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Ice ’n’ Go

Score in Sports and Life

Jenny Moshak with Debby Schriver

Publication Year: 2013

Published by: The University of Tennessee Press


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Title Page, Copyright, Dedication

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Figures and Tables

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When I began coaching the University of Tennessee Lady Volunteer basketball team in 1974, it was just two years after Title IX federal legislation was passed. At the time, I’m not sure I realized the impact it would genuinely have on women in sports. Looking back now, I am amazed how different our world is today. I am thrilled to see the shift from limited opportunities ...

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Sports coverage is a constant 24/7 in our world. For many folks sports offer a relief from their daily routine and often bring sundry people together, producing common ground for fans and athletes alike who would not otherwise be interacting because they are separated by ethnicity, age, geography, class, politics, or religion. Frequently that disconnect disappears when we...

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We are indebted to many individuals for the production of this book.
Early in the “exploration” stage, Dr. Priscilla Blanton, professor of child and family studies at the University of Tennessee, provided a valuable sounding board to find our direction. P. Kay Coleman painted the picture of the early impact of Title IX in education and business....

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1. On Ice

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Ice ’n’ Go is my mantra. It serves me well in my work, and it serves the injured athletes I treat. As an athletic trainer at the University of Tennessee, I have the latest and greatest rehabilitation resources at my fingertips. It might be surprising, then, when I tell you that ice is the single most important item in my toolbox. Applying it is often the first step to healing....

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2. Come Play

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My absolutely breathtaking bicycle journey across America through canyons and over mountains brought me the thrill of freedom. Even when I was a child, my bicycle gave me the independence to venture beyond my neighborhood into other worlds. In fact, unorganized play essentially did the same thing—unwittingly teaching me about the body, relationships, courage, and creativity....

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3. P. E. Please, ASAP

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pp. 11-14

Our bodies are designed to move. Movement improves circulation, neurological function, sensory stimulation, muscle development, bone strength, cardiovascular endurance, cellular metabolism, and elimination of waste. Physical fitness is connected to mental capacity. Movement positively influences self-esteem, behavior, stress relief, and the balance of brain chemistry....

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4. Caution: Youth Sports Ahead

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pp. 15-28

Opportunities for children to participate in organized sports exist at every age and skill level—from pee wee to little leagues, travel teams to elite development programs, and church to city leagues. Children as young as three can be enrolled in just about any sport—karate, soccer, basketball, swimming, skating, softball, tennis, baseball, and gymnastics, among others. It is...

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5. Bad Coach, Good Coach

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Coach. In the world of athletics that’s an impressive title, one to be taken seriously. To athletes the coach is the single most powerful authority figure from preschool sports to the professional level. Representing a wide range of personalities, philosophies, training, experience, and knowledge, coaches are members of the circle of influence that—if they are good—provides...

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6. School’s Out! That Summer Magic

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pp. 37-42

School’s out! Yay! Summer’s here. When I was a kid in Skokie, a suburb of Chicago, summer meant long, endless days of playing with my friends. After breakfast we would run outside and enter a different world. It was our world, and the days belonged to us. We explored imaginary kingdoms, conquered dragons, and invented games that never ended. Balls, bats, hoops, ...

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7. Winds of Change: The Passage of Title IX

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pp. 43-54

In 1896 at the first modern Olympics, a Greek woman called Melpomene unofficially became the first female to run a marathon, completing it in 4.5 hours even though she had to hide her identity at the start and was ostracized at the end. In 1931, professional baseball pitcher Virne “Jackie” Mitchell, at the age of seventeen, made history when she struck out New...

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8. The Plexiglas Ceiling

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pp. 55-64

As Title IX compliance rolled on, careers in athletics for women were more visible and viable. I remember the moment in high school when I recognized my desire to work in athletic training. I had always liked science, working with people, and helping others. Add to that my love of sports. I found my calling when my best friend Cindy sustained a blood blister on her heel ...

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9. Homophobia in Sport

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pp. 65-78

German psychologist Karolyn Maria Benkert first coined the term “homosexuality” in the late nineteenth century. While the word is relatively modern, lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and transgendered (LGBT) people have always existed. Historically, the ancient Greeks accepted and celebrated same-sex relationships through the teachings of Plato and the writings of...

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10. Breaking News

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pp. 79-84

In 1976, Mel Greenberg of the Philadelphia Inquirer was the first sports writer for a major daily newspaper to cover women’s basketball. He sounded the call to rank women’s collegiate teams and was instrumental in developing the sport’s first top-twenty poll. Greenberg’s persistence brought national prominence to women’s sports. ...

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11. Beyond Grades and Wins

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pp. 85-90

Wins? Grades? The University of Tennessee takes both very seriously, and our student-athletes are expected to do the same. I’m proud to say they do. On Day One, when women athletes walk into a classroom, they are expected to follow an established protocol that sets them on the right road academically. They are required to sit in the first three rows of their classes; they ...

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12. Burnout and the Press of Stress

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pp. 91-98

I had to be strong and healthy for my ride across America, but I was not always that way. I have toyed with some unhealthy behaviors—as a college student I sometimes drank too much and played food games. A pivotal time in my life came at the beginning of my career. I fell into an exercise-atall- cost mentality and was trapped by issues of perfectionism. I was young...

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13. Flat Tires

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pp. 99-106

Aarrgh, that depressing sound of a bicycle tire losing air. It’s tough, make that almost impossible, to ride down the road with a flat tire. It absolutely has to be fixed. You stop and change it. Similarly, it is difficult, often impossible, for an athlete to carry on with an injury. Although injuries are an innate part of sport, today’s persistent push for high performance too ...

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14. Connection

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pp. 107-110

When I began working in my first full-time job as an athletic trainer in 1988, I could not have predicted the incredible advances in health care, research, and medical technology that would come about. We continue to learn so much about how the body works and heals and the intricacies of this amazing machine. In the past, surgeries required a time of immobilization. Today ...

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15. ACL: “The Pop”

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Picture this: a basketball player jumps up for a rebound, lands on one leg, and twists her knee. She feels the pop, screams, buckles to the floor, grabs her knee with both hands, and curls up into the fetal position. The cameras catch the awkward and painful moment. The audience gasps at the replay on the big screen. I run out on the court to help her. She is terrified that she...

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16. Concussions—Heads Up!

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pp. 125-134

You got your bell rung!
Shake off the cobwebs!
Get the smelling salts!
Sadly, these used to be the common reactions to a concussion. Thankfully, not so much anymore because there is a growing understanding that all concussions are serious and need to be managed accordingly. Given the ...

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17. Back on Track

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pp. 135-142

Candace Parker is, hands down, one of the best female professional basketball players today, an accolade that doesn’t come by chance. I remember the first time I saw her as a freshman, when she had a badly swollen knee that required surgery in September. She set her goal to play by January, even though this surgery typically requires eight to nine months of rehabilitation....

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18. Nutrition: Fuel for Fun

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pp. 143-152

Maintaining good health. Winning performances. Both are admirable goals. How to reach them? Let’s talk nutrition.
Good nutrition is essential for everyone. The adage, “You are what you eat,” may be a common one but, in spite of its wisdom, so many of us continue to fill our bellies with junk. More and more, the medical profession,...

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19. Body Image vs. Performance

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Prevailing and persistent gender issues haunt the body images female athletes have of themselves. Shape, weight, and size are troubling subjects in sports. Athletes will come into the training room and tell me they want to lose five pounds. My response is, “Why five pounds? Why not three or eight?” And they can’t answer those questions. Their coaches and parents ...

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20. Three Spokes: The Female Athlete Triad

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It’s time to give three big hurrahs to celebrate the enticing and increasing prospects for girls and women in sports. The physical, social, mental, emotional, and spiritual benefits are many. Physically, the athletes are more likely to maintain a healthy weight, which can help lower blood sugar levels, cholesterol, triglycerides, and blood pressure, thereby decreasing the ...

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21. A Case Study

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pp. 167-178

My experience in working with many different sports for more than two decades has taught me two basic truths: (1) each athlete’s case is unique and (2) shared themes arise across cases. The following case study is a typical story of a soccer athlete, but it could have been any other sport. I have seen this scenario played out time and time again. Over the years, my colleagues and ...

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Good health requires exercise. Actually a simple thing to do, exercise does not need special equipment, a gym, or a coach—only the will to move. Each of us can enjoy regular physical activity anywhere, anytime. It is never too late to include it in your life, and what a wonderful gift it is to give to a child!...

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23. On the Road

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Even when the open road is yours for the taking, sometimes the unexpected will slow you down. When barriers arise, it’s time to stop and look back at the beginning of your journey and be cheered by how far you have come. Psychiatrist Dr. Kenneth Jobson says that “recreation is one of the gifts our species has, and in this ‘re-creation’ we discover the fullness of the life that...

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When I began writing this book I had a number of subjects in mind that I wanted to share with my readers who would be joining me on my journey. At times, I was hard-pressed to sort out what ought to be included that would contribute to healthy living for athletes of any affiliation or any age,...


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Selected Bibliography

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Production Notes

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Publication Year: 2013

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