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Twentieth-Century Texas

A Social and Cultural History

Edited by John W. Storey and Mary L. Kelley

Publication Year: 2008

Texas changed enormously in the twentieth century, and much of that transformation was a direct product of social and cultural events. Standard histories of Texas traditionally focus on political, military, and economic topics, with emphasis on the nineteenth century. In Twentieth-Century Texas: A Social and Cultural History editors John W. Storey and Mary L. Kelley offer a much-needed corrective. Written with both general and academic audiences in mind, the fourteen essays herein cover Indians, Mexican Americans, African Americans, women, religion, war on the homefront, music, literature, film, art, sports, philanthropy, education, the environment, and science and technology in twentieth-century Texas. Each essay is able to stand alone, supplemented with appropriate photographs, notes, and a selected bibliography. In spite of its ongoing mythic image of rugged ranchers, cowboys, and longhorns, Texas today is a major urban, industrial society with all that brings, both good and bad. For example, first-rate medical centers and academic institutions exist alongside pollution and environment degradation. These topics, and more, are carefully explored in this anthology. It will appeal to anyone interested in the social and cultural development of the state. It will also prove useful in the college classroom, especially for Texas history courses.

Published by: University of North Texas Press

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pp. v-vi

An edited volume such as this one is a collaboration among many individuals. We would therefore like to acknowledge those who helped make possible Twentieth-Century Texas: A Social and Cultural History...

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pp. 1-8

LITERATURE ON TEXAS ABOUNDS. Historians, folklorists, and novelists have seemingly explored the Lone Star State from every imaginable perspective, from the Great Plains to the Alamo to Spindletop, from ranchers and cowboys to wildcatters and oil fi eld roughnecks to timber barons and lumberjacks...

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Manifestations of the Lone Star: The Search for Indian Sovereignty

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pp. 9-40

IN MANY WAYS THE history of American Indians in the twentieth century is a departure from the narrative chronicling frontier trade relations, official government relations, physical competition for resources, military conquest, and enforced assimilation. Yet the history of American Indians during the twentieth century...

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The Quest for Identity and Citizenship: Mexican Americans in Twentieth-Century Texas

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pp. 41-68

THE TWENTIETH CENTURY WAS one of challenge, failure, triumph, and change for the Mexican-American population of Texas. During this one-hundred-year period, Mexican Americans engaged in an armed revolt that led to a vicious official reaction and served in every major U.S. war and international conflict. Through it all, Mexican Americans created an identity...

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The Struggle for Dignity: African Americans in Twentieth-Century Texas

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pp. 69-104

AS TEXAS ENTERED THE twenty-first century, the state’s African Americans were, by most measures, more prosperous and secure in their rights than at any time in their history. By no means had prejudice, discrimination, and racial violence disappeared, and African Americans continued to lag behind the white majority in most social and economic measures...

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From Farm to Future: Women’s Journey through Twentieth-Century Texas

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pp. 105-134

ALTHOUGH THE TWENTIETH CENTURY would bring dramatic changes in the lives and roles of women in Texas, in 1900 most women could not see the slightest glimmer of what was to come. At the dawn of the twentieth century, 83 percent of Texans still lived in rural areas where women spent their lives much like their nineteenth-century mothers...

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Pagodas amid the Steeples: The Changing Religious Landscape

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pp. 135-163

DRAMATIC CHANGE CHARACTERIZED TWENTIETHCENTURY Texas, no less so in religion than in any other aspect of the state’s culture. In 1906 Protestants, mainly Baptists, representing 33 percent of the churchgoing public, and Methodists, 27 percent, along with the Disciples at 7 percent, Presbyterians, 5 percent, and Lutherans, Episcopalians, and others constituting another 3 percent, dominated the landscape...

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Over Here: Texans on the Home Front

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pp. 164-195

MUCH HAS BEEN WRITTEN about the courage and heroism of Texans in battle. The impact of war upon Texas culture and society, especially in the twentieth century, has received less attention. While the exploits of Texas military units such as the 90th Division in the Meuse-Argonne Fores...

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From Yellow Roses to Dixie Chicks: Women and Gender in Texas Music History

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pp. 196-219

DURING THE PAST FEW years there has been a groundswell of scholarly interest in the musical history of Texas, as historians, ethnomusicologists, and cultural anthropologists increasingly acknowledge the importance of music in shaping and refl ecting the complex history and ethnically diverse culture of the American Southwest. As a vital part of the cultural vocabulary...

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Goodbye Ol’ Paint,Hello Rapid Transit: Texas Literature in the Twentieth Century

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pp. 220-244

STRETCHING FROM THE PINEY woods of east Texas to the Gulf Coast, across the rolling Texas Hill Country to the deserts of the Trans-Pecos West, Texas offers an immensely varied and complex landscape, one that has been creatively and imaginatively probed by twentieth-century writers. Traditional stories have included such stock elements as laconic...

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Lone Star Cinema: A Century of Texas in the Movies

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pp. 245-266

FILM IS A LITTLE over a century old, and films about Texas are almost exactly a century old. As early as 1898 traces of future Texas content appeared in some Thomas Edison-produced segments of fi lm depicting typical ranching activities...

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“Wider Than the Limits of Our State”: Texas Art in the Twentieth Century

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pp. 267-299

IN 1983 THE HIGHLY esteemed and lauded American studies professor William H. Goetzmann described Cadillac Ranch, an art installation west of Amarillo, as “perhaps the best symbol of the new, true art establishment in Texas.” This writer disagrees with Goetzmann’s defi nition of what constitutes Texas art. Amarillo arts patron Stanley Marsh 3 commissioned the Ant Farm...

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The Games Texans Play

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pp. 300-323

TEXAS BOASTS A RICH heritage as a hotbed of sports in America. For nineteenth-century Texans, who were members of a predominantly agricultural society with deep frontier roots, athletic activities provided a natural cultural expression. Texans reveled in physical competitions, and team sports came readily to people who worked together at log rollings...

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Private Wealth, Public Good: Texans and Philanthropy

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pp. 324-357

TEXANS, LIKE CITIZENS FROM many other states, have participated fully in the American philanthropic tradition. Beginning in the nineteenth century and continuing to the present, they have repeatedly performed numerous acts of charity and mutual helpfulness...

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Public Education Comes of Age

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pp. 358-386

ON JANUARY 24, 2001, PRESIDENT George W. Bush swore in former Houston Independent School District superintendent Roderick Paige as secretary of education. In extolling the qualifi cations of the new secretary, Bush told the audience that they were about “to witness the swearing-in of a man who will help us see important reforms for education become reality.”...

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Lone Star Landscape: Texans and Their Environment

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pp. 387-416

GLISTENING WITH RAINBOW COLORS against the setting sun, the ocean swells roiled past the ship’s wooden hull and swirled smoothly into a wake that trailed like furrows behind a plow. The experienced lookout in the crow’s nest was mesmerized by the view. For as far as the eye could see the rough edges...

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The Second Texas Revolution: From Cotton to Genetics and the Information Age

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pp. 417-442

AT THE DAWN OF the twentieth century Texas science and technology offered poor prospects indeed. Higher education had made only the most modest progress since the foundation of the two main state colleges less than thirty years before. Texas could boast of very little manufacturing...


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E-ISBN-13: 9781574413793
Print-ISBN-13: 9781574412451

Page Count: 488
Illustrations: 31 b&w illus.
Publication Year: 2008

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