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Bullying in Irish Education

Edited by Mona O’Moore and Paul Stevens

Publication Year: 2013

School bullying is receiving increasing attention as a phenomenon which is present in all schools. Despite previous books on the topic, bullying continues to thrive, become more sophisticated and pose serious problems for school populations in both primary and post-primary sectors.This book will be the first definitive review of bullying in Irish education written by researchers and practitioners working in the field. The appeal of this book is twofold. Firstly it explores bulling from different perspectives within education namely pupils, teachers and principals. Secondly it is research based but the concerns, shortcomings and challenges which bullying presents in the educational environment are explored and realistic strategies and support strategies are proposed.Given the keen interest in bullying internationally this book provides a comparative text clearing indicating research and practice in Ireland.

Published by: Cork University Press


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Title Page, Copyright Page

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...We would like to express our gratitude to authors of individual chapters without whose commitment and assistance this book would not have been possible. Their families also deserve thanks for undoubtedly having had to compete for their time...


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Notes on Contributors

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...and adults with intellectual and/or physical disabilities and has worked with adolescents and their families within a residential addiction treatment centre. She has recently completed an MSc in Health Psychology and also lectures part-time on the Diploma in Disabilities Studies with the Centre for Adult and Continuing Education at UCC....

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...Bullying in schools has received attention in research since the 1970s when Olweus began to study the issue in Sweden (1978). Internationally, the late 1980s and 1990s saw an increased awareness of the negative effects associated with school bullying and consequently there was an increase in the amount of research...

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...Bullying continues to occur in any context where human beings interact with each other. Despite every person’s fundamental right to feel safe, bullying is a feature of everyday life for many in their homes, schools or places of work or study. Yes, undoubtedly, awareness has been raised and the successful work to date in addressing this insidious behaviour needs to be acknowledged...

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CHAPTER ONE: The Prevalence of Bullying and Cyber-Bullying in Irish Schools

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pp. 7-39

...To be bullied can have serious implications for an individual’s physical and mental health, not to mention the demand for professional services. Maria Lawlor (2006), child and adolescent psychiatrist with the North-Eastern Health Board has demonstrated with the help of two case studies just how costly bullying can...

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CHAPTER TWO: Bullying in Schools in Northern Ireland

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pp. 40-64

...In compiling their cross-national perspective regarding f2f (face-toface) bully/victim problems, while Smith et al. (1999) garnered country-specific ‘situation reports’ from those countries geographically close to Northern Ireland (i.e. England and Wales: Smith, 1999; Scotland: Mellor, 1999; Republic of Ireland...

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CHAPTER THREE: Homophobic Bullying in Schools in Ireland

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pp. 65-79

...Norman, Galvin and McNamara (2006) have asserted that homophobic bullying is not simply another type of bullying, but rather it is linked to certain sections of society’s prevailing negative attitudes towards people of non-heterosexual sexual orientation. It should be noted, therefore, that homosexuality was decriminalised...

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CHAPTER FOUR: The Challenges of Non-Reporting of Bullying

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pp. 80-99

...In Ireland it is compulsory for schools to have anti-bullying policies outlining the procedures a school will adopt to prevent and deal with aggressive behaviour. Nevertheless, bullying continues to be a widespread problem in schools (O’Moore and...

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CHAPTER FIVE: Third-Level Students’ Experiences of Bullying in Ireland

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pp. 100-123

...It is, unfortunately, apparent that we, as a society, have a tendency to go from teaching our children that they matter as individuals, to introducing them to a working world where they can be told ‘you are merely a cog in the wheel’, and what they feel really isn’t that important after all. Even if unspoken, this shift in...

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CHAPTER SIX: Bullying Behaviours Among Out-of-School Children

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pp. 124-142

...in recent years. Leading bullying researchers have worked tirelessly to see that we as a nation learn from the awful tragedies that have befallen some of our children and youth as a result of bullying. A shift in attitude is slowly taking place; bullying is being viewed less as ‘character building’ and ‘harmless’ and more as something catastrophic to the well-being of those being victimised...

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CHAPTER SEVEN: Bullying of Adults with Intellectual Disabilities in Educational Settings

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pp. 143-157

...and societies. It is not a new phenomenon, but research into this area is relatively new. Initially, such research focused on bullying in relation to children (Olweus, 1978; Farrington, 1993; Smith and Sharp, 1994), although over the last thirty years or so there has been increasing interest in adult bullying, particularly in the workplace...

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CHAPTER EIGHT: Workplace Bullying and Primary School Teachers: The Role of Managerial Discourses

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...Sinead (names and identifying details have been changed to protect the anonymity of interviewees) taught in the same primary school for most of her career and, as she states herself, ‘loved every single minute of it’. Like many of those working in schools in Ireland, she regarded her job as more than just ‘work’; she saw...

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CHAPTER NINE: The Bullying of Primary School Principals in Ireland

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pp. 177-209

...Bullying is increasingly being recognised as a serious problem in the workplace context. Over the last two decades, employers, trade unions and professional organisations have become critically aware of behaviours which undermine the integrity and confidence of employees and reduce efficiency. These employees...

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CHAPTER TEN: Teacher-on-Teacher Workplace Bullying in the Irish Post-Primary Sector

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pp. 210-226

...Bullying in the workplace is acknowledged as a problem in society today both in Ireland and internationally. It knows no boundaries of age, gender, level of education, socio-economic status, types or status of job, whether in the private or public sectors (O’Moore and McGuire, 2001). Workplace bullying is such a complex issue that...

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CHAPTER ELEVEN: Teacher Aggression: An Attempt at Dialogue

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pp. 227-261

...I am a teacher. That is my profession. How I practise my profession is something I haven’t discussed much with my fellow colleagues during twenty-two years of plying my trade. Whether I behave in a positive or negative manner while delivering subject matter has never been something I have been guided to explore throughout my journey and yet I believe now that how I behave in my classroom...

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CHAPTER TWELVE: ABC Whole-School Community Approach to Bullying Prevention

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pp. 262-290

...Over the years I have received many letters from parents which point out that there are many teachers who not only lack the necessary confidence to tackle bullying behaviour but who teach in schools which do not have effective procedures or guidelines to assist them or the other members of the school community in reporting...

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CHAPTER THIRTEEN: Action Against Cyber-Bullying (AAC): A Programme for Understanding and Effectively Addressing School-Related Cyber-Bullying

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pp. 291-319

...Cyber-bullying is a form of psychological abuse created in real space and time then transmitted through cyberspace to selected recipients via a computer, smartphone or computer tablet. As with all bullying, bullying through the medium of cyberspace can have devastating...

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CHAPTER FOURTEEN: Bullying: Tools for Teachers

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pp. 320-337

...Catholic all-boys voluntary secondary school in suburban Dublin. It began as a response to a particular situation and continued to develop as we attempted to devise a school-wide system to provide the most positive, healthy and safe environment possible for all our students. While we were motivated by our own observations, experiences and values, we were...

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CHAPTER FIFTEEN: A Promising Strategy to Prevent Bullying Behaviour

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...The Massage in Schools Programme (MISP) is relatively new in Ireland (introduced here in 2004). It is a peer-to-peer massage programme designed for 4–12-year-old children. Massages are carried out by children on each other while fully clothed. This programme places a strong emphasis on respect and provides...

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CHAPTER SIXTEEN: Mindfulness and Pre-School Children

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pp. 361-382

...Early childhood is often romanticised with thoughts of play, fun, indulgences and cuddles; images of chubby little individuals who have not a care in the world come to mind. Does behaviour radically change as these pre-schoolers enter middle childhood and adolescence? Much recent media attention has been given...

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CHAPTER SEVENTEEN: Promoting Positive Behaviour with Edward de Bono’s ‘Six Thinking Hats’ Method

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pp. 383-400

...This study set out to investigate what, if any, impact a short programme of thinking lessons may have, first and foremost, on students’ self-discipline and behaviour and then on their academic performance. It sought to determine if an improvement in behaviour would occur if students were encouraged to have a more thoughtful...

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CHAPTER EIGHTEEN: School Bullying and Some Law

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...This quotation is from a poem, where the poet recommended that a father educate his sons at home rather than send them to school, attacking in general the education system that existed at the time. While huge changes have taken place in education since then...


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Publication Year: 2013