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From Six-on-Six to Full Court Press

A Century of Iowa Girls' Basketball

Janice A. Beran

Publication Year: 2007

From Six-on-Six to Full Court Press is a complete history of Iowa women’s high school, college, and recreational basketball. Beran’s exhaustive research . . . covers legendary players and coaches, changes in rules, stats on Iowa girls’ high school records, alterations in playing styles and uniforms, along with the heart-stopping excitement of the state tournament.”—Hoop Source

Published by: University of Iowa Press

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pp. vi-vii

By tapping into the memories of those who partici pated, this book strives to create a picture of whatplaying Iowa high school girls' basketball was likefrom the time it began in 1893, up through its initialgrowth period of the 1950s and 1960s, to thethrough the attic in search of the hidden treasure. The treasure...


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pp. viii-ix

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pp. x-xii

Designed in 1891-92 as a suitable game for men to play indoors, by 1893 it was being touted as a new game for the New Woman. Although Iowa girls had certainly not heard about the New Woman, they soon heard about the new game. A scant eighteen months after the game was introduced by...

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pp. xiii-xvi

Out-of-state friends and professional colleagues ask me, "Why is it only in Iowa that girls' basketball has been played continuously with an annual state tournament since 1920? Why was it so different from surrounding states, which were settled the same time, had essentially the same immigrant...

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1. Bloomers and Basketball

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pp. 3-25

IT'S A BITTERLY COLD MARCH NIGHT IN DES MOINES. The streets are jammed. The hotels are filled. Thousands of eager fans are streaming from pickup trucks, vans, yellow school buses, jampacked cars, and even a few motor homes to the big barn on the prairie, Veterans Memorial Auditorium...

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2. The First Tournaments, The First Champions

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pp. 26-46

THE FIRST HIGH SCHOOL GIRLS' INVITATIONAL STATE TOURNAMENT was held March 12, 1920, at Drake University Fieldhouse in Des Moines. The eventual champion, Correctionville, almost didn't get there: the team's school refused to pay its expenses. But the team and its coach, Daisy Marsten, were determined to go and took matters...

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3. Small Town Teams Win Big-time Support

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pp. 47-75

BETWEEN 1935 AND 1950 GIRLS' BASKETBALL IN IOWA GREW like Iowa corn in July. Iowa led the nation in girls' basketball opportunities. Other states who still hung onto statewide programs in the 1930s were Florida, Wyoming, Georgia, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Texas. From the first IGHSAU sponsored statewide program in 1926, when there...

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4. From Prime Time TV to Title IX

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pp. 76-98

DESPITE ITS QUALIFYING AS ONE OF THE SWEET SIXTEEN TEAMS, the Guthrie Center team and its schoolmates and fans were worried about the 1952 state tournament. They all knew that one of the key players, Jo Anne Beane, was scheduled to be a court witness in a lawsuit involving $20,000. The court hearing was scheduled to be held during...

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5. Divided Court to Full Court Play

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pp. 99-123

IN THE 1970s AND 1980s IOWANS COULD AND DID BOAST that their state led all other states in the percentage of girls participating in high school athletics. ' Iowa was the only state to have had official state basketball tournaments for girls since 1920. While Texas, Tennessee, and Oklahoma...

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6. State Tournament

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pp. 124-148

"STATE TOURNAMENT:' "MARCH MADNESS:' "BASKETBAll FEVER:' "Iowa's all girl circus:' "Les girls in Des Moines:' "The Iowa girl stands tall:' "Great event, great kids:' "He's covered Super Bowl and World Series but found Iowa girls basketball most exciting:' "Girls basketball, a gala affair...

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7. Women's Basketball: College Ball, Buisness and Industry Teams, AAU Ball, and International Competition

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pp. 149-167

IN THE FIRST HALF OF THE TWENTIETH CENTURY few high school girl graduates went on to college. Most of those that did studied either nursing or education. Many girls took a secretarial course in high school and went to work for various companies or offices. Others studied to be beauticians. Some worked in factories. And many of them married...

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8. Cheers to Girls' Basketball

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pp. 168-177

AS COACHES OFTEN POINT OUT TO PLAYERS AND THEIR FAMILIES, playing girls' basketball is an educational experience: players learn the importance of self-discipline and being a team player, they acquire poise, and they learn the lessons that only losing can teach. However, the coaches, as well as the students who paint their faces with school colors...

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9. More than Money: The Significance of Girls' Basketball for Players and Community

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pp. 178-188

FEW GIRLS IN IOWA WHO HAVE PLAYED BASKETBALL have been aware of the uniqueness of the program. They haven't realized that before the 1970s competitive interscholastic basketball ran counter to what was available to high school girls in other parts of the country. They are surprised when they learn that girls' basketball is still not so widely...

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10. The Iowa Girls High School Athletic Union: A Million Dollar Operation

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pp. 189-201

IOWA IS THE ONLY STATE TO HAVE Aseparate athletic association for girls in high school. The Iowa Girls High School Athletic Union is an independent body. It has no official relationship with state government. Founded to provide statewide competitive basketball, its showcase is still that...


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E-ISBN-13: 9781609380076

Publication Year: 2007