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The Bible and Missions

With an Introduction by Sharyn Dowd

Publication Year: 2009

Helen Barrett Montgomery was a prominent member of the women’s ecumenical movement of the early twentieth century. With a degree in classics from Wellesley College, Montgomery was a knowledgeable and compelling speaker, author, and teacher of Bible classes containing as many as 250 women.

The Bible and Missions is Montgomery’s second contribution to a series of instructional materials by women and for women. It presented her many years of thought on the significance of women and missions to Protestant culture. The useful new introduction locates Montgomery’s thought in historical context and makes clear what a force she was in her time.

Published by: Baylor University Press

Front cover

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Title Page

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pp. 1-8

In 1920 Helen Barrett Montgomery published The Bible and Missions to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the Central Committee on the United Study of Foreign Missions. At the age of forty-nine, she was at the height of her influence, both within the ecumenical women’s missions movement and within her denomination, the Northern Baptist Convention. This new edition, ...

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pp. 9-12

The Central Committee on the United Study of Foreign Missions celebrates its twentieth anniversary by the publication of the textbook, The Bible and Missions by Helen Barrett Montgomery. In these days of reconstruction of Church and State, it is important that we come back to the authority in the Word of God for our great missionary enterprise. ...

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Outline ch. 1

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pp. 13-16

AIM: To show that the. Bible is God’s missionary textbook; that the missionary message, although most clearly revealed in the New Testament, is woven into the fabric of the Old Testament, and definitely proclaimed in its every part. ...

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1. The Missionary Message of the Old Testament

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pp. 17-48

The missionaries have a Book which they take with them on all their wanderings; unless, in truth, it be the Book, which drives them forth on their great adventures. Certain it is that the biggest word for missions is the one spoken by the Book. Underneath all the smaller special appeals of the ages, of races and nations, of terrible sufferings of and appalling needs, is the great diapason of the Word—“Go ye; I am with you.” ...

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Outline ch. 2

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pp. 49-50

AIM: To show that the missionary principles laid down in the Old Testament are fully revealed in the New in the fundamental teachings of Jesus; in his life; and in his commands to his disciples; and that these principles are exemplified in the life of the Apostolic Church. ...

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2. The Missionary Message of the New Testament

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pp. 51-80

When we turn from the Old Testament to the New in our study of the missionary message of the Bible, it is like passing out of a dimly lighted room into glorious sunshine, or like walking beside a broad, deep river, after following a rill of sweet water. For the New Testament is missionary from beginning to end; in its plan, ...

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Outline ch. 3

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pp. 81-82

AIM: To set forth the work of translators through whose labors the Bible has become the possession of the race; to trace the history of the early translations and versions, and to follow the missionary translators of the nineteenth century as they have grappled with the tremendous task of putting the Bible into hundreds of tongues, many of them never before reduced to writing. ...

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3. All People in Their Own Tongue

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pp. 83-110

We have seen in the first two studies that the Bible in its nature and teachings is fundamentally missionary, a book built for humanity and carrying a message for all people. In the present chapter we shall study the process of translation by which the Bible itself became the active agent in the dissemination of Christian truth. ...

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Outline ch. 4

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pp. 111-112

AIM: To show how the work of the National Bible Societies has powerfully furthered the missionary movement by financing translations, and publishing and distributing Bibles. ...

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4. The Travels of the Book

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pp. 113-130

In chapter three we have studied the work of Bible translators in aid of the worldwide diffusion of the Christian message. In chapter four we shall consider the history and activities of the great organizations through which the distribution of the manifold translations has been made possible. In reality these two agencies, the translators and the Bible societies, ...

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Outline ch. 5

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pp. 131-132

AIM: To show that the Bible has a message for nations; that nations are held accountable for national sins; that the Bible conceptions lie at the bottom of all that is best in the laws and ideals of modern Christian nations, and that in the non-Christian nations the influence of the Bible is plainly seen. ...

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5. The Bible’s Influence on Civilization

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pp. 133-152

In preceding chapters we have outlined the Bible’s own missionary character and message, have shown the enormous enterprise accomplished by Bible translators in furthering the worldwide propagation of the Christian message, and have discussed the rise and activities of the great Bible societies which have made possible the worldwide distribution of the Scripture, ...

Outline ch. 6

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pp. 153-154

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6. The Leaves of the Tree

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pp. 155-176

“The Bible is a book-making Book. It is literature which provokes literature,” says McAfee in The Greatest English Classic. The statement is so overwhelmingly true that it is difficult to illustrate it within the sharp limits of the present chapter. No race, for example, has ever read the Bible without an irresistible desire to write about it. ...

A Brief Reading List

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Back Cover

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