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Baptist Preaching

A Global Anthology

Edited by Joel C. Gregory

Publication Year: 2014

Baptist Preaching comprises thirty-five sermons from around the globe given in the same year by Baptist preachers. These sermons demonstrate, as Joel C. Gregory argues, that the act of preaching lies at the heart of Baptist identity—possibly rivaling the practice of believers’ baptism. The sermons collected here represent varied voices, multicultural contexts, and global concerns that occupy Baptists worldwide. The sermons thus give living witness to how Baptists wrestle with cultural issues confronting their respective churches. From Latin and South America to Africa, Asia, and Eastern Europe, Baptist Preaching celebrates the diversity of global Baptist proclamation while simultaneously highlighting the near-sacramental role of preaching in Baptist churches.

Published by: Baylor University Press

Title Page, Dedication, Copyright Page

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pp. v-viii

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pp. ix-xii

Commenting on sermons is a chancy venture that rests somewhere between commenting on whom a newborn looks most like in the family and raising political questions at an extended family holiday meal. Discreet silence at both times proves to be a safe course. Taste in sermons remains as varied as...

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pp. xiii-xvi

The Baptist World Alliance invited me to join its Commission on Worship and Spirituality for the quinquennium 2010–2015. In consultation with the chair of the commission, D. Leslie Hollon, it was decided to pursue a collection of global Baptist sermons representative of that period. The first...

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pp. 1-8

Preaching may address those inside the family of faith or speak from the inside to the outside. This collection presents robust evidence that most global Baptist preaching speaks to those inside the family of faith, while others outside may overhear enough to want to be inside. Thirty-two of the...

Part I. Africa

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1. Live to Be Remembered for Good

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pp. 9-21

Asante has pastored Osokowa Baptist Church in Kumasi, Ghana, since 2005. He also ministered to the church from 1986 to 1994, before becoming the national director of the Ghana Evangelism Committee (1994–2002). Asante has also served as the president of the Ghana Baptist convention. He...

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2. The Unchanging Lord, Jesus the Christ

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pp. 21-28

Ayegboyin is married to Esther Nike Ayegboyin, and they have five children: Victor Sayo, Christy Bimbo, Kingsley Dayo, Richard Ayo, and Gifty Bisola. Ayegboyin teaches at the Nigerian Baptist Theological Seminary in Ogbomoso, Nigeria. Among his previous positions, he has pastored Providence...

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3. The Purpose of a Favored Life

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pp. 29-37

Solomon Ademola Isholah received his Ph.D. from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Fort Worth, Texas, in 1992. He served as the general secretary of the Nigerian Baptist Convention, a position he has held from April 2001 to the recent end of his tenure in this position in May 2011. He...

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4. Thank God, Grace Looked My Way

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pp. 37-45

Okwakol has been the senior pastor at Agape Baptist Church-Ntinda in Kampala, Uganda, since 2006 (he also served at this church from 1996 to 1998). Okwakol has served as the president of the Baptist Union of Uganda from 2006 until the present. He is also the general secretary of the Eastern African...

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5. The Plight of the Boy

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pp. 45-50

Manuel Moises Quembo has served as pastor of First Baptist Church of Beira, Mozambique, since 2005. Quembo also participates with the Baptist Convention of Mozambique, in which he has been the general secretary from 2004 to the present. Quembo is married to Celina Vicente Muriane...

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6. The Holy Spirit and Missions

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pp. 50-54

Elijah Morris Wanje is married to Joy Leshan Wanje, and they have three children: Edwin Wanje, Leshan Wanje, and Grace Wanje. Wanje serves at Ridgeways Baptist Church in Nairobi, Kenya. Among his previous places of service, he has worked at Kenya Baptist Theological College and Mombasa...

Part II. Asia-Pacific Rim

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7. God’s Last Page: His Message to a Spiritually Open but Confused World

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pp. 55-65

Ross Clifford lives in Sydney, Australia, where he is the principal of Morling Theological College, the Baptist College of New South Wales and a member college of the Australian College of Theology. Clifford holds degrees from the Australian College of Theology (B.Th., Th.D.), Trinity Law School, California...

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8. Christian Identity in a Turbulent World

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pp. 65-74

John Kok has served as senior pastor of Kuala Lumpur Baptist Church in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, since 1982. He was educated at Emmaus Bible College in Australia (diploma in Christian doctrine) and has received both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree from Malaysia Baptist Theological Seminary...

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9. A Sinhalese Funeral Sermon

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pp. 75-80

Paul Koralage is a retired minister-at-large and has a lifetime of ministry service. Among the churches where he has served as pastor are Grandpass Baptist Church (honorary work after retirement), Kandy Baptist Church (1967, 2001–2006), Mattakkuliya Baptist Church (1997–2000), Moratuwa...

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10. The God We Worship

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pp. 80-89

Simon P. K. En’s life has been devoted to theological education, preaching, and soul caring. Early in his ministry he served as a home missionary to Southern Chin State, Myanmar. From 1977 to 1985 he pastored Leipi Baptist Church, and he later served in various positions (including general secretary)...

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11. Renewal of the Community

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pp. 89-98

Lama is married to Dr. Asangla, and they have been in ministry together for twenty-two years. They have been blessed with three children: Sonam, Neema, and Joshua. Lama received his master of divinity degree in 1996, his doctor of ministry in 2002 from Samford University, and a doctorate...

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12. Sovereignty: One Who Is Fit for the Kingdom of God

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pp. 99-106

Timothy Hyunmo Lee was born in the Republic of Korea and is married to Juhee Choi Lee. They have one son, Jinho Lee. Lee serves as the professor of missions, dean of the Graduate School of Pastoral Ministries, and dean of the Graduate School of World Missions at the Korea Baptist Theological...

Part III. Caribbean

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13. Resource Sharing

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pp. 107-113

Neville George Callam was born in St. Ann, Jamaica, and serves as the general secretary and chief executive officer of the BWA. Callam has also participated as a member of several workgroups, commissions, and committees of the BWA, its executive committee, and its general council, as well as serving...

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14. How to Dance in Graveyard Situations

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pp. 114-121

Simeon Hall was converted to the Christian faith in an Evangelistic service at Central Gospel Chapel in 1964 while listening to a sermon by the late Tom Skinner of New York. He presently serves as senior pastor of New Covenant Baptist Church; moderator emeritus, Bethel Baptist Association...

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15. The Essence of True Worship: A Sermon Preached at the Dedication of a New Church Sanctuary

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pp. 121-128

Karl Edmund Henlin currently serves at Gregory Park Baptist Church in St. Catherine, Jamaica. Henlin has pastored this church since 1987. He has studied at the University of the West Indies in Kingston, Jamaica (B.A., M.Phil.), and has also received a diploma in ministry from the United Theological...

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16. Commemorating Jamaica’s Emancipation

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pp. 128-136

General secretary of the Jamaica Baptist Union since 2001, Johnson has been a Baptist minister since 1990. He has served the pastorates of the Ulster Spring (1990–1995) and Calvary Circuits (1995–2001). Johnson is married to Yvette, and they have three sons, Nicholas, Joel, and Nathan. He received...

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17. Holistic Evangelism

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pp. 136-142

Karen Kirlew is from the parish of Kingston, Jamaic. She is married to Raymond and has a son, Dominic. She is the pastor of the St. Ann’s Bay Circuit of Baptist Churches in St. Ann, Jamaica. She is also the moderator of the St. Ann Baptist Association; presenter for the program Christ for Today, a...

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18. Developing an Excellent Spirit

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pp. 142-148

Anslem Warrick has been an ordained minister of the gospel for over twentyfive years. He is a trustee of Caribbean Christian Publications, a member body of Caribbean Baptist Fellowship. He is the general secretary of the Baptist Union of Trinidad and Tobago and the pastor of St. John’s Baptist...

Part IV. Europe

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19. Were You There?

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pp. 149-154

Lina Andronovienè (B.A., B.A., M.Th., Ph.D.) is native of Lithuania. She grew up in a Christian family and was baptized in Klaipeda Baptist Church, where at an early age she began serving as a musician, and later as a worship leader and preacher. She has continued her involvement in the life of Lithuanian...

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20. Handing on the Tradition

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pp. 155-162

Myra Blyth is the chaplain of Regent’s Park College, Oxford University, where she also is a fellow in worship and pastoral studies (current position since 2007). Blyth has been the deputy general secretary of the Baptist Union of Great Britain (1999–2004). From 1988 to 1999 she directed programs...

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21. Unity in Our God

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pp. 162-172

Oprenov has been the senior pastor of Sofia Baptist Church (Sofia, Bulgaria) since 1996 and also serves as the general secretary of the Baptist Union of Bulgaria. Among his previous posts, Oprenov was the principal for the Baptist Theological Institute (Bulgaria). He has received a master’s of theology...

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22. The Upside-down Kingdom

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pp. 173-182

Pilli was born in Estonia. He grew up in a Christian family and attended the local Immanuel Baptist church. After high school he studied at Tartu University, with English and American literature as his major subjects. In 1988 he became the pastor of the Elva Baptist Church in Southern Estonia...

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23. Building Our Future on God’s History with Us

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pp. 182-192

Teun van der Leer was born in Nieuw-Lekkerland, the Netherlands. He is married to Ria van der Leer-Stuut, and they have three sons, Bram, Koen, and Niek. Van der Leer currently serves as the rector of the Baptist Seminary in Barneveld, and he often teaches on theological formation. Among his...

Part V. North America

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24. See How He Loves

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pp. 193-203

J. Peter Holmes became the minister of the congregation of Yorkminster Park Baptist Church in 2001. Up until that time he had been serving as the minister of pastoral care (since 1995). Holmes completed his doctoral studies in 2006 at Acadia Divinity College and Acadia University in Wolfville...

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25. Beauty’s Truth

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pp. 203-210

George A. Mason has been senior pastor at Wilshire Baptist Church since August 1989. He came to this position from Hillcrest Baptist Church in Mobile, Alabama. Mason is a nationally recognized leader among Baptists, serving the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, Baptist General Convention...

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26. The Old Testament Witness to Jesus

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pp. 210-219

John Piper is the pastor for preaching at Bethlehem Baptist Church in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He grew up in Greenville, South Carolina, and studied at Wheaton College, where he first sensed God’s call to enter the ministry. He went on to earn degrees from Fuller Theological Seminary (B.D.) and...

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27. It’s a Family Thing

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pp. 219-229

Jacqueline A. Thompson is the assistant pastor of the Allen Temple Baptist Church in Oakland, California, the first woman to serve in this capacity in the ninety-four-year history of the pioneering congregation. She is a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley, and Howard University School...

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28. Now What Do We Do?

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pp. 230-236

Vickery was born in Pickens, South Carolina, and currently pastors Cullowhee Baptist Church with her husband, Jeffrey. They have two daughters, Elizabeth and Ally. Vickery has also served as associate pastor at River Hills Community Church in Lake Wylie, South Carolina. She completed a...

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29. Preaching in a Heterodidactic Age

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pp. 236-246

Ralph West is married to Sheretta, and they have two sons: Ralph Jr., who is a graduate of Morehouse College, and Ralphael, a graduate of Georgetown College. West is the founder and pastor of Brookhollow Baptist Church (also known as the Church without Walls) in Houston, Texas. West preaches...

Part VI. Latin America

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30. Faith: A Path to Resistance or Escape Route

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pp. 247-253

Jacome was born in Guayaquil, Ecuador, and he is married to Toyi Grisel Espin. They have two sons, Gerald David and Parrish Andre, and a daughter, Ana Belen. Jacome has served as the pastor of Iglesia Cristiana Evangelica Bautista Israel (Israel Evangelical Christian Baptist Church) in Guayaquil...

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31. Our Task

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pp. 253-260

Norton Riker Lages is the pastor of First Baptist Church in Manuas, Amazonas, Brazil. He is married to Alice Oliver Lages, and they have three children: Vivian, Winston, and Roberto. Lages has previously served at the Baptist Church of Betania and Corderior, as well as the Memorial Baptist Church of...

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32. Common People Who Set Standards: Jabez, the Man Who Made a Covenant with God

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pp. 260-269

Lucero serves as the pastor of Horeb Baptist Church, Mexico City. Converted in high school, Lucero soon became heavily involved in evangelism and missions through the state of Chihuahua. He studied philosophy and Spanish literature at the University of Chihuahua and later received a bachelor...

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33. The Blessings of the Triune God

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pp. 270-276

Olivares is currently the pastor of Macul Baptist Church in Santiago, Chile. He has also been a seminary professor since 1998, teaching evangelism and missions. Olivares has previously served at Emmaus Church (five years), Bethesda Church (eight years), and Apoquindo Park Church (twelve years)...

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34. A Family to Whom the Father Is Speaking

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pp. 277-289

Sepulveda was born in the city of Cunco, Chile, and he is married to Sonia Myriam Espinoza Cuevas. They have four daughters, Sandra Ivonne, Patricia Lorena, Mónica Andrea, and Marcia Verónica. Sepulveda has ministered at Mussa Evangelical Baptist Church in Santiago, Chile, from 1978 to the...

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35. Three Steps for Overcoming Affliction

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pp. 290-300

Pepe Luis Flores Varas was born in La Libertad, Peru, and is married to Cirila Coillo de Flores. Varas has served as pastor at three different Baptist churches: Noah’s Ark Baptist Church, Emanuel Baptist Church, and Dwelling of God Baptist Church. Currently, Varas is the pastor of three churches, as well as...

Appendix: Paradigm 1

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pp. 301-304

Appendix: Paradigm 2

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pp. 305-306


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Publication Year: 2014