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Ghosts of the Carolinas

Nancy Roberts

Publication Year: 2013

This collection of supernatural tales includes "The Talking Corpse"; "The Hound of Goshen"; "The Ring"; "The Phantom Rider of Bush River"; "The Witch Cat"; "The Gray Man"; "Tsali, the Cherokee Brave"; "The Ghost of Litchfield"; "City of Death"; "Treasure Hunt"; "House of the Opening Door"; "The Ghosts of Hagley"; "Return from the Dead"; "Whistle While You Haunt"; "The Brown Mountain Lights"; "Alice of the Hermitage"; "The Night the Spirits Called"; and "Swamp Girl".

Published by: University of South Carolina Press


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...Most of this material has emphasized the physical assets of the region. Some of it has even listed the high spirits of Carolinians as important intangibles in the enumeration of assets. These promoters of the Carolinas have given little appreciation, as far as I have observed, however, to the virtues of the most intangible of these intangibles, the spirits themselves...

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The Talking Corpse

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pp. 13-17

...It was a bitterly cold November evening and a drizzling rain added to the discomfort of travelers. Many decided to stop early and enjoy the Tavern's cheer. It was a house of entertainment with a widespread reputation for hospitality and had often been host to distinguished visitors. George Washington himself lodged here for two days on his 1791 visit to North Carolina...

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The Hound of Goshen

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pp. 18-22

...He has struck terror into the heart of many a traveler between Ebenezer Church in Maybinton township, Newberry County, and Goshen Hill in South Carolina's Union County. After dark is his time to roam and he has never been known to stray from his accustomed path. It was in 1855 that Dr. George Douglass lived in a white-columned mansion...

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The Ring

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pp. 23-28

...The men of Dare County along the Outer Banks of North Carolina first begin to test their mettle against the honing of the sea while they are still boys. And young David Blount was one of the bravest of this "bred to the sea" breed. No night was too wild or treacherous waters too turbulent for his rescue boat when the call came to bring in terrified passengers from a wrecked ship...

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The Phantom Rider of Bush River

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pp. 29-33

...Its tranquillity was rippled only by the occasional, carefully concealed visits of brave young Henry Galbreath. He lost no opportunity to visit Charity when scouting trips for his country brought him nearby. He came at the risk of his life for there were many Tories about who would have given much to catch him. One dark summer night when flecks of clouds swam over the face of the moon...

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The Witch Cat

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pp. 34-39

...just before the Revolutionary War a miller and his small daughter lived near Edenton, North Carolina. To Tim Farrow the British occupation of Boston and talk of the king's oppression seemed remote, indeed, from daily tasks. His Brownrigg Mill sat beside a long earthendam with tall cypress trees on either side. The pond was one of the largest in that vicinity. There has always been talk-to which Tim paid little heed-that its dark amber waters were bottomless...

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The Gray Man

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pp. 40-46

...And when the Gray Man walks, danger is close at hand. For it has long been the practice of this benign apparition to show himself as a warning of impending disaster. His presence was again reported just before the Tidal Wave of 1893 near the old house now owned by the F.W.Lachicottes. And he is most likely to show himself in late September or October during the hurricane season...

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Tsali, The Cherokee Brave

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pp. 47-53

...the harvest moon pours its rays over the mist shrouded peaks of the Great Smoky Mountains, men swear they see the ghostly figure of an Indian striding the leafy trails or silhouetted for an instant against the sky as though gazing across the deep shadowed valleys. Thus read a dispatch of the Associated Press on August 3, 1940. The story appeared in the...

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The Ghost of Litchfield

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pp. 54-56

...the bell post are gone now, replaced by more durable iron. But still told are stories of the kindly doctor who returns to his beloved Litchfield. His visits are made at night, or very occasionally on a dreary, gray day. When the doctor was alive he would ride up to the plantation gate on a handsome bay and strike the bell, which had no clapper, with the handle of his riding crop...

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City of Death

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pp. 57-63

...Nassau was an exciting, polyglot place in the summer of 1862. There were swaggering blockade runner captains with more money in their pockets than a governor could earn in a year. There were boisterous free Negroes, and there were the islanders themselves who as far back as anyone could remember had earned an unsavory livelihood from pillaging the wrecks washed up on their shores...

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Treasure Hunt

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pp. 64-68

...In 1908 in Deadwood, South Dakota, a little book was published by a former Union Army officer. Francis M. Moore had served with distinction during the war between the states but the subject of his book was not a narrative of battles. It was an eerie tale of a search for buried treasure on Folly Island near Charleston harbor...

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House of the Opening Door

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pp. 69-78

...A house is more than just its timbers. It is the lives which have been lived there, the deeds which have been done within its walls. There are houses which finally can only be at horne in hell itself. If you glimpse one on your travels do not tarry. It may prove a trap of terror, a passport to the damned...

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The Ghosts of Hagley

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pp. 79-85

...It was in the summer of 1918 that I under went an experience destined to change all of my preconceived ideas about the spirit world ... An experience which convinced me beyond the shadow of a doubt that ghosts do walk the earth. I never recall having any fear of ghosts and like most people thought they were merely products of an overwrought imagination. But the peculiar events of that summer demonstrated very plainly that I was wrong...

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Return from the Dead

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pp. 86-89

...Spring came very early that March of 1810 in Wilmington, North Carolina, but its loveliness passed unnoticed by Alexander Hostler. So grieved was Hostler by the death of his intimate friend, Samuel Jocelyn, that he shut himself up in his library wishing only to be alone. To walk the streets and greet mutual friends or frequent the places which he and Samuel had enjoyed together was an almost unbearable experience...

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Whistle While You Haunt

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pp. 90-94

...A cold, steady downpour of rain beat upon the stagecoach as it bumped and jerked along the cobblestone streets of Charleston. It was the year 1786 and for homesick Joseph Ladd Brown of Rhode Island, the first view of the city in which he was to spend the balance of his life was a dismal one. He had chosen to settle in Charleston for reasons of health. But the night he had selected for his arrival was far from an auspicious omen...

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The Brown Mountain Lights

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pp. 95-100

...The brown Mountain Lights are one of the most famous of North Carolina legends. They have been reported a dozen times in newspaper stories. They have been investigated at least twice by the U.s. Geological Survey. And they have attracted the attention of numerous scientists and historians since the German engineer, Gerard William de Brahm, recorded the mysterious lights in the North Carolina mountains in 1771...

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Alice of the Hermitage

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pp. 101-103

...It was one of the most elaborate balls of the Charleston season. A few short years before the coming of the War for Southern Independence, there was no hint of wartime austerity. Richly attired young men bowed before lavishly gowned girls in the sumptuous private ballroom. And soft music played on into the early morning hours...

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The Night the Spirits Called

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pp. 104-112

...storms of sleet and snow are rare, indeed, in Wilmington, North Carolina. But not long after the Civil War a Christmas season came which was long remembered for its icy gales and inclement weather. Broken branches and signs were strewn everywhere along the deserted streets. Many of the older buildings had been unroofed and tom by the fierce winds. Each day brought news of shipwrecks along the coast from Hatteras to Cape Fear. And every mail brought word of more lives lost at sea...

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Swamp Girl

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pp. 113-116

...the gloomy depths of the dank South Carolina swamp and the moonlit ribbon of highway walked the solitary figure of a girl. She wore a black hat and a black suit and in her hand she carried a traveling bag. On each side of the road beyond the shoulder was a steep drop of perhaps twenty feet to a drainage ditch. From the swamp's watery blackness rose the incessant rasping cheep of thousands of small...

E-ISBN-13: 9781611173598
Print-ISBN-13: 9780872495876

Page Count: 120
Publication Year: 2013