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Working World

Careers in International Education, Exchange, and Development

Sherry Lee Mueller

Publication Year: 2014

Now available in a new second edition, Working World: Careers in International Education, Exchange, and Development offers an engaging guide for cause-oriented people dedicated to begin or enhance careers in the now burgeoning fields of international affairs. Mueller and Overmann expand their original dialogue between a career veteran and a young professional to address issues that recognize the meteoric rise of social media and dramatic geopolitical events. They explore how the idea of an international career has shifted: nearly every industry taking on more and more international dimensions, while international skills -- linguistic ability, intercultural management and sensitivity -- become ever more highly prized by potential employers.

This second edition of Working World offers ten new and four significantly updated profiles as well as new and expanded concepts that include: work-life balance; the importance of informational interviews; moving on; and key building blocks for international careers.Like the award-winning first edition, Working World is a rare and valuable resource to students and graduates interested in careers in international affairs, mid-career professionals who want to make a career change or shift, as well as guidance counselors and career center specialists at universities.

Published by: Georgetown University Press

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Working World: Careers in International Education, Exchange, and Development is intended to be a unique resource and a useful tool for job seekers in international affairs, particularly those interested in international education, exchange, and development. It is designed to streamline and clarify the initial stages of career research and help...

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We are most grateful to the interns and volunteers of the National Council for International Visitors (NCIV) who helped compile and annotate the selected resources in the first edition of this book, which was initially assembled as a handout for career roundtable participants. In particular, we benefited from the conscientious...

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Introduction: Idealists Preferred

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pp. 1-10

For most of our adult lives, we spend more time at our workplaces than we do in our own homes. Pursuing a career means making a series of choices that determine what we do with most of our waking hours. Inevitably, each choice we make exacts a price. The key...

Part I: Shaping Your Career Philosophy

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Chapter 1: Identifying Your Cause

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pp. 13-26

People often ask, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Children usually reply, “a fireman, a doctor, an actor, a musician, a princess, a basketball star . . .,” perhaps recalling the hero in a recently viewed movie or naming the profession of a relative they admire. They have yet to realize that they will be asked this question repeatedly as the years...

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Chapter 2: The Art of Networking

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pp. 27-43

Most everyone agrees that we ought to network, but we rarely reflect on how to do it most efficiently and with the most rewarding results. Is there a certain formula for successful networking? A certain type of event we must attend or a certain kind of person we should engage? A...

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Chapter 3: The Value of Mentors

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pp. 44-56

...Regardless of the origins of the term, the concept of having a mentor to aid in successful career development has widespread acceptance. Professionals of all ages can benefit from the guidance of a more experienced, and often older, colleague who can provide advice, contacts, and...

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Chapter 4: The Continuous Journey

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pp. 57-82

Many of us have a tendency to think about career development in terms of conclusions—what we’re going to do once we’re finished. We consider our career paths, and our lives, in terms such as these: “Once I’ve finished my degree . . .” or “Once I’ve completed my exchange program . . .” or “Once I’ve accumulated five (or ten or fifteen) years of...

Part II: Selected Resources and Profiles

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Chapter 5: Your Job Search: A General Approach

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pp. 85-114

Cast the net wide. Search broadly. See what’s out there. One of the greatest myths regarding the job search, international or otherwise, is that you should only be looking for open positions. Clearly, the position you eventually obtain will have to be one that’s available. However, in searching for those open positions, don’t hesitate to explore...

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Chapter 6: Professional Associations

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pp. 115-157

Becoming active in one or more professional associations will lead you to critically important avenues for networking and information gathering—two fundamental aspects of your job search. Professional associations (most of which have annual conferences), events, publications...

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Chapter 7: Internship Opportunities

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pp. 158-171

Internships are building blocks of a career. In many cases, they have become an implicit prerequisite for an entry-level job. Internships are the source of much practical training and office experience that employers seek. Employers want to be sure that potential hires understand the...

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Chapter 8: Volunteer Opportunities

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pp. 172-197

When Sherry was in her late twenties and newly married, she spent time at the University of Rhode Island with her husband, who was a faculty member there. In addition to finishing her dissertation and teaching a few courses, she also engaged in several international volunteer...

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Chapter 9: Nongovernmental Organizations and Educational Institutions

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pp. 198-239

Some years ago, many Americans contemplating a career in international affairs envisioned working for the US Foreign Service. The Foreign Service was the ideal. Conscientious performance would propel those who survived the rigorous recruitment process up a structured...

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Chapter 10: US Government

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pp. 240-275

Even in the age of economic strictures and significant budget cuts, the executive branch of the US government offers many exciting career paths with competitive salaries and impressive benefits packages. Some US government departments and agencies are almost totally devoted to...

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Chapter 11: Multinational Organizations

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pp. 276-290

Employment in a multinational organization can be the highest aspiration for many international career seekers. Pursuing employment with these organizations can be intimidating, however, given their size and scope as well as the aura of mystery and intrigue that sometimes surrounds...

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Chapter 12: Business, Foundations,Think Tanks, and Consulting

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pp. 291-318

Leading up to this final chapter, we have attempted to provide the broadest possible cross section of the jobs and careers available in international education, exchange, and development. We certainly, however, have not covered all the possibilities. International business, consulting, and research are rapidly growing...

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Conclusion: It's not a Small World after All

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pp. 319-322

Everyone has a story that illustrates how small our world has become. Sherry once ran into a former colleague she worked with in Washington, DC, and hadn’t seen in years in a Moscow department store. Mark bumped into a classmate from his university in South...


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Page Count: 264
Publication Year: 2014

Edition: Second Edition