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From Logos to Christos

Essays on Christology in Honour of Joanne McWilliam

Ellen M.Leonard, KateMerriman

Publication Year: 2010

From Logos to Christos is a collection of essays in Christology written by friends and colleagues in memory of Joanne McWilliam. McWilliam was a pioneer woman in the academic study of theology, specializing in Patristic studies and internationally recognized for her work on Augustine. For countless students she was a teacher, a mentor, an inspiration. These fourteen essays are a fitting tribute to her memory.

Written by recognized North American scholars, the essays explore various aspects of Christology, inviting the reader to probe the meaning and significance of Jesus Christ for today. They address a broad range of issues, including the Christology of the Acts of Thomas, Hooker on divinization, and Christ figures in contemporary Canadian culture.

Teachers of theology and religious studies, pastors, and informed general readers will find the essays stimulating and instructive. They present the readers with considered, mature, and current scholarship. These are the questions that engaged Joanne McWilliam throughout her life, and she was happy to know that the critical dialogue would continue in this volume as friends and colleagues wrestled with Christological questions. For her, “In Jesus we come to know the compassion, the power, the wisdom, the love, and the faithfulness of God”.

Published by: Wilfrid Laurier University Press

Series: Editions SR


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MY FIRST RECOLLECTION of Joanne is as an undergraduate taking a summer course taught by her at St. Michael's College in the 1970s. I had heard so much about her, and when I took one of her courses, it was clear that the fame was well deserved. At that time there were very few women teaching in Religious Studies, and we...


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JOANNE ELIZABETH MCWILLIAM was born in Toronto on 10 December 1928. She died on Canada Day, 1 July 2008. This Festschrift, planned before her death, was a source of happiness for her. She knew that her friends and colleagues would continue their conversations in the areas that were important to her. Christology...

Part One: Christology and Tradition

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1 Ancient Applied Christology: Appeals to Christ in Greek Amulets in Late Antiquity

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pp. 3-18

AN AMULET can be defined as an item that is believed to convey in and of itself, as well as in association with incantation and other actions, supernatural power for protective, beneficial, or antagonistic effect, and that is worn on one's body...

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2 Jesus of Canada? Four Canadian Constructions of the Christ Figure

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pp. 19-38

Have you ever been here on a Sunday when it's packed? Have you seen the Haitian charladies, the Guatemalan refugees, the elderly and forsaken? It's a gathering of universal misery. They don't care about the latest archaeological findings in the Middle East. They want to hear that Jesus loves them and...

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3 La christologie d’un apocryphe: une christologie apocryphe? Le cas des Actes de Thomas

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pp. 39-66

DANS L'NTRODUCTION à sa traduction des Actes de Thomas parue dans la nouvelle édition des Neutestamentliche Apokryphen de W. Schneemelcher, Han J. W. Drijvers estime que ces Actes ne connaissent à proprement parler aucune sotériologie...

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4 Jesus in Augustine’s Anti-Manichaean Writings

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pp. 67-82

THERE ARE more studies on Augustine of Hippo and his thought than anyone could easily count; yet the examiners of his Christology, whose number happily includes Joanne McWilliam,1 have been relatively few.2 This deficit may be due to Augustine's...

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5 The Seventh Canon of Ephesus

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pp. 83-90

JOANNE MCWILLIAM was one of that rare breed of academics who are as conversant in modern theology as they are in early Church history. She always sought the facts to back up her theological rationalizations. As a result, the impact of...

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6 Logos Christology Today

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pp. 91-112

JOANNE MCWILLIAM spent a good deal of her academic career studying various aspects of Patristic Logos Christology and trinitarian theology. Few conceptual symbols in Christian theology rival the importance of Logos in Christian theology. Like all classical symbols,...

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7 Christ the Transformer of Culture: Augustine and Tillich

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pp. 113-136

IN AN ESSAY on "Augustine's City of God XIX and Western Political Thought," Oliver O'Donovan remarks that Augustine "lacks a theory of progress" in human history, adding that "sadly" he viewed with "complacency... the institution of slavery."1 According to O'Donovan, this conclusion clashes with an earlier...

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8 Hooker on Divinization: Our Participation of Christ

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pp. 137-150

RICHARD HOOKER in his account of justification and sanctification took very seriously the significance of glorification. In this he was, like some other Reformation figures, informed by the Patristic notion of theosis or divinization. Theosis also links Hooker's...

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9 Logos Ecclesiology Revisited: The Church of the Triune God

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pp. 151-160

A popular Latin manual of theology widely used internationally in Catholic seminaries in the mid-twentieth century right up to Vatican II described the founding or institution of the Church&emdash;as did many other treatises on the Church—as the achievement of Jesus

Part Two: Christology and Ethics

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10 Deep Christology: Ecological Soundings

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pp. 163-180

STARTING IN the last quarter of the twentieth century, the rise of attention to planet Earth, both in wonder at its intricate community of life and in mounting concern about its devastation at human hands, has opened a new frontier for theological....

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11 Neither Male nor Female: Christology beyond Dimorphism

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pp. 181-196

IAM DELIGHTED to be asked to write about Christology in a volume for Joanne McWilliam. The fact that Joanne's theological views often differed from mine never meant that she was any less supportive of me as a person and as a scholar....

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12 Theological Implications of Mobile Hospitality

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pp. 197-208

JOANNE MCWILLIAM exemplified hospitality and charity wherever she was: in the welcome she and Peter Slater gave to others and in her openness to discussion and ideas at all times and places. This essay is a small way of honouring her...

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13 Jesus Died for Our Sins: Redemption as an Ethic of Risk

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pp. 209-228

THUS BEGINS the General Thanksgiving that is said in the daily office of the Anglican Church. Above all we give thanks to God for the love manifested in the redemption of the world through Jesus Christ. It is a simple enough prayer, and the...

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14 Lord of Two Cities: Christological or Political Realism in Augustine’s City of God?

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pp. 229-244

MY ACQUAINTANCE with Joanne McWilliam was largely literary; we shared far more by way of letters and academic writings—and, perhaps most significantly, by reading the same authors—than we did in the few face-to-face conversations we had. The written word was, I believe, an appropriate medium of exchange...

Curriculum Vitae of Joanne Elizabeth McWilliam

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pp. 245-246

Publications of Joanne Elizabeth McWilliam

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