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The Blue Kind

Kathryn Born

Publication Year: 2012

In Neom the laws of physics are lax and everyone still gets high. The city squares do it so they can keep working nonstop. The hipsters do it so they can accept things as they are and not long for how they want them to be. And, for a thousand years, Alison has done it to cope with the burdens of immortality. If you can’t die, she says, at least you can be as stoned as the living dead.

Published by: Northern Illinois University Press

Title Page, Copyright

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pp. 1-7

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The Moment in Time before everything went blank

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pp. 5-16

...long ago. In its current form, it’s a metropolis called Neom, I can’t recall, and we spoke a language that’s lost to me now. as tall as his body. When he looked at me, I ignited the arrow, glasses. Cory’s hair is past his shoulders, and he’s wearing he says. “I can’t believe you’re here. I just can’t believe it. ...

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Some of it wasn't very nice, but most of it was beautiful

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pp. 17-23

...into it. This half circle is like a little balcony that overlooks stomach feels a pang of worry. I finally find the curtain door, the front window that’s boarded up with a flat square of wood. wrestle, sweat and swear, until, with one last good pull, the final nail squeaks and the board falls away, revealing a perfectly ...

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peace pot microdot Jesus loves you wasted or not

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pp. 24-28

...“They . . . fucking . . . blew them up and bulldozed them.” “maybe the time before that, before you took off . . . again. He leans against the wall and slides down until he’s sitting. I go over and sit next to him. He reaches into one of his pockets to ask, “What’s in the gum?” All that comes out is the longest ...

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Looking like rain

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pp. 29-42

...like us? I buy the supplies that I need to clean myself and the an possessed. Cory doesn’t intentionally ash on the floor, but the table is a disgrace; it’s just a stop sign on top of a box, and “Hello?” It is a girl’s voice. I go to the stairs and look down.and with less breath. Her friendly bit is over. Both our bodies ...

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I said "Hi." And she said "Yeah, I guess I am"

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pp. 43-54

...dog days of summer, it’s too hot to sleep, so I get up, wet my hair with the ice water left over in the cooler, and get lit again. Time flies by this way, probably because it takes me days to do the simplest things. It took days to dye my dress blue—I would assume I had all the supplies and get completely lit to kick off ...

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Just say no don't mind if I do

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pp. 55-60

...body else is lying down, our heads in a circle. There is a nice closed, too; it’s like we are all sunbathing. I look back and but Kota’s bones are rounded, like a ski slope. Cory’s cheeks necklace above her face. “Trade ya for this,” Dilly says. It is a your cut with the razor? Don’t cut too long or deep or you’ll ...

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Disappear here

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pp. 61-70

The men’s dreadlocks are as long and thick as roots of a tree. “Sure, sure,” says one. “I don’t expect you to trust us. We heard of IDeath? There is talk of it in the Land of Red Clay.” and is suddenly friendly and helpful, listing all the synth cat-“There is no category,” they keep repeating. “It’s something ...

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It's 10 o'clock on a Saturday night

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pp. 71-84

...and said good-bye. I couldn’t, and still can’t, remember what well. I felt like I could trust them more than any other people didn’t. They stepped off the train a few stops before us, look-ing like children holding hands in the gentle light as the glass his way of telling me. A jolt runs through me. No, it couldn’t ...

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Going nowhere fast

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pp. 85-93

Cory wakes me up like the theater is on fire. I sit at attention squishy bean that tastes like ash when it dissolves. He says he needs my help because he’s not good at mental puzzles that let ing perfect sense. These people with sharp teeth can help us find Edith. Edith is what’s missing in our lives. Our lack of Edith is ...

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Three people make a conspiracy

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pp. 94-95

...first, so of course we were late, and . . . then what? They didn’t I’m taking and not caring, just numbly listening to the sound ...

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if need be

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pp. 96-102

...“At least admit there’s something you’re not telling me,” I sigh. “I always lose when I fight with you, okay? So let’s “C’mon,” he says, ashing on the floor, “I’ve known you for secret. And you”—he points his cocosmoke at me—“are not “I have absolutely no idea what you guys are yelling about.”...

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fight crash fall

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pp. 103-109

...in a car. When we get to a red light, Cory’s thug flashes his we get split up. Cory’s driver glances over and hits the gas, bitch and tells me I’ll see my boyfriend soon. He won’t tell me where we’re going. I stop fighting, try to figure out what wearing dress pants and overcoats. There are sea gulls circling ...

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so the wind won''t blow it all away

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pp. 110-115

...the blue smoke is called ‘blue nothing.’ It will get you lit, ing hot it’s like we’re about to freeze to death, and we have blobs. That’s all we’re allowed or we’ll smoke our profits.”problem with this stuff; once you start, it’s a little hard to glass jar. He takes one last pull and says, “I gotta go,” like ...

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I come in the name of destruction

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pp. 116-127

...of winter. It’s a false spring, but at least the worst is over. I have a plan, and for this one, the first step is getting a dress this room is the apartment. Yet it’s warm and cozy, and it’s We get up early to steal the dress, all of us feeling like crap. stress is a Local Drag squad car following us for half the ride ...

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We, the liars, the cursed and the lost

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pp. 128-132

...“And this time it’s a bloodletting; they’re trying to make dress. I’m swearing, ripping everything off in a panic, trying can’t figure it out. I stand naked in front of Cory, turn around screw one angel in the back room of a party and that’s it for attic, trying to figure out how to fix this. His voice feels like ...

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This is not the time of great

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pp. 133-142

...written a glossy instruction booklet for a drug that hasn’t even ten. It’s silent. We don’t know if Crimson’s sleeping, or gone, or blankets, the rose, and Clover’s glass cage. I’m glad we don’t fear of snakes, coo and pet him, and he seems to like me, wraps der if he can kill me this way. I leave the lid off the cage so if ...

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This world will only break your heart

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pp. 143-151

...light vigil. I arrange Ray’s arms so he’s holding his cowboy “Then I’ll really never get the egg back.” I sniffle. I cry “I know you do.” He takes a drag; his voice is as gentle and flicks an ash—“when you see an object as something it’s not, it can start to get heavy. It gets heavy with all the things it’s ...

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The revolution hems and haws

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pp. 152-170

...a joke. I’ve never seen a group of girls like this, with such the table to “inspect the merchandise,” and The Bandits get even wackier as we all get blitzed. I like these girls; they are “No, those are her natural shape,” she says to her girls. Then “Ooh!” Ahn’s eyes get bright, and she says in her thick ac-...

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If I knew the way, I would take you home

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pp. 171-180

...can feel a little stream of air pouring out when I put my finger up to the attic and let Kota sleep in my habitat on the stage. I against the wall to try to stop the leak. I didn’t want to go this water’s surface. When the floodwaters receded, Cory got it in his mind that we were going to live and let live, start fresh, and ...

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Go forward never go straight

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pp. 181-187

...attic. It doesn’t sound like Cory. I stop at the bottom of the “What?” It is a girl’s voice. I go up the stairs, and Dilly Dally is standing there. The attic looks different; she’s already “Why the hell are you here? This isn’t your place anymore.”“Go to hell,” I say and start up the stairs. I snag my satchel. ...

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pp. 188-191

Very sincere thanks go out to the folks who supported the very early drafts, which were written long ago. To Rima Merriman and the Individualized Major Program at Indiana University, who arranged for a generous amount of support from such writers as Maura Stanton, John W. Johnson, and Yusef Komunyakaa. A...

E-ISBN-13: 9781609090678
Print-ISBN-13: 9780875806822

Page Count: 190
Publication Year: 2012

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