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Sites of European Antisemitism in the Age of Mass Politics, 1880–1918

Robert Nemes

Publication Year: 2014

This innovative collection of essays on the upsurge of antisemitism across Europe in the decades around 1900 shifts the focus away from intellectuals and well-known incidents to less-familiar events, actors, and locations, including smaller towns and villages. This “from below” perspective offers a new look at a much-studied phenomenon: essays link provincial violence and antisemitic politics with regional, state, and even transnational trends. Featuring a diverse array of geographies that include Great Britain, France, Austria-Hungary, Romania, Italy, Greece, and the Russian Empire, the book demonstrates the complex interplay of many factors—economic, religious, political, and personal—that led people to attack their Jewish neighbors.

Published by: Brandeis University Press

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...social sciences. The editors and contributors benefited from the opportunity to participate in and organize panels related to this volume at conferences hosted by the Association for the Study of Nationalities, the American Historical Association, and the Association for Jewish Studies. We also want to thank Werner Bergmann, Ulrich Wyrwa...

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Robert Nemes and Daniel Unowsky

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pp. 1-10

...two people came together, he was the third.” The people follow the events in France through a certain Zeidel, the shtetl’s lone newspaper subscriber. As the author wryly observes, the population learns “through him” rather than “from him”: they actively reinterpret...

Part 1: Catholicism, Antisemitism, and Anti-Jewish Violence

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1 | Local Violence, Regional Politics, and State Crisis | Daniel Unowsky

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pp. 13-35

...Kalwaria, Frysztak, Nowy Sącz, and Stary Sącz, hundreds of peasants, artisans, shopkeepers, and members of town councils looted Jewish-owned businesses. Participants loaded flour...

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2 | Catholics and the Rhetoric of Antisemitic Violence in fin-de-siècle France | Vicki Caron

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pp. 36-60

...challenged the notion that a sharp break existed between the anti-Jewish attitudes expressed by the churches and Hitler’s racial antisemitism. Indeed, they have argued, without the support of most practicing Christians, Nazism never would have garnered...

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3 | “L’Osservatore Cattolico” and Davide Albertario | Ulrich Wyrwa

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pp. 61-76

...in 1910, the Jewish historian Martin Philippson focused on the origin and development of antisemitism in Europe. Philippson, an attentive observer, pointed out that in a speech from the early 1870s, Pope Pius IX had attacked Jewish journalists and suggested that Jews...

Part 2: Local Violence and "Ethnic" Politics

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4 | The Brusturoasa Uprising in Romania | Iulia Onac

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pp. 79-93

...manifested itself in modern Romania. Within Romania, synthetic works on Jewish history by Carol Iancu and Victor Neuman have examined aspects of this violence. The history of antisemitism in Romania also has attracted the attention of scholars working outside the country...

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5 | From Boycott to Riot | Michal Frankl

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pp. 94-114

...that violent anti-Jewish crowds should not be understood as “primitive” mobs guided solely by traditional prejudice or lust for plunder and enrichment. Violence against Jews needs to be analyzed in terms of its causes, symbolism, and structure. “Revisionist”...

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6 | “An Antisemitic Aftertaste” | Marija Vulesica

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pp. 115-134

...demonstrators demanded a reordering of Hungarian-Croatian financial arrangements. Soon after the first demonstrations, peasants and military forces clashed. Protesters attacked...

Part 3: The Circle Widens

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7 | "Trouble Is Yet Coming!" | Sam Johnson

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pp. 137-156

...battlefield were linked inextricably to problems at home, ranging from urban overcrowding to the unhealthy condition of the working classes. Naturally, efficiency questions also reached...

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8 | Bigamy and Bigotry in the Austrian Alps | Alison Rose

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pp. 157-177

...year on her arrival and registration in Mürzzuschlag— her arrest and trial caused an international sensation. These events attracted large crowds, as well as the attention of the press...

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9 | The Blood Libel on Greek Islands in the Nineteenth Century | Mary Margaroni

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pp. 178-196

...Christians, these accusations served as a means of “revenge” for perceived wrongs and to marginalize local Jews economically and ethnoculturally. Such anti-Jewish movements strengthened...

Part 4: Revolution and War

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10 | "Horrible Were the Avengers, but the Jews Were Horrible, Too" | Klaus Richter

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pp. 199-214

...violence exerted by the peasants. My approach thus employs the method of “thick description,” which has proven to be particularly fruitful in research on pogroms. Another focus here is on the place of action. The small town (the Yiddish shtetl, Russian...

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11 | Duty and Ambivalence | Gerald D. Surh

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pp. 215-235

...form an emergency governing authority. Although troops did not arrive until the next day, they immediately took the situation in hand, denied would-be peasant looters access to the city, and decisively ended the pogrom. All told, the pogrom lasted only six...

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12 | Refugees and Antisemitism in Hungary during the First World War | Robert Nemes

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pp. 236-254

...councilor nevertheless demanded that the police immediately evict the nine families and urged the city to request that the Ministry of the Interior revoke the permits it had granted to the ten families. “I consider it necessary,” he said, “not just to remove...

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Afterword: European Antisemitism—the Search for a Pattern | Hillel J. Kieval

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pp. 255-264

...last years of the First World War: the essays before us open up manifestations of hostility, conflict, and violence that are both numerous and varied. While their chronological scope is confined to the last decades of the nineteenth century and the first decades...


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About the Contributors

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...Jewish Studies and History of Antisemitism at the Jewish Museum in Prague. His research interests include modern antisemitism, refugee policy, and the Holocaust. He is the coeditor two volumes of the Theresienstädter Gedenkbücher, the author of “Prag ist nunmehr antisemitisch”: Tschechischer...


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E-ISBN-13: 9781611685831
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Page Count: 328
Publication Year: 2014

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