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Genesis 1-11

A Handbook on the Hebrew Text

Barry Bandstra

Publication Year: 2008

This second volume in the Baylor Handbook on the Hebrew Bible series provides expert, comprehensive guidance in answering significant questions about the Hebrew text. While reflecting the latest advances in scholarship on Hebrew grammar and linguistics, the work utilizes a style that is lucid enough to serve as a useful agent for teaching and self-study.

Published by: Baylor University Press

Title Page

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Table of Contents

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pp. xi-xiii

This handbook is going to look a little strange to students of the biblical text. The vocabulary and concepts it uses to explain Genesis 1-11 will be challenging in so far as they represent a non-traditional linguistic framework, an approach called functional grammar. But years of using this approach with my students at both Hope College and Western Theological Seminary have convinced me that it does make ...


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pp. xv-xvi

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pp. 1-40

Introductory courses in biblical Hebrew (BH) grammar typically focus on teaching the grammatical forms and vocabulary of the language. While they might differ considerably when it comes to pedagogical approach, whether deductive or inductive, or a blend, such courses presume that the most important things to learn are the noun and ...

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Genesis 1

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pp. 41-109

The basic Transitivity structure of this clause is for the most part straightforward: the clause is about a deity creating the heavens and the earth. The Mood of the clause is also straightforward: it is declarative, which is to say, it is making a statement, in this case, a statement about the past. It is appositive, meaning that it does not have a conjunction; naturally, since nothing precedes it. It is an expansion, which means it adds to the story; again, naturally, since we had nothing to begin with. ...

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Genesis 2

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pp. 110-165

1And the heavens and the earth and all their host were finished.2 And deity finished in the seventh day his work, which he made. And he ceased in the seventh day from all of his work, which he made.3 And deity blessed the seventh day. And he consecrated it, because in it he ceased from all of his work, which deity created by making.

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Genesis 3

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pp. 165-226

1 And the snake was more clever than all animalkind of the field, which YHVH deity made. And he said to the woman, "Is it true that deity said, 'You will not eat from all of the treekind of the garden.'?"2 And the woman said to the snake, "From the fruit of the treekind of the garden we will eat.3 And from the fruit of the tree which is in the middle of the ...

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Genesis 4

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pp. 226-286

1And the human knew Chavva his woman. And she conceived. And she birthed Qayin. And she said, "I got a man with YHVH."2 She did it again, bearing his brother Hevel. And Hevel was a tender of sheep. And Qayin was a worker of ground.3 And it happened days afterward, and Qayin brought from the fruit of the ground an offering ...

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Genesis 5

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pp. 286-331

1 This is the book of the outcomes of 'Adam. In the day deity created 'Adam, in the likeness of deity he made him.2 Male and female he created them. And he blessed them. And he called their name humankind in the day they were created.3 And 'Adam lived 130 years. And he fathered in his likeness as his image. ...

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Genesis 6

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pp. 331-380

1 And it was, when humankind began to multiply on the face of the ground, and daughters were born to them,2 and the sons of the deity saw the daughters of the humankind, that they are good. And they took for themselves women from all which they chose.3 And YHVH said, "My ...

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Genesis 7

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pp. 381-424

1 And YHVH said to Noach, "Go you and all of your house to the ark. You I saw, that you are righteous before me in this generation.2 From all the clean beastkind you will take for yourself man and his woman by sevens. And from the beastkind which is not clean, man and his woman ...

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Genesis 8

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pp. 425-467

1And deity remembered Noach and all the animalkind and all the beastkind which were with him in the ark. And deity passed a wind over the earth. And the waters abated.2 And the springs of deep-water and the windows of the heavens were plugged. And the rain was held back from ...

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Genesis 9

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pp. 465-521

1And deity blessed Noach and his sons. And he said to them, "Bear fruit. And be many. And fill the earth.2 Fear of you and dread of you will be on all the animalkind of the earth and on all the fowl of the heavens, in all ...

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Genesis 10

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pp. 521-555

1 And these are the outcomes of the sons of Noach, Shem Cham and Yefet. And sons were born to them after the flood. ...

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Genesis 11

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pp. 555-612

1And all the earth was one language and the same words.2And it was when they traveled from east, and they found a valley in the land of Shinar. And they settled there. ...


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