As a matter of unpraiseworthy conduct, too much or not enough talking may be accompanied by periodsTo measure out-of-body insensitivities, a girl should use quantitative instruments, such as calendars,Many obsessive internal subjects will closely align with externally extreme behaviors, empire, stereo birds,She stands, bare breasts to the window, as if to encounter her invasive tendencies. ...

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Larghetto Intimacy

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Though she has not been formally diagnosed, she suspects she may exhibit traits associated with a childhoodIn social settings, she can talk easily one on one but has difficulty when three or more are in the room. Signs of selective mutism include a consistent failure to speak in gatherings where there is a generally agreedAfflicted children often present in their first year of schooling while continuing to speak normally at home.In one traced population, 58 percent refused to speak to the teacher and 20 percent spoke to no one at school. ...

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Thing Intimacy

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The ladybugs are red with black spots, good luck belongings handed down to her, circuitously.Imagine animating your things so they could simply fly over, while you remain stationary.Underneath, none of them are solid, just like you, replete with rabid energies in motion, subatomic bed-rocking.You?ll mainly notice a thing if it breaks or goes away, viz., in selling the house, we had to discard many things ourDoorstops, bookends live on past them as depreciating testimonials, along with the trees and shrubs they planted....

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Laws of Motion Intimacy

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pp. 13-16

I watched an inchworm cross the width of the deck, humping itself up, a body without ventral prolegs The momentum of the worm is frame dependent, like my trafficking in sweet mouth.Laws describing the momentum of forces acting on the worm?s body and my body will elicit a sense of Similarly, a first word exerts a force on a second word, enticing a third.So as in almost all wars, rational discourse tries to forestall glimpses of its nonsensical material base, Suzie...

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On Your Side Intimacy

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A relief to say I spoke to no one all day, rhyme not just sound but a visual trestle.Objects, when they rhyme, secure your back, unlike the thud of the snow falling from branches, fallen clumps If you had fastened on the storm, you would have seen how snow rhymes with shed rhymes with branch rhymesComity with any landscape requires effort, so I began to think of the frozen cove in terms of argument rather than The expressive ice does not coincide with the remembering ice though changing rates of tidal flow under the ice ...

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Do No Harm Intimacy

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pp. 21-25

The hypoglossal nerve is the twelfth cranial nerve, leading to the tongue. I have been as you have been, touching up surfaces, aftermaths of so many nerves grizzling. Like befitting a belief to a behavior, it could hardly be otherwise, belly holding itself to a standard, conflict, point of My hand and your cheek exert electromagnetic forces on one another, if I brush against you. A small touch spreads compassion, contact, what feels like contact, air holding itself against a bird. ...

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Château Noir Intimacy

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p. 26-26

The trope of a tree, the trope of the land that looks out at the tree. The trope that could be sawed off into lumber, the trope with which to build a house on the land. Beyond or through the trope there is always the turning toward it, as If the turn is silly bussed, then what to make of it. Does it assemble lip-smacking good will for the contested subject. A discarded curl from the torn off bark. Let me pause to name vehicles with formative, i.e., nursery clown, intentions. Would I want to turn the trope of your fingers into fingers. Would I want to turn the smiling dark into dark....

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Whom Do You Trust Intimacy

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p. 27-27

When everything you know is like a windlight shifting, is there ever a day to keep the sum of the wind as in the wave and the tree lights bending, to accumulate like the shapes you can never see directly, indirectly, to stow away like the effects of the invisible on the visible, to keep for yourself so much unintended motion, hey sailor, between you and the wind is a recursive embedding, if storm predictions are less than accurate, if at the loading dock you see a green bag unattended, if you want to be something light, and a gust knocks you over, if retrieving a memory ...

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Hinge Intimacy

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p. 28-28

The hinge method of communication is a cultural tool for thinking upside down. tud is an impure aesthetic, useful for backing up intimations of abnormality in the eyelid wars. Hinging in the dark it mimes the dark: how to pace your zounds. I do not hold to hinge transparency, though I respect anyone?s need for believing in it. A hinge is a type of communication longed for, argued over, negotiated, according to the goods in bivalve shells. If you practice tuds according to bivalves, you can swing from ancient rotation axes through which your every good has been hinged. Do ...

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Free Will Intimacy

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pp. 29-30

She was chasing after ?you? illusions like those black birds racing for the trees. A ?you? can cast her attention on flight, a soaring after, or on atomization below the level of the spine, which Mei-mei I borrow from you, my thinking about spines, figural refusal or assent within some fated person in a garden, this one being teased into picking some of the foxgloves: go ahead, no one will notice, why not take a few of those white and purple bells. The Adirondack chair where she sits is on the river side of the garden, so her bird-watching can be a mealy-mouthed occupation, in ...

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To the Letter Intimacy

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pp. 31-32

...offshore island in the form of a teardrop, water vapor, sea foam. In the heat the green goes. Bubbles with a radius larger than 0.8 mm a meander pattern in her thought balloons. Privacy is a discreet ?I don?t hear you,? a physical quandary in her brain shiverings.an air entrainment, like the speed of sound through her clothes. ...

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Street Intimacy

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p. 33-33

Its fa?ade is white terra cotta, in the center a two-storied arched window, gridded glass. Tacit street codes requiring vigilance for controlling emotionaldisplay frequencies limit what she can see through to, white on green fleur-de-lis Flat glass is now made by a floating process, molten glass spread over beds of molten tin, to ensure smooth surfaces, uniform thicknesses. ...

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Loop the Loop Intimacy

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pp. 34-36

I withhold these truths, in formula, from you, otherwise I am just leading you on, letting you think I know something you don?t, that you are some place I?m not, that?s why it is always so seductive, always to be locked into this connective, you with me with it, the exposed as is the case just now of how not to be rootbound, and you get a glimpse of it now in the yard, as water just over the trees, where you and I holding forth with such sentiment would, like the wind, be The loops between air and water, pulling vast quantities of things I have been doing, it, but I withhold this also, sitting ...

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To the Reader Intimacy

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pp. 37-40

This goes to galaxy, moon, memory of any size: why on earth is the earth, why on backscattering thee backscattering.Picture yourself as light spreading over river waters: thee setting a you off as clownwright.Games, clowns, soul toys can freak out standard comfort measures, you stirring up blue, gray serial wavelets on behalf Here a five knot wind coming from the south merges with solar winds to inflect what it is like to have one body now.Infrared Andromeda?s spiral arms will commensurate taste, lack of taste, if she multiplies herself by at least 70 ...

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Blue in Green Intimacy

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pp. 41-44

In your capacity as spirit in an afterlife, you?d have no limbs.Here spirit is a remission word, so she can fasten a pot of his pink snapdragons to it. Blue-gray branches of windlight break apart and come together all along the river, quick glimpse incarnations of at Thick green trees on the nearby promontory are echoed in the river by muddy surface trees, displacing some of the She sees the trees as form and not detail, afternoon preface to industrial buildings on the opposite shore becoming ...

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Per Se Intimacy

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pp. 45-47

Bracket any step he takes, buddy, witness, always being on, ied, clown porn, clowned geography. The idea is to capture the worst stars, shove to the back of the mind homeland disengagement within a milky galaxy, The clown relishes weeping irritants, herpes, poison ivy, useful for inducing hearty smearing manias. Set clown value in relation to other intrinsic values, troop frustrations with higher up infighting: ?wimps in Washington,? At home, she toughs out Perseid meteor showers, August beach walking....

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Inside Out Intimacy

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Over their bathing suits, departing beachgoers pull on their clothesPublic dressing an expertise that evolved, as did wisdom through cellular error Barely concealed that wet or dry the red spot on the yellow gull beak throes aloneMathematically call for duration, pitch in the contours of moist personsThe sea needs a body to mediate a body if, so like a window, all the great ones glow...

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Good Neighbor Intimacy

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pp. 54-58

Baseline imitation studies suggest mirror neurons may be beneficial for understanding another person?s goals and Guess what you are prone to, even if you don?t consciously exhibit it.Even in the normal brain a nerve cell may be unsweetly kissed by a variant. Merely witnessing an action makes mirror neurons fire in response to that action, so your brain simulates your An object?s imminent graspability is encoded as an intimate aspect of the object?s movement potential, his aluminum ...

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So Disposed Intimacy

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p. 59-59

The wave?s existence does not depend on its being experienced by a conscious subject. The seaweed?s existence does not depend on its being experienced by a conscious subject. Blue whale breath seeks ant mortician does depend on voluminous experiences with a conscious subject. When the harbor clown seals up, the seals seal up. Is this perseveration, For many days I wondered about my water retention. Blue whale breath greets ant mortician. Mindful awareness of the sea to which you are holding requires a left and right hemisphere, requires a coping. This one is sweeping and that one ...

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On Your Mark Intimacy

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p. 60-60

Two and two are slate. Two and three are lime. Here is the oldest gesture. Here is the oldest dime. My left leg was sucked into a sinkhole. Here is a word I like: plastered. Here is another word I like: quire. Here is where I was a dimwit about How many clowns does it take to titillate a light bulb. There is the air-raid clown, there is the anchor clown, there is the clown who has hair. I suspect I like the wrong kinds of light bulbs. How many to charge up meaningful sentences. How many to keep apart old moon from new moon, how many climbings with flair....

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Lunge Intimacy

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p. 61-61

As if in another: world: as if in your own world?s: value space: there: might like: recasting that pig: its lungs its snout: spread cahoots with: breaking: laws of scale: post: clown force winds: post: down on farm alley: energy but indifferent energy: you hoot you hinge: wild nurse to: manured old soul: might like: clown lip clown doxology: relationship status: goats: to wall in wall out: not the first: not the last: to go down with: phantom body: let horseflies: lunge under: lunge Whatever: viral musters is viral touched: whence: solitude: whence: communication: hash sentiment: hash olfactory: ...

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Laws of Motion Intimacy

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pp. 62-63

...here mordants here fiddleheads: you etch you calibrate: there woundtights: there: treescavengers: how come: you spool you thread: you go come too: as when: where underneath: you would what comes: you would what goes: and now: linecocked:short a romp: you tramp: skip: leg along: for: in if: would?s amplitude: here?s touched:full: throttle: full throttle through: windsoaked: throat: glottis:...

Fall to Fall Intimacy

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p. 64-64

Once Upon a Time Intimacy

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p. 65-65

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Resumption Intimacy

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pp. 66-68

She has a seabrained disposition?small sand dollar, white stone, orange stone, three larger stones with black, green, orange flecks on top of bird, wet sand, dry sand, particles, waves ratcheting up What of the convicted killer in her family on her paternal side, exclusive, like a good in itself, sound shapes willed, unwilled, ...

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Wing Intimacy

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pp. 69-72

There is a pier extending into the channel and docks with shacks along the boardwalk. This is just a value sketch for bestowing fishing-village objects, out-of-wind fortitude, winter watercolor.The other sits on a plastic gasoline carrier near the dock?s pilings. The ladder/ramp has strips of wood nailed onto it for foot gripping.Rope, barrels, chains, lobster pots, spars, hoses, anchors, wire, gaff, pails: seasonal workspace absent strangers ...

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...?Larghetto Intimacy?: Approximately one quarter of the language on selective mutism has been taken, some verbatim, some with varying degrees of modification, from ?The Quiet Child: A Literature Review of Selective Mutism,? by Sally Standart and Ann Le Couteur in Child and Adolescent Mental Health 8.4: 2003. ?Inhumanity of the linguistic code? is from Mutlu Blasing?s Lyric Poetry: The Pain and the Pleasure of Words. ?Nonaccountable spectatorship? reworks a phrase from Eve ?Thing Intimacy?: A few words and phrases have been borrowed from Bill Brown?s essay ?Thing Theory? in Critical ...

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p. 75-75

Grateful acknowledgement is made to the editors of the following publications where Aufgabe: ?Thing Intimacy,? ?Laws of Motion Intimacy? (?I watched an inchworm?)Conjunctions: ?Larghetto Intimacy,? ?Resumption Intimacy,? ?Wing Intimacy?New American Writing: ?To the Reader Intimacy,? ?Blue in Green Intimacy?Petri Press: ?Lunge Intimacy,? ?So Disposed Intimacy,? ?Whom Do You Trust Intimacy?...

Production Notes

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E-ISBN-13: 9781885635341
E-ISBN-10: 1885635346
Print-ISBN-13: 9781885635334
Print-ISBN-10: 1885635338

Page Count: 68
Publication Year: 2013

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