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The Franciscan Intellectual Tradition

Washington Theological Union Symposium Papers, 2001

Ediotr Elise Saggau, OSF

Publication Year: 2001

Franciscan scholars of the 1950s and 1960s sparked a vibrant revival of first-rate Franciscan scholarship. For the past forty years, their progeny have worked long and hard and have further probed, developed, translated, and made available deeper riches of this ancient, yet fertile tradition. This exploring of the past in light of the contemporary has established a launching pad for what might well be described as a third generation of Franciscan studies. The scholarship in this volume represents an array of gifted North American thinkers who continue the important task of bringing historical knowledge, critical acumen and theological imagination to a dialogue of the past with our contemporary age.

Published by: Franciscan Institute Publications

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Table of contents

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A wonderful contemporary experience is the retrieval, indeed the renaissance, of Franciscan scholarship available in symposia, workshops, and a host of books and journals. As a student in the mid-1950s, when I first came to read the Franciscan tradition, only a few cherished classics were ...

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Chapter 1 - The Franciscan Intelleuctual Tradition: Contemporary Concerns

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pp. 1-19

In his provocative work, The Analogical Imagination, David Tracy confronts the reader with a challenging question. He writes: “In a culture of pluralism must each religious tradition finally either dissolve into some lowest common denominator or accept a marginal existence as one ...

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Chapter 2 - Francis as Vernacular Theologian: A Link to the Franciscan Intellectual Tradition?

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If we were holding a symposium on the Franciscan Intellectual Tradition fifty years ago, a paper with this title would have seemed very much out of place. To some it still might. After all, what has the Poverello in common with Bonaventure or Scotus—other than being a brother? For the past ...

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Chapter 3 - Bonaventure of Bagnoregio: A Paradigm for Franciscan Theologians?

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pp. 43-56

According to Webster’s Dictionary the definition of “paradigm” is quite simple. It means “a model or pattern.” The American Heritage Dictionary says practically the same thing. A paradigm is “an example or model.” The Oxford English Dictionary has a similar entry. The question before us, then, ...

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Chapter 4 - John Duns Scotus in the Postmodern, Scientific World

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For many of us living in today’s new-millennium world, the so-called real world of our day-to-day existence has several key characteristics. This world is pervasively technological. We can hardly exist without the technological benefits the Western world has gained. Internet, cell phones, ...

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Chapter 5 - Why Pursue a Doctorate in Franciscan Studies Today?

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pp. 82-92

When Ilia Delio, O.S.F., invited me to speak on the topic of “Why Pursue a Doctorate in Franciscan Studies Today?” I naively thought preparing such a talk would be easy. After all, I have spent the past four years in Fordham University’s Ph.D. program in historical theology, I am writing my ...

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Chapter 6 - John Duns Scotus: Retrieving a Medieval Thinker for Contemporary Theology

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pp. 93-104

In his short monograph on Thomas Aquinas,1 Anthony Kenny noted that the value of this thirteenth-century Dominican lay not so much in the answers he offered for certain questions, but rather in the questions he raised and the way in which he raised them. Today, I would like to make something of the ...

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Chapter 7 - Institutional Amnesia and the Challenge of Mobilizing our Resources for Franciscan Theology

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pp. 105-157

As you know, the conference hosted by the Washington Theological Union this year, through the gracious work of Sister Ilia Delio, O.S.F., has agreed to build upon some of the developments in our scholarly family since February 11-13, 2000. At that time, scholars from different branches of the ...


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Publication Year: 2001

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