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Careers in International Affairs, Eighth Edition

Publication Year: 2008

Careers in International Affairs, now in its eighth edition, is the ultimate job hunting guide for anyone hoping to work in the U.S. government, international organizations, business, or nonprofits. This thoroughly revised edition provides up-to-date desc

Published by: Georgetown University Press

Title Page, Copyright

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pp. v-vii

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pp. ix-xi

Careers in International Affairs is a book about career options for young professionals. Compiled by a career counselor, a student, alumni, and friends of the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University, it is designed...

Part I Strategies

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1 Introduction to the International Affairs Job Market

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pp. 3-12

A PHRASE that has crept into our vocabulary is ‘‘My first job was. . . .’’ We no longer speak of a single career in a single organization, and no one expects us to do so. For example, one of our Georgetown alumni started in the private

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2 Interviewing

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pp. 13-26

THIS CHAPTER is designed to make you think about interviewing and its elements: about how to present yourself, who you are, what you want, why you are interviewing, and where you want to go. You must think about and...

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3 Networking

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pp. 27-37

AT SOME POINT, we lift our heads, leave our books, and abandon the library in search of good conversation. This is because a great deal of our learning comes from questions and answers, talking and listening. The information we...

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4 Finding and Working with a Mentor

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pp. 38-41

WE HAVE ALL BEEN involved in a mentoring relationship at one time in our lives—with family, friends, or colleagues. Mentoring can be part of a formal program, a situational connection, a friendship, or a casual relationship...

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5 Choosing a Graduate School

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pp. 42-50

‘‘I AM A STUDENT in the Master of Science in Foreign Service Program at Georgetown University.’’ These sixteen words, whether they have been spoken or written, have opened more doors in the past two years than any other sixteen...


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6 The United States Government - Careers in the U.S. Government

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pp. 53-102

GOVERNMENT SERVICE should be irresistible. It offers a chance for personal and professional growth, and these days it is well paid. But most of all, it offers the opportunity to have an impact on your country and your fellow citizens....

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Careers in the U.S. Foreign Service

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pp. 103-120

I HAVE BEEN in the Foreign Service for twenty-five years. Short of being a multimillionaire, there is absolutely nothing I would rather have done with the last quarter century. The Foreign Service has presented me with great challenges...

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Reflections on Joining the Foreign Service

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pp. 121-124

GROWING UP in a working-class neighborhood in Southern California, I never met anyone who had a career in international public service. In fact, I was the only person in my family who ever owned a passport! I had been...

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Careers on Capitol Hill

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pp. 125-130

THE CONSTITUTION ensures that Capitol Hill can offer challenging career opportunities to those with expertise and background in foreign affairs and an interest in public service. Though the Constitution names the president...

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Careers in Intelligence Analysis

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pp. 131-151

THE PUBLIC RETROSPECTIVES over the past several years on the failure to warn of the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks and the mistaken assessments of Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction programs have put the tradecraft...

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Introduction to the PresidentialManagement Fellows Program

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pp. 152-154

FOR THE PAST twenty-nine years, the Presidential Management Fellows (PMF) Program has been attracting outstanding master’s, law, and doctoral students to the federal service. The PMF Program is your passport to a unique and....

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A Presidential Management Fellow Looks Back

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pp. 155-157

THE QUESTION that most inspires fear in graduate students is, ‘‘So, what are you going to do after graduation?’’ Little did I know then that my answer would be: ‘‘Become a Defense Department bureaucrat!’’ Now, two...

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7 International Organizations - Careers in International Organizations

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pp. 158-205

VERY OFTEN my friends and relatives ask if I am satisfied with my decision to have a career with the United Nations. Throughout the past sixteen years, since joining the organization, I have always given a positive answer. After all, I am part of an institution created to promote the best values and...

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Starting Out at the United Nations

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pp. 206-207

IJOINED THE United Nations in May 2004 as a junior program officer (JPO) sponsored by my home country, Norway. Before this, I had worked in the HIV/AIDS field for three years and traveled frequently to Africa. Witnessing...

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8 Banking

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pp. 208-230

RISK IS WHAT we in the investment community measure every day, and it is what the international affairs graduate is especially qualified to assess. As you contemplate how to apply your academic training and passion toward...

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Getting Started in Banking

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pp. 231-233

JOINING AN investment bank from a university (undergraduate or graduate) can be both one of the easiest and hardest routes for a student. It is one industry that comes to the leading schools almost every year— usually with recruiting...

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9 Business - Careers in Business

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pp. 234-266

AS A STUDENT of international business diplomacy, I vividly remember discussing the role of multinational corporations (MNCs) not only in shaping local economies but also in influencing societal trends and policies...

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10 Business-Related Organizations - Careers in Business - Related Organizations

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pp. 267-286

VOLUNTARY NETWORKS have been a hallmark of American culture since well before the 1830s, when Alexis de Tocqueville wrote of Americans’ penchant for forming ‘‘associations’’ in their professional, social, civic, and political...

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Getting Started in Business–Government Relations

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pp. 287-288

ALTHOUGH I ONLY BEGAN to interview for full-time jobs in my second year of the Master of Science in Foreign Service Program, my job search began before I even started graduate work at Georgetown. Having narrowed...

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11 Consulting - Careers in Consulting

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pp. 289-319

CONSULTING HAS BECOME increasingly popular over time, yet it remains one of the most ambiguously defined professions. Consulting has been described as the most ‘‘improbable business on earth’’ because of...

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12 International Development and Relief - Careers in International Development

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pp. 320-331

TODAY, 3 billion people live on less than $2 a day, 1.3 billion have no access to clean water, 3 billion lack basic sanitation, and 2 billion live without access to electricity. These figures, which will double by 2050, provide concrete...

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Careers in Relief

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pp. 332-337

ALTHOUGH THERE ARE major differences between the effects of natural disasters and those of complex humanitarian emergencies, the six major sectors of assistance...

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13 Nonprofit and Educational Organizations - Careers in Nonprofits

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pp. 338-381

THE NOT-FOR-PROFIT WORLD has undergone a transformation over the past decade and in particular over the last few years. The sector has seen a tremendous...

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14 University Research Institutes - Careers in University Research Institutes

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pp. 382-407

IF YOU ASKED a group of young university employees to name the best parts of their jobs, what answer would surprise you the most? It would not be a surprise to hear that an invigorating intellectual environment is a big draw at...

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Getting Started in Research Institutes

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pp. 408-410

WORKING AT A THINK TANK can be both intellectually satisfying and professionally fulfilling when done under the right conditions and with a strategic objective in mind. Think tanks provide original ideas and analysis, act as a...


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pp. 411-420

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Page Count: 432
Publication Year: 2008

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