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Mapping Canada’s Music

Selected Writings of Helmut Kallmann

HelmutKallmann, JohnBeckwith, RobinElliott

Publication Year: 2013

Mapping Canada’s Music is a selection of writings by the late Canadian music librarian and historian Helmut Kallmann (1922–2012). Most of the essays deal with aspects of Canadian music, but some are also autobiographical, including one written during retirement in which Kallmann recalls growing up in a middle-class Jewish family in 1930s Berlin under the spectre of Nazism.

Of the seventeen selected writings by Kallmann, five have never before been published; many of the others are from difficult-to-locate sources. They include critical and research essays, reports, reflections, and memoirs. Each chapter is prefaced with an introduction by the editors. Two initial chapters offer a biography of Kallmann and an assessment of his contributions to Canadian music.

The variety, breadth, and scope of these writings confirm Kallmann’s pioneering role in Canadian music research and the importance of his legacy to the cultural life of his adopted country. In the current climate of cuts to archival collections and services, the publication of these essays by and about a pre-eminent collector and historian serves as a timely reminder of the importance of cultural memory.

Published by: Wilfrid Laurier University Press


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Title Page, Copyright Page

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List of Illustrations

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Preface and Acknowledgements

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It was in October 2011 that we first had the idea to honour Helmut Kallmann’s contributions to Canadian music research by assembling a collection of his writings. After his death from kidney failure at the age of eighty-nine on 12 February 2012, the book assumed the added significance of serving as a memorial to his life’s work. ...

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Helmut Kallmann: A Brief Biography

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pp. 1-16

The Faculty of Music representative on the editorial committee of Torontonensis 1949, the yearbook published by the Students’ Administrative Council of the University of Toronto, is listed as “Helmut Kallman,” an early example of a misspelling of his surname that later became widespread. ...

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Helmut Kallmann and Canadian Music

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pp. 17-24

The past thirty years have witnessed an enormous growth in the volume of writings on Canadian music—thanks in no small measure to the influence of the Encyclopedia of Music in Canada (1981) / Encyclopédie de la musique au Canada (1983), which Helmut Kallmann co-edited—but there have not yet been many historiographical studies. ...

Selected Writings of Helmut Kallmann

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1. *Studying Music at a Canadian University, 1946–1949 (1949)

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pp. 27-34

This typescript was completed on 29 November 1949—shortly after HK graduated as part of the first cohort of the BMus degree in School Music (i.e., music education) at the University of Toronto. He juxtaposes here an idealized conception of music studies at the university level with the rather more mundane and superficial course of study that he had just completed. ...

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2. Canadian Music as a Field for Research (1950)

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pp. 35-38

This is HK’s earliest published article. In the three years prior to this publication, he had written a number of reviews that appeared in the University of Toronto student newspaper The Varsity, but the article from 1950 reprinted here provides the first evidence that he had begun recently (“about a year ago”) to research the musical life of Canada in a systematic way. ...

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3. The New Grove’s: Disappointment to Canada (1955)

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pp. 39-42

The first edition of Grove’s Dictionary of Music and Musicians appeared in four volumes between 1878 and 1889. The fifth edition, published in 1954, was the most substantial revision up to then of this standard reference work, and was reprinted five times up to 1975. By the time HK wrote this review in 1955, he was an experienced musical lexicographer himself, ...

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4. Introduction, from A History of Music in Canada 1534–1914 (1960)

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pp. 43-48

In his essay “Mapping Canada’s Music” (see pages 189–215) HK outlines the sequence of events that led from his first compilation of random notes on Canadian music in 1948 to the appearance of A History of Music in Canada in 1960. The manuscript of the History was submitted in 1958 and published in 1960; ...

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5. *Joseph Quesnel’s Colas et Colinette (1963)

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pp. 49-60

The French émigré Joseph Quesnel was known as a prosperous businessman and French-language literary figure in post-Conquest Montreal, but his musical accomplishments were not investigated before HK’s 1952 visit to the Archives du Séminaire, Quebec City, where he examined the vocal scores of two stage pieces with words and music by Quesnel. ...

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6. Music Library Association Digs Up Our Musical Past (1966)

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pp. 61-64

HK was an inveterate collector of old Canadian sheet music and amassed an extraordinary number of such materials by dint of many hours spent visiting used bookstores, rummage sales, flea markets, and anywhere else that old sheet music might be found. This hobby was to become a major focal point of his career. ...

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7. James Paton Clarke, Canada’s First Mus.Bac. (1970)

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pp. 65-78

Many of HK’s findings on the Scottish-born Canadian musical pioneer James Paton Clarke had been included in his book A History of Music in Canada 1534–1914 a decade before this essay was first published. Here he reveals how as a historian he sorted out conflicting biographical information; he also comments critically on the main items in Clarke’s creative output. ...

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8. The Music Division of the National Library: The First Five Years (1975)

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pp. 79-86

This article may be the most outdated item in this book. In HK’s first five years as chief of the Music Division, library routine and methods had not yet been transformed by technology, as was to happen in the following couple of decades. HK here speaks of card catalogues, study and retrieval space— ...

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9. The Canadian League of Composers in the 1950s: The Heroic Years (1984)

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pp. 87-102

Before music can be studied or performed it must be created, which means, in the European cultures HK grew up in and knew, it must be composed. This principle underlies much of HK’s musical effort and writing. His first book-length project was a catalogue of composers, and in the formative years of the Canadian League of Composers he acted as voluntary archivist, ...

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10. The Making of a One-Country Music Encyclopedia: An Essay after an Encyclopedia (1994)

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pp. 103-124

HK was a born encyclopedist. His propensity for categorization, list making, and careful checking of facts was evident in him already as a child, and came to its fullest blossoming during his work on the two print editions of the Encyclopedia of Music in Canada, work which occupied him for nearly a quarter of a century. ...

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11. Music in the Internment Camps and after World War II: John Newmark’s Start on a Brilliant Canadian Career (1995)

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pp. 125-148

HK’s memoir of his life as a so-called “enemy alien” in Canadian internment camps from 1940 to 1943 centres on an older internee, the already well-known pianist Hans Neumark (John Newmark). Newmark’s full story is told in Renée Maheu’s Un piano sur la mer: John Newmark et son temps (Montréal: Les Intouchables, ca. 1997). ...

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12. *Franz Schubert in Canada: A Historical Survey of Performance, Appreciation, and Research (1996)

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pp. 149-166

The conference “Austria 996–1996: Music in a Changing Society,” organized by Walter Kreyszig of the University of Saskatchewan, sponsored by the Austrian government, and held in Ottawa in January 1996, comprised an unusually large number of panel discussions, lectures, and performances. ...

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13. Taking Stock of Canada’s Composers from the 1920s to the Catalogue of Canadian Composers (1952) (1996)

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pp. 167-182

This paper was given at the multidisciplinary conference “The Adaskin Years: A Celebration of the Arts in Canada 1930–1970” at the University of Victoria in March 1988, and subsequently published in A Celebration of Canada’s Arts. The composer Murray Adaskin and his wife the singer Frances James inspired the conference, which they both attended. ...

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14 *A Selection of Correspondence (1949/1966/1992)

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pp. 183-188

HK seems to have spent a good deal of time each day writing things down—notes to himself, lists, essays, excerpts from books or articles that interested him, and a voluminous professional and personal correspondence. His archival papers include four filing cabinets full of his writings, ranging from multiple drafts of his publications ...

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15. Mapping Canada’s Music: A Life’s Task (1997)

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pp. 189-216

Guido Bimberg (full name Sir Graf Guido von Bimberg zu Lenninghausen) is a German music scholar who has taught around the world and has edited books on Russian and German music. After visits to several branches of the Canadian Music Centre and guest appearances at various Canadian universities between 1992 and 1994, ...

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16. The Matter of Identity (2001)

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pp. 217-222

Invited by Carl Rosenberg, the editor of Outlook, Canada’s Progressive Jewish Magazine, to contribute a think piece, HK produced this article, which later appeared in a German translation.1 In his retirement years, HK reflected on the extraordinary, often tragic, twists and turns of his early life: the interruption of his family life and education; ...

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17. *At Home with the Kallmanns: A Schöneberg Family in the 1930s (1992/2001)

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pp. 223-262

HK maintained a lifelong correspondence with many of his neighbours and schoolmates from pre–Second World War Berlin, and shortly after the war ended he was able to obtain photos of people and places he had known. He formed a collection of his own scholastic records from the elementary school (Volksschule) and high school (Hohenzollern-Gymnasium) he attended, ...

List of Helmut Kallmann’s Writings

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Publication Year: 2013