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Refound in the Franciscan Tradition

Anthony Carrozzo

Publication Year: 1994

These essays describe one Franciscan province’s experience of a refounding process and how it grappled with its dreams, visions and plans in a complex and changing society.

Published by: Franciscan Institute Publications

Series: Spirit and Life


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These essays would never have been written were it not for the vibrant and dedicated Provincial Council elected with me in 1987: Flavian Walsh, Vicar Provincial; Vincent Cushing, David McBriar, Richard Biasiotto, James Nero, Kenneth Himes, and...


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The following essays provide a deliberate, thoughtful and insightful account of the refounding process of Holy Name Province. The chronological approach allows the reader to witness over time the dynamic dialogue between the provincial leadership and the friars, as well as the development, growth and refinement...

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1. Franciscan Refounding A Case Of Study

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pp. 1-6

This book of essays tells how one Franciscan Province grappled with its dreams, visions, and plans in a complex and changing society. The essays developed gradually during a refounding process in a Province of almost 600 friars faced with changing values, new self-understanding, and inevitable downsizing concomitant...

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2. Where We Stand

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pp. 7-18

We Franciscans too are storytellers, celebrators, and dreamers. We tell the stories of Francis and our early brothers as well as colorful tales of the early giants of our own Province. We celebrate memories not only at jubilees and funerals but also at meals and recreation. The present Provincial Council, composed of...

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3. Refounding through Ministry

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pp. 19-24

A minor but enduring legacy of Pope John XXIII is the phrase "signs of the times," lodged now in our ecclesiastical vocabulary since the fathers of the Second Vatican Council used it in Gaudium et Spes

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4. Mirrors and Windows

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pp. 25-42

Every three years we gather in chapter to review our life and ministry and "begin again" in the spirit of Saint Francis. Over the years chapter experiences have produced uneven results. Some united us; other, tragically, divided; some encouraged, others demoralized. But all had lasting effects. So as we prepare...

Appendix to Chapter 4

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5. Choices for the 90s

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pp. 43-54

August Wilson's Pulitzer prize winning play The Piano Lesson is about choices.

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6. Lost and Found

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pp. 55-64

Every Franciscan has his favorite life of Saint Francis: Celano, Bonaventure, Chesterton, Boff, or one of countless others. Mine is Nikos Kazantzakis' fictionalized life with its startling portrait of Francis as a half–crazed, half–enamored man. I am especially intrigued by the novel's prologue, where Kazantzakis...

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7. Triple Way for Refounding Contemporary Franciscan Life

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pp. 65-76

A journey, even when well organized, does not always turn out as planned. Unforeseen events like car troubles or faulty directions often cause delays, tensions, and ill-tempers. Such is the case in Edna O'Brien's perceptive short story "Demon,"

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8. Celebration 90

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pp. 77-82

On an August afternoon at the beach, I sat gazing lazily at the ocean and sky as they melted together into multishades of blue. From the corner of my eye I caught a brilliantly colored kite contrasting its reds and yellows with the azure heights. In a quick flashback, I was reminded of the Myles Connolly...

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9. City Lights

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pp. 83-86

The burning and looting of Los Angeles; the presidential debates that seem to make us more and more concerned about the future of our country, since they are going nowhere beyond blame and name calling; and the newly found missionary vocation of a loved but all too sinful Irish bishop, are all signs that make us suspicious...

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10. Bright Members, Big Mission

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pp. 87-96

In his play Six Degrees of Separation, John Guare interprets the true story of David Hampton, a con artist who claims to be Paul Poitier, the son of Sidney. His victims are well-to-do New Yorkers who hunger for more of life's experiences. Financially overprivileged and emotionally undernourished, they are so taken...

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11. Uniting Charism, Distinguishing Rules

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pp. 97-102

As I begin, I am aware that all of us, individually and collectively, are essential to the fullness of the Franciscan charism. Without you, Franciscanism is diminished. Consequently, I want to reflect on the charism — the spiritual alliance that has bound Franciscans together through all these...

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12. Lessons From Florence

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pp. 103-116

Comparing the provincial directories of 1952 and 1992, I am struck with our dwindling numbers and the appearance and disappearance of place-names. I note with pride that some 1952 missions are now provinces manned by native friars, and some places have disappeared entirely from the current directory...

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13. No Turning Back

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pp. 117-128

Gathered here on the threshold of the third millennium after Christ, we look back in wonder at the vast sweep of ideas and events shaping the Church over these fifty years, beginning in the 1940s when Pope Pius XII encouraged the revival of biblical scholarship and liturgical renewal. Later came the dramatic consequences...

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14. A Final Word for Beginning Again

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pp. 129-136

In perusing Perfectae Caritatis,


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pp. 137-141

E-ISBN-13: 9781576592564
E-ISBN-10: 1576592561
Print-ISBN-13: 9781576590379
Print-ISBN-10: 1576590372

Page Count: 135
Publication Year: 1994

Edition: First
Volume Title: Volume 5
Series Title: Spirit and Life