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Money for the Cause

A Complete Guide to Event Fundraising

Rudolph A. Rosen; Foreword by Andrew Sansom; Illustrations by Katie Dobson Cundiff

Publication Year: 2012

There has never been a greater need for raising the funds necessary to promote the causes that will help build a sustainable future. In Money for the Cause: A Complete Guide to Event Fundraising, veteran nonprofit executive director Rudolph A. Rosen lays out the field-tested approaches that have helped him and the teams of volunteers and professionals he has worked with raise more than $3 billion for environmental conservation.? As Rosen explains, fundraising events can range from elite, black-tie affairs in large cities to basement banquets and backyard barbeques in small-town America. Money for the Cause runs the gamut, demonstrating methods adaptable to most situations and illustrating both basic and advanced techniques that can be duplicated by everyone from novice volunteers to experienced event planners.? Each chapter begins with a pertinent, real-life anecdote and focuses on major areas of event fundraising: business plans and budgets, raffles and auctions, tax and liability matters, contract negotiation, games and prizes, site selection, food service, entertainment, publicity, mission promotion, food and drink service, and effective team building and use of volunteers. The author applies each topic to the widest possible range of events, providing practical detail and giving multiple examples to cover the differences in types of organizations and their fundraising activities.? Whatever the funding objective may be, Money for the Cause: A Complete Guide to Event Fundraising is both a textbook and a practical reference that will be indispensable to anyone involved in mission-driven organizations, whether as a volunteer, a professional, a student, or an educator.

Published by: Texas A&M University Press

Series: Kathie and Ed Cox Jr. Books on Conservation Leadership, sponsored by The Meadows Center for Water and the Environment, Texas State University

Front Cover

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pp. v

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Foreword by Andrew Sansom

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pp. vii-viii

I first met Rudy Rosen when he was working in Georgia as a senior official of America’s largest conservation organization, the national Wildlife Federation. I convinced him to come to texas and direct all fisheries and wildlife...

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pp. ix

A third of this book was written almost ten years before the last two- thirds, giving me plenty of time to accumulate people to acknowledge. time also blurs details of events—fundraising and otherwise. thus it is no accident

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1. Introduction

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pp. 1-4

Time and again, a simple fundraising formula is duplicated. each time it will be a success when done right. it will work in good financial times and bad. Money for a cause will be raised. Fundraising events range from elite affairs in large...

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2. Why hold an event?

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pp. 5-13

In the previous example the key to success was to solve the problem that would lead to the solution of all other problems. For many, maybe most, nonprofit charitable...

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3. The secret to Successful Event Fundraising

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pp. 14-17

When people enter and event, they may initially arrive with purely social reasons in mind. Many come because they are invited by friends, but within seconds of entering they...

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4. Organizing for success

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pp. 18-32

One-person efforts can succeed and an organization’s fundraising event can make money, but only for a time and up to a certain level. With a single person doing all tasks...

Part 1 - Learning the Basics

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5. Event Business Plan

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pp. 35-45

An assessment “event efficiency” is one of the key tools in event planning. this is a ratio that measures the cost of the event against revenue raised. it provides a direct measure...

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6. Programs, Policies, and Procedures

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pp. 46-56

A printed or online advance event program and printed auction program provide important information intended to help potential attendees and market the event and its fundraising...

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7. Negotiating Agreements with Service Providers

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pp. 57-70

"Filling up" a ficility or, as my organization did in reno, “filling up a city,” is an effective way to gain negotiating strength for event planners. this is one of the negotiating techniques described in this chapter, but don’t...

Part 2 - Creating the Perfect Setting

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8. Site Selection, Rooms, and Setup

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pp. 73-85

Selection of the proper site for an event is critical to attracting donors. a location too fancy or too run- down can deter people from attending, depending on who is expected to attend. a location too far away or in the “wrong” part...

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9. Food Service

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pp. 86-97

Fundraising events almost always feature some form of food and drink service. this may seem like common sense. after all, potential bidders and raffle ticket buyers need to be...

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10. Entertainment and the Master of Ceremonies

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pp. 98-106

The silly “talking- bird- on- the- shoulder” was no amateur act. this bird was a trained professional entertainer—a bird for hire—doing a performance. the bird (actually the bird’s owner- trainer) was getting paid for the...

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11. The Mission and Strategic Speech Making

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pp. 107-111

Attendees at a fundraising event need to hear about the host organization and the important mission and work to be funded by the proceeds of the event. all speech making to this end needs to be brief, orchestrated, and scripted to ensure it is well presented. it should not be so detailed...

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12. Publicity

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pp. 112-124

Publicity provides several benefits. as a form of advertisement, publicity announcing an event can entice people to attend. the type of media carrying publicity and where it is placed will affect who will be influenced and potentially attend. publicity can be internal to the host organization...

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13. Donation Acquisition

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pp. 125-144

Auctions underpin effective fundraisers because people are given an opportunity to purchase something that they would like to have and make a donation to their favorite charity at the same time. auction items should be affordable and match the interests of the people...

Part 3 - Conducting the Fundraising

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14. Tickets and Other Advance "Sales"

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pp. 147-156

Effective management of an event is facilitated by having an accurate count of attendees in advance. the more accurate the count and farther in advance an accurate count is achieved, the more effectively the host can control expense...

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15. The Live Auction

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pp. 157-175

The auction item in the story might have fetched an even higher final bid had event organizers been more careful evaluating donated items and developing corresponding promotional material for display in advance of bidding. they also could have increased net revenue had...

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16. The Silent Auction

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pp. 176-182

Silent auctions treated passively by event hosts are passively treated by attendees. Like any fundraising opportunity, silent auctions need to be stocked with items people want or need, and the opportunity to bid and win those wanted...

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17. Raffles and Other Moneymakers

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pp. 183-199

Used in an effective fashion, a reverse raffle or any one of dozens of other raffles and fundraising games can be excellent money- raising additions to any fundraising event. this chapter provides information on how to creatively....

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18. Putting It All Together

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pp. 200-211

The mix of fundraising activities, length of time for each, and the types, values, and number of prizes can have a significant effect on attendees’ spending as well as enjoyment of an event. at some point in the process of planning...

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19. The Big Event

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pp. 212-216

Hundreds of details need to be addressed during an event. everyone who has a role needs to take the responsibility seriously and do what is necessary to make the event successful financially and ensure attendees have an enjoyable...

Part 4 - Applying the Rules and Covering All the Angles

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20. Laws, Risks, and Liabilities

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pp. 219-226

Laws, rules, and ordinances governing raffles, games of chance, lotteries, bingo, and other fundraising activities can vary by state, county, and city. Games of chance and raffles are considered gaming and are usually regulated...

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21. Tax Matters

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pp. 227-235

A host organization for a fundraising event is ordinarily a nonprofit group, incorporated as such in a state and qualified by the irs under one of the several sections of irs Code covering nonprofit “taxexempt” organizations. For nonprofit organizations chartered and qualified under...

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22. Ethics and Security

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pp. 236-246

Yes, there may be crooks among us. as pure and wholesome as most charitable fundraising events are, interest by people with criminal intent must be assumed lurking wherever large amounts of money change hands or valuable...

Part 5 - Honing to a Fine Edge

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23. After the Event

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pp. 249-253

People who give time, money, or services to an auction event are committed to the organization and its cause. these staff and volunteer event planners and workers deserve respect, recognition, thanks, and all the support an organization...

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24. Advanced Techniques

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pp. 254-266

Tricks, advanced techniques, and special options that can improve any event, and risky ventures in fundraising advisable only to ultra- highperforming event planners, are the subjects of this chapter. presented in...

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25. Where to Go from Here

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pp. 267-272

The statistics are sending a clear message: nonprofit organizations are a major and growing force in the economy and today’s sociopolitical landscape. the number of charities and foundations in the United states reached...

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Nonprofit resources for nonprofit

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pp. 273-274

The following nonprofit organizations, media, and agencies provide support and offer resources such as books and training to support nonprofit organizations’ fundraising and...


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pp. 275-276

Back Cover

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p. 298-298

E-ISBN-13: 9781603447522
E-ISBN-10: 1603447520
Print-ISBN-13: 9781603446938
Print-ISBN-10: 1603446931

Page Count: 416
Illustrations: 8 figs. 7 tables. Index.
Publication Year: 2012

Series Title: Kathie and Ed Cox Jr. Books on Conservation Leadership, sponsored by The Meadows Center for Water and the Environment, Texas State University

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