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Ghosts of the Southern Mountains and Appalachia

Nancy Roberts

Publication Year: 2013

Roberts writes stories from a wide variety of locations: "Night of the Hunt" in Hendersonville, North Carolina; "Return of the Bell Witch" in Adams, Tennessee; "The Shenandoah Stage" in New Market, Virginia; "Chain Gang Man" in Decatur, Alabama; "Fort Mountain" in Fort Mountain, Georgia; "Laura" in Campbellsville, Kentucky; "The Coming of the Demon" in Middleway, West Virginia.

Published by: University of South Carolina Press


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Night of the Hunt

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pp. 1-11

In the North Carolina mountains south of Asheville and nearer Hendersonville, it was a good hunting night. You might even go so far as to say, it was the best of all nights and the worst of all nights for after it, neither dog nor hunters would ever be the same again. It is too bad, because this particular ...

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Return of the Bell Witch

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pp. 12-26

"I think she is back," says Carney Bell, descendant of the man whose death the Bell Witch is said to have caused. Mr. Bell, one of the owners of Austin and Bell Funeral Home at Springfield, Tennessee has had experiences that prove to him that the most famous witch of the nineteenth century is here ...

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The Shenandoah Stage

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pp. 27-37

Two young Confederate officers sat eating together in the dining room of the Hotel in New Market, Virginia on the evening of May 24, 1862. General Stonewall Jackson, who would become Lee's right arm, had just won his first important battle the day before at Front Royal. Was there any ...

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Chain Gang Man

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pp. 38-51

The tune was, "Barbara Allen," and a sad one, but for some reason the twenty-year old boy with curly black hair and gentian blue eyes had always liked it. To his surprise he saw a cloud of dust with a black Ford in the midst of it come jouncing along the seldom traveled dead-end road. Two law men got out ...

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Fort Mountain

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pp. 52-63

Frank Willard decided that if he continued to go over in his mind the reasons the stock market had fallen, he still wouldn't know any more than any other broker. He just wanted to get away from Atlanta, to go where it would be peaceful and beautiful and that meant the mountains of North Georgia. ...

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The Woman in Black

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pp. 64-74

At first Ila Jeffers thought she was feverish and puny feeling because of the birthin' of Ginny Sue. She was glad midwife, Granny Moss, had come back by the house to check on her and felt all the more grateful since they lived aways up in the cove. Granny had been delivering babies nigh on to thirty ...

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pp. 75-80

The afternoon was gray and misty, not the kind that Larry Huff would usually choose for a motorcycle ride. But he had just traded in his old motorcycle for a new Honda-bought himself a new jacket-and the temptation to take off was irresistible. ...

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The Coming of the Demon

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pp. 81-90

Adam Livingstone was an honest, religious man and a hard-working farmer. It is hard to realize how a man like this can become involved with a demon, and yet that is what happened. ...

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The Letter

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pp. 91-95

James Ramsay stood in the fading sunlight. He was surrounded by the bodies of the Confederate dead and, who knows, perhaps their spirits. The battle of South Mountain was over, for the Confederates had come out of a thin line of woods scarcely two hours before, helpless and with empty muskets. ...

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The Ghost Fiddlers

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pp. 96-103

There is an old house in West Virginia that only comes alive at night. That is, if you can say that a house inhabited by spirits can come "alive." ...

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The Haunted Copper Mine

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pp. 104-107

Jack McCaulla had worked in the mines all his life and, as his friends used to say, "There ain't much Jack's afeard of." Like every man who worked in the mines, Jack lived with danger, but he knew how to handle it better than most. ...

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The Ghost of John Henry Lives On

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pp. 108-113

Some people in Talcott, Hilldale, and Hinton, West Virginia, say the ghost of John Henry still haunts the east portal of the Big Bend Tunnel. And it is true that within days after John Henry's death, work came to a halt because laborers could still hear his hammers ringing in the tunnel. ...

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A Visitor From the Dead

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pp. 114-119

Jessie Jackson was a pretty blond girl whose husband was a miner. But John never seemed satisfied to stay at one mine for long. It always looked to him like the grass was greener elsewhere, and that is what sealed his doom. ...

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The Ghosts of Shut-In Creek

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pp. 120-124

... "It may have started right after what happened to my uncle. He worked in a manganese mine up beyond Hot Springs at what they called Dry Branch. One mornin' they let my uncle down in the mine with the wooden box. ...

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Highway 19, Where Apparitions Still Ride

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pp. 125-131

The driver of the truck tried his CB radio again. "Breaker 19, Breaker 19, for north-bounder on Highway 19." Another West Virginia trucker's voice crackled back over the CB radio. "You got a ...

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The Mysterious Face on the Wall

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pp. 132-135

Nick Yelchick would have laughed if you had told him he would ever see a ghost. He was a big, strapping fellow who liked to brag a lot, and if he had too much to drink, it was better to stay away from him. ...

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The Specter's Vengeance

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pp. 136-142

A few hours before John Lyons had loaded up the last of his ore at the Copperhill Mine at Ducktown, Tennessee. His blond hair fell over his eyes as he hunched forward, feeling the pull of his team of horses, for the load was a heavy one. He was ...

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The Angel of Death

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pp. 143-150

Patty McCoy was chilled to the bone, but it was not the September night as much as the words she had just heard: "Beware of the cemetery gates, for they will bring death!" She was terrified, for the gates of the cemetery were opposite the McCoy ...

E-ISBN-13: 9781611173581
Print-ISBN-13: 9780872495982

Page Count: 160
Publication Year: 2013