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Sacred Misfits


Publication Year: 2004

Sacred Misfits is a short fiction collection by Mark Blickley.

Published by: Red Hen Press


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pp. 3-6


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pp. 7-10

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The World’s Greatest Saxophone Player

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pp. 1-23

I’m Eric Tesler. I’m here because Doctor Wandaplatt says I have to be here. And because I know this group therapy session is good for me. As Doctor Wandaplatt says, the time has come for me to take the ...

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The Broken Dumbwaiter

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pp. 24-28

The dumbwaiter broke for the ninth time that month. This meant that Arnie would have to run the family’s trash down five flights of stairs, depositing it on top of a row of garbage cans to the left of his ...

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My Better Half

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pp. 29-35

People who see me must think I’m eccentric, emotionally disturbed, or lonely. People who speak with me have told me that I’m an obnoxious, good for nothing bastard, a nasty prick, but I don’t give a ...

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The Pigeon Man Sings

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pp. 36-39

It’s freezing outside. I’d say my fingers feel like icicles but the truth is I can’t feel them at all, they’re so numb. I’ve tried to toss the popcorn with my gloves on but it doesn’t work. You can’t aim. It always falls ...

P. S. – An Epistolary Tale

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pp. 40-43

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Visiting Tennessee

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pp. 44-58

Just before noon on Monday, Paul Dankin kicked off his comforter and stretched his six-foot-three body over his six-foot ...

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A Clean Hard Edge

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pp. 59-62

Erin Alice refused to learn the computer. She insisted on doing her word processing the way she’d always done it—tapping on the keys of ...

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Nothing For Lunch

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pp. 63-81

Corporal Toby Weydig was lazy. Some people might think of him as a good person or a bad person, but everyone who was acquainted with ...

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A Christmas Tale for the Disenchanted

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pp. 82-92

It was a December twenty-fourth unlike any December twentyfourth in recent memory. The ground was blanketed with ice from a ...

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Dear Miss

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pp. 93-96

The Captain’s dead but hard to forget. He has to be dead. Nobody’s liver could survive all those years of poisoning. That’s the word he ...

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Morning Buzz

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pp. 97-104

Patrice called her numerous family members and friends in early June to say that John was getting these intense fevers in the evening that puzzled his doctors. She thought they were emotionally induced ...

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Inertia In Motion

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pp. 105-132

They say that Alzheimer’s is a cruel and diabolical disease that robs its hosts of their dignity. This condemnation of Alzheimer’s disease is based on the observations of non-afflicted witnesses. These healthy ...

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Lunar Lament

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pp. 133-137

At night the wind blows without great force but the slight, constant breeze makes it necessary for her to wear the cloth overcoat. It is a fine old coat. A happy coat given to her by a happy mother. She ...

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Daddy and the Tunnel Rat

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pp. 138-155

There must have been more than one explosion, perhaps as many as six. While Corporal Garabents was being hurled through the air, he thought he heard the distinct popping of heavy, incoming ...

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African Insomnia

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pp. 156-158

I’m tired and I hate the daylight. This strange sun reflecting off the white djellabas irritates me. It lights up a city of men tugging at their genitals, smiling toothless smiles. It shows dogs and children, bone ...

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pp. 159-162

Johnny Salemi kicked an empty beer can up and down a freezing subway platform. His sister Lori complained about the noise he was making, but the noise didn’t bother her. She was too ...

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Nuclear Family

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pp. 163-205

October 22, 1962, was a Bronx day that began early with a small fire inside the fourth-floor Furfante apartment. Nina Furfante, an overweight but attractive housewife of thirty-three, wearing a floral ...

E-ISBN-13: 9781597096416
Print-ISBN-13: 9781888996913

Page Count: 216
Publication Year: 2004

Edition: First