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North Carolina Ghosts & Legends

Nancy Roberts

Publication Year: 2013

This collection of tales was originally published as An Illustrated Guide to Ghosts and Mysterious Occurences in the Old North State. To her group of classic stories, Mrs. Roberts has added three new tales about the Carolina coastal areas. The mountains, Piedmont, eastern Carolina, and the Outer Banks all provide settings for the unique and haunting accounts found in this book. Six of the stories take place in the Outer Banks—a particularly inspiring location, and the perfect place to meet the ghost on Blackbeard's last voyage.

Published by: University of South Carolina Press


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pp. vii-viii

... There are also people who are more bold, more imaginative, or just more colorful than the rest of us. They become legendary and I find their exploits irresistible. ...

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The Ghost Comes for Blackbeard

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pp. 1-14

Blackbeard had always liked the color of night, and it suited him well. He made it his habit to wear black from the crown ofhis rakish, broad-brimmed felt hat and thigh-length coat to the dark, sooty hue of his immense boots. ...

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The General's Ghost

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pp. 15-21

South of Wilmington there is a peninsula of land between the Cape Fear River and the Atlantic Ocean. The distance between the river and the ocean gradually narrows, and near the tip of the land where the highway ends are the remains of Fort Fisher. ...

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The Whaler's Return

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pp. 22-38

Most seafaring men have their superstitious side, and so did Edward Pond. But he had no premonitions when his ship headed out to sea from its home port at Stonington, Connecticut. ...

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The Unearthly Music of Roan Mountain

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pp. 39-45

... First of all he could number among his list of acquaintances many of the most famous men of his day. Why, at any moment, even here in the fashionable seclusion of his mountain home, the phone might ring. And the voice of a publisher, politician, or other prominent friend would come ...

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Lifesaver of the Outer Banks

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pp. 46-54

A solitary figure wrapped in evening mist strode near the edge of the foaming surf. Strong easterly winds tugged at the brim of his oilskin hat, secured by a loop of cord under his jutting chin. Occasionally he looked up and studied the leaden sky. ...

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The Lovely Apparition

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pp. 55-59

There are few men who do not hold within them some experience which time cannot erase. For some men that experience is a woman. And for Burke Hardison it will always be Lydia. ...

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Run of the Ghost Train

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pp. 60-64

There is little in the realm of the supernatural which can quite match the fascination of a ghost train. It holds a unique grip on the human imagination. ...

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The Mysterious Hoofprints at Bath

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pp. 65-67

There've been lots of tales about the hoofprints, but it was just a simple thing. Like the marks where an automobile accident was. Old Ed Cutlar looked off his front porch toward the woods as he talked. The land he saw had been owned by the family for generations. ...

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The Fairy Cross

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pp. 68-73

Season follows season in the mountains ofWestern North Carolina and some of the more isolated areas seem to have been little changed by the passage of time. Red and gold maples are gradually disrobed by winter winds and the black tracery oftheir limbs makes outlines against the pale winter's sky. ...

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Music by the Ghost Organ

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pp. 74-77

A carpenter of sorts, Horatio Carter was a rolling stone. He would not have had it any other way. He liked to meander from town to town, stopping for a few months wherever the mood struck him. ...

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Bummer's End

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pp. 78-83

Near Smithfield in Johnson County is a swamp. A short distance from its shore-almost hidden by mist-lies an island. The sunlight is shut out by trees and matted vines. It is a perfect setting for a ghost. ...

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The Little Red Man

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pp. 84-87

... Single Brother Andreas Kremser, stood looking with quiet pleasure across the sunken garden behind the Brothers House. For some years now he had lived here with the other unmarried men of the religious community. ...

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The Thing at the Bridge

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pp. 88-92

Time is such a relative thing that to an insect a few days may be a lifetime and last month eons away. To the thoughtful among us, it is but a slight strain to break the bonds of time and imagine that a hot, still day in May of 1820 is our own today. ...

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Devil's Tramping Ground

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pp. 93-96

In this age of science there are fewer and fewer mysteries of nature that remain to challenge man. Does the Devil have favorite haunts on earth? Does he pay nocturnal visits to these spots? ...

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The Light at Maco Station

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pp. 97-100

... Hugged by scrub pines, vines, and underbrush, the road straggled for perhaps a hundred yards. Then the woods stopped abruptly and there lay the wet, softly gleaming rails at Maco Station. ...

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pp. 101-105

At the western edge of Chapel Hill is a high wooded cliff. The view from it is beautiful, and the spot is frequented by young lovers. Why does it seem to attract tragedy? ...

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Ghost of the Old Mine

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pp. 106-113

Twilight is the hour to see a town if you would sense its true spirit. When evening falls in the tiny community of Gold Hill near Concord the present fades and shadows of the past begin to live again. ...

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The Battle of the Dead

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pp. 114-118

0 ne of the most fascinating possibilities which grips the human mind is the reoccurrence of scenes from the past. There have been stories of midnight rides, romantic trysts and duels re-enacted. Those who claim to have seen these things can describe the appearance and action of the participants ...

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The Ghost on the Stairs

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pp. 119-122

It was a few years after the turn of the century. And a gay party of Fayetteville girls with their suitors surrounded the piano in the parlor of the A. S. Slocumb home. ...

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Page Count: 136
Publication Year: 2013