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All In

Expanding Access through Nationally Competitive Awards

Suzanne McCray

Publication Year: 2013

All In helps readers navigate the ultra-competitive world of national and international scholarships. It combines the perspectives of scholarship foundation leaders, who have an insider’s view of the selection process, and experienced advisors, who provide guidance on how to assist students effectively as they approach applications and interviews. The collection also emphasizes the importance of engaging a diverse group of students, institutions, and programs in the process as well as expanding the educational experience for students as they apply. Several of the essays in the book grew out of the 2011 National Association of Fellowships Advisors conference entitled “Broadening Opportunities, Encouraging Diversity.”

Published by: University of Arkansas Press

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Two hundred fifty— that is the number of guest rooms we told Chicago’s Drake hotel we would need each night during Broadening opportunities, Encouraging Diversity, the July 2011 sixth biennial National Association of Fellowships Advisors (NAFA) national conference. In the year leading up to the conference, the planners at times worried whether we had over-...

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The National Association of Fellowships Advisors (NAFA) held its sixth biennial conference in Chicago in July 2011. Many of the essays included in this volume grew out of the discussions held there. The conference could not have taken place without the hard work of a significant number of people. Jane Morris (Villanova University), who was ...

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This collection of essays grew out of the NAFA conference Broadening opportunities, Encouraging Diversity held in Chicago in 2011. some of the essays are the direct result of presentations given at the conference; others developed later. All concern expanding opportunities for a greater number of talented students across the country and deepening the value ...

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1. Democratizing the World of Scholarships

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It is humbling to be here. Of course, I am impressed by the caliber of the people in this room. It is wonderful that you have formed this association to think collaboratively about your work. But what is really striking is the caliber of people you are responsible for sending out into the world....

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2. Broadening Horizons and Building Community

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When the first class of Truman Scholars was selected in 1977, the freshly minted scholars—all college sophomores—were flown to Independence, Missouri, for a weekend ceremony to be recognized among their peers and sent off with $20,000 in scholarship support. The money was the award. Back then, scholars received support for their last two ...

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3. Enough about Me, What Do You Think about Me?

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Few things can derail an accomplished candidate or an otherwise reasonable faculty advisor quite like an interview experience that turns out to be unsuccessful. This disappointment is acute and often lasting. For candidates the experience can sour everything they learned during the process. For advisors an unsuccessful interview, particularly for a ...

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4. Expanding Undergraduate Research Opportunities

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In 1986 as Senator Barry M. Goldwater of Arizona was retiring, the U.S. Congress appropriated money to endow the Barry Goldwater Scholarships in Mathematics, Science, and Engineering and to establish the Barry Goldwater Scholarship and Excellence in Education Foundation. The foundation was established to foster excellence in science and mathematics...

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5. Preparing Students to Apply for Competitive Law Schools

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A book about fellowship advising may seem an odd place for an article about law school admissions, yet the topic is highly relevant to those who advise students about postgraduate scholarship opportunities. Some fellowships advisors perform double duty as prelaw advisors; others have prelaw advisors report to them. Of course, many fellowship applicants ...

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6. Welcoming African Americans to the World of International Scholarships

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International scholarships have long attempted to increase the numbers of African American participants in order to better reflect the numbers of African Americans in college. According to the Institute of International Education’s Open Doors data, fewer than 5 percent of study abroad students...

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7. Honoring the Code

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Academic integrity is a value critically important to universities and colleges no matter their size, no matter whether they are public or private. Many have honor codes that they ask students to sign before enrolling in their first class.1 Most have academic integrity policies that vary in...

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8. Recalculating

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The creation of the National Association of Fellowships Advisors happily coincided with my university’s decision to provide institutional support to students bidding for nationally competitive scholarships. My memories of the first ten years include some heady days filled with energy ...

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9. Coping with Common Challenges

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pp. 99-108

Fellowships advisors experience numerous personal challenges due to the unique features of the occupation. Advisors encourage students to participate in highly visible national competitions that are demanding on the emotional resources of these students. Many advisors are the sole operators ...

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10. Balancing Scholarship and Scholarship Advising

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Fellowships advisors come in many forms: the faculty member who advises fellowship applicants; the administrator who teaches in addition to advising duties; the advisor who is also a student, pursuing an advanced degree. Many advisors balance advising and other administrative responsibilities...

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11. Expanding Access through Organized Support

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pp. 119-126

Scholarship advising has taken place in one form or another for as long as scholarships have existed. The oldest scholarship, the Rhodes, was created in 1904. The Fulbright was established in 1946; the National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowship, in 1952; and the Marshall Scholarship,...

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12. Performance Review

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This year, amid meeting scholarship deadlines, tracking down letters of recommendation, and dealing with the politics of departmental budgeting, I am paying especially close attention to the issue of scholarship advising assessment. I have been in this job for more than a decade now, and NAFA has recently made discussion of assessment a priority. As...

Appendix A: NAFA Membership

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Appendix B: NAFA Code of Ethics

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Publication Year: 2013