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A Novel

Jeffrey DeShell

Publication Year: 2011

Arthouse is an audacious transformation in prose of fourteen modernist films. From film to film, Jeffrey DeShell follows a forty-something failed film studies academic—The Professor. While The Professor is reinvented with each new chapter (or film), what remains is DeShell’s inventive deconstruction and representation of modern cinema. At times borrowing imagery, plot, or character elements, and at times rendering lighting, rhythm, costuming, or shot sequences into fictional language, The Professor’s journey sends him from the Southwestern town of Pueblo, Colorado, into the role of rescuer as he aids an attempted-rape victim, and finally to Italy. Ultimately though, The Professor is left alone, struggling to reconcile the real world with his life in cinema.

Published by: The University of Alabama Press

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pp. v-7

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pp. vii-9

I would very much like to thank the following for their support and help in the completion of this book: Dott. Alessia Rositani Casa Malaparte; thanks also to Lucian Patraris at the Casa; Nik Palazzo and helping with my visit to the Esposizione Universale and commented on early drafts, and whose fierce intelligence and ...

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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

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pp. 1-10

He had better hurry, or he’d be late for his meeting with the Rodriguez Brothers. They weren’t really brothers, just three guys all named Rodriguez. They probably weren’t all his keys, he looked up toward the house, and noticed his mom’s barn, then swiveled his gaze south and then east, to the hill, the driveway and the boys’ trailer. No sign of her, or anyone else. ...

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pp. 11-34

The dust is everywhere, blurring lines and softening forms. Periods of calming and clearing occur, when the images western side, the paint has irregularly been eroded by the wind, dust and snow, leaving a textured and variegated surface, a plane of striated old grey wood upon which discolored paint curls and and a football sized patch of wet rot where the wood appears on ...

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Thunder Road

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pp. 35-52

He never liked the Pueblo run. He liked driving up to Denver and Boulder (Shamu was fun and easy to sell), was still better than the Pueblo. A couple of times a year he and they’d argue because he wouldn’t want to stop to eat because he was railing, so they’d both be exhausted and irritable by the time they got to Raton pass, but somehow it was still cool. Just ...

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Branded to Kill

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pp. 53-72

Cooking always wired his ass he’d been up almost twenty hours but was as far from sleep as Pueblo was from Paris he’d never been to Paris except in the movies Elevator to the feet quietly didn’t want to wake his mom or Liz it was a bitch sauce his mother’s recipe Liz must have made spaghetti for din-he filled a large glass with ice quietly then headed for the TV ...

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Grand Illusion

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pp. 73-90

There was really no other place to put her. They could have kept her in the house, but they had all but abandoned the Glow gave him The Look, and he didn’t press. Glow’s and Jerry’s trailer was small and fully occupied, and so the honor fell to him: he had the largest trailer and lived alone, with the only cuffs with black leather padding. He didn’t argue, although he ...

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The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

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pp. 91-112

Hey. Shelby.” She was in that familiar posture, her face buried in the couch with her back facing the door. He flicked on the light. The room smelled a little close. “Shelby.” He didn’t think she was asleep but he wasn’t sure. “It’s my mother’s and Glow’s birthdays, and we’re having a little celebration in the house. You might as well join us.” No answer, ...

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pp. 113-132

...one. Jerry wasn’t dumb, but he didn’t seem to care. They both That’s right, they took her to live with them. Some place out toward the parking lot shared with four or five other stores. A the left a low stone and concrete wall. The wall continues for a Jerry was always high, that’s what he was like. I didn’t know ...

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Tokyo Story

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pp. 133-144

A snowpacked road unplowed a background train racing beneath power lines. The black truck in high contrast to the luminous brilliant white.Everything too sharp too clear busted tools decrepit barns all threatened.A brief slide nearly missed turn overcorrection wheels slipping finally catching. God it was depressing visiting his father he absolutely hated it....

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pp. 145-162

The air was thick with the smoke from the weapons and the floating particles of cheap trailer walls. She looked around the living room, then at me. Her face was pallid and dirty, with in my throat. I looked down at the form that used to be Lizzie, get out of the trailer, and as I stepped over the body, my other the fresh cold air. I put my hand over my brow, like a salute, to ...

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Fellini Satyricon

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pp. 163-192

Professor, Shelby and Professor’s mother in wheelchair facing “Be Mine,” “From Your Not So Secret Admirer,” “Don’t Sit Under the Apple Tree,” “I Miss You So,” and “Kiss Me.” generic quality of its messages (“Happy Valentine’s Day,” “You’re Special!”) signals a mediating presence, possibly ...

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A Man and a Woman

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pp. 193-212

...“I was born here, yeah. I left when I went to college. And it “I hate this fucking place. I only like it when I’m leaving. “I’m not very punctual. Jesus it’s cold. What time is it?”“A little after six. The thermometer says it’s twenty two.”two and a half to the airport. So you tossed everything? My key, ...

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The Conformist

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pp. 213-238

About ten minutes after the hydrofoil left the dock he spotted the sun piercing through heavy clouds, reach-ing the opposite side of the large island in the distance. It was the first time he had even a glimpse of the sun since just after was largely indistinct, grey and dark green, but there were low office before a large Art Nouveau desk, flanked by two detailed ...

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pp. 239-256

...good. He could dress quickly, try to catch her at the ferry, but sex notwithstanding, and he was grateful for the sex, he had no arguments for why she should stay with him. She had a life that she had to return to, a life of partying, studying, whatever else coeds did these days. She possessed a future, a career, relation-...

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Berlin Alexanderplatz

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pp. 257-273

A pair of black John Lobb men’s shoes lands loudly on the terrace. As the camera reverse zooms, the shoes to include the knees, then the waist and torso, until finally the long shot profile. He stops a couple of feet in front of the curve of the white screen on the roof. It’s cloudy, but not nearly as dark as it was earlier, and the wind, while still evident, has lost ...

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Page Count: 288
Illustrations: 3 illustrations
Publication Year: 2011

Edition: 1st ed.