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Comparative Cultural Studies and Latin America

edited by Sophia McClennen and Earl Fitz

Publication Year: 2004

The scholarship in the volume Comparative Cultural Studies and Latin America represents the proposition that, given its vitality and excellence, Latin American literature deserves a more prominent place in comparative literature publications, curricula, and disciplinary discussions.

Published by: Purdue University Press

Series: Comparative Cultural Studies

title page

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The Canon is el Boom, et al., or the Hispanic Difference

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pp. 1-7

"It is not too long ago—three or four decades, perhaps—that Hispanic literatures were considered a marginal player in comparative studies. The unofficial 'Big Three' in the field were English, French, and German (in no particular order). Next came, say, Russian or Italian. Spanish stood a distant third. A novice..."

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First Peoples of the Americas and Their Literature

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pp. 8-33

"With respect to the American continent, critics and historians of literature and culture have often proceeded along lines that, in practice, continue the great work of destruction, dispossession, and denial that began with the arrival of Europeans in 1492. Asserting or assuming (as many a celebrated academic has ..."

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The Latin American Innovative Novel of the 1920s: A Comparative Reassessment

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pp. 34-55

"The question might be asked: Did Peruvians, Mexicans and other Latin American writers create new fiction before the 1960s—the era the Latin American novel arrived internationally with what was called magical realism? Even comparative studies focus only on the second half of the twentieth century in comparing Latin American with U.S. and European works. In other words, there is..."

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Comparative Latin American Studies: Literary and Cultural Theory

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pp. 56-68

"Latin American studies today comprise an array of discourses barely recognizable from the perspective of traditional frameworks. The same could be said for other areas study, but perhaps not to the same degree. In terms of Latin American literary analysis, as practiced in the United States and a few significant pockets of higher learning in Latin America, the field constitutes a site of ..."

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Spanish American and Brazilian Literature in an Inter-American Perspective: The Comparative Approach

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pp. 69-88

"At the dawn of the twenty-first century, the place of Latin American literature within the discipline of comparative literature is both exciting and perplexing. On the one hand (as we all know), Latin American literature has a great deal to offer comparative literature; on the other hand, as statistics compiled recently..."

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Latin American and Comparative Literatures

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pp. 89-104

"One has to wonder, in the wake of the radical critical revision of the past twenty years, and more important, the international recognition of writers from parts of the world not generally included in the curriculum, if comparative literature as a discipline has survived. Has there been a realignment of literary..."

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Comparative Literature and Latin American Studies: From Disarticulation to Dialogue

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pp. 105-130

"Because of the sheer breadth of these fields and because of their complex histories, any investigation into the critical intersection between Latin American studies, cultural studies, and comparative literature must by necessity be partial, provisional, and heuristic. Such a project, imperfect as it must be, is worth..."

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The Villain at the Center: Infrapolitical Borges

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pp. 131-148

"Paul de Man said that Borges’s essays were just like PMLA essays, except that they were 'a great deal more succinct and devious' (124). As proof of succinctness and deviousness de Man quoted the comment Borges made on Enno Littmann’s German translation of Arabian Nights: 'Incapable, like George..."

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Towards a Map of the Current Critical Debate

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pp. 149-158

"In the current post-theoretical scene, where what Ernesto Laclau calls a 'contamination' between theory and the empirical is taking place, intercultural studies has acquired a distinctive role (vii). Laclau establishes a positivist solution to the current dilemma:..."

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Anxieties of Impotence: Cubans in New York City

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pp. 159-177

"Industrialization, globalization, and U.S. economic and foreign policy have set unprecedented numbers of bodies in motion across national borders. Along with other dependent nations, tribes, and continents, Latin America has seen many of its citizens migrate, immigrate, and go into exile. As a result of such..."

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A Historical Account of Difference: A Comparative History of the Literary Cultures of Latin America

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pp. 178-197

"In his influential essay 'Literary History as Challenge,' (1982) Hans Robert Jauss makes the following argument: 'The task of literary history is . . . only completed when literary production is not only represented synchronically and diachronically in the succession of its systems, but also seen as ‘special history’ in its own unique relationship to ‘general history’' (39). My response to Jauss’s ..."

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Comparative Literature in an Age of “Globalization”

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pp. 198-210

"I have titled my essay 'Comparative Literature in an Age of ‘Globalization,’ trusting my reader to take note of the quotation marks around 'globalization.' This punctuation will suggest the exploratory nature of my project; in fact, there should probably be quotes around “comparative literature” as well, because the changes occurring under the sign of globalization may also be shifting some of the parameters of our profession. In the following discussion,..."

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Bibliography of Scholarship in Comparative Latin American Culture and Literature

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pp. 211-256

"The objective of this bibliography is to present a resource for scholars engaged in the comparative study of Latin American culture and literature. The bibliography includes general theoretical works that contribute to comparative studies of Latin American culture and literature as well as examples of..."


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E-ISBN-13: 9781612490199
E-ISBN-10: 1612490190
Print-ISBN-13: 9781557533586
Print-ISBN-10: 155753358X

Page Count: 282
Publication Year: 2004

Series Title: Comparative Cultural Studies