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Contemporary Christologies

A Fortress Introduction

By Don Schweitzer

Publication Year: 2010

While many know of the signal contributions of such twentieth-century giants as Paul Tillich or Karl Barth or Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, the important work since their time often goes unremarked until some major controversy erupts. Here is a smart and helpful survey of the chief approaches and thinkers in today's understanding of the person, significance, and work of Jesus Christ.

Schweitzer offers an insightful introduction to the contemporary context of Christology, in which basic questions in the discipline (and soteriology) are being rethought in light of globalization, postmodernity, and the contemporary experience of evil.

Schweitzer's volume concludes with a reflection on the recent past and present imperatives of a discipline that virtually defines what Christianity has to offer the present age.

Published by: Augsburg Fortress Publishers


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Title Page, Copyright

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...Jesus’ question to his disciples, “Who do you say that I am?” (Mark 8:29) continually recurs to those who believe in him as the Christ. Each generation answers it in a variety of ways. This is born out in the Christologies studied in this book. Each reflects something of the context it comes from and how its author experienced this. Yet each also reflects something of Jesus, who first asked this question...

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...This book is an introduction to contemporary Christologies. It examines how fifteen theologians from the past forty years have understood Jesus. It is divided into five chapters, each focusing on a particular way of understanding Jesus’ saving significance as featured in the Christologies of three theologians. These ways of understanding Jesus’ saving significance are sometimes called models of atonement...

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Chapter 1: Jesus as Revealer

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...As Western societies became increasingly secularized in the twentieth century, the existence of God ceased to be a basic assumption for many people. Experiences of the absence or “eclipse” of God became an important theme in Western thought. This was partly caused by a major change in the way reality was viewed in Western societies. ...

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Chapter 2: Jesus as Moral Exemplar

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...Peter Abelard (1079–1142) is the name most often associated with what has come to be known as the moral influence theory of atonement. According to Abelard, the atoning significance of Jesus’ death should be understood as follows ...

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Chapter 3: Jesus as Source of Ultimate Hope

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...Numerous hymns celebrate Jesus’ resurrection as a victory, a triumph, an overcoming of sin, evil, and death. Even the hymn “In the Bulb There Is a Flower,” which uses natural images of change such as the turn of the seasons from winter to spring to describe the resurrection, sees it as the basis for the hope that there will be, “at the last, a victory.” ...

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Chapter 4: Jesus as the Suffering Christ

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...The Gospels describe Jesus as healing people, casting out demons, and miraculously feeding multitudes. These actions are portrayed as signs of God’s salvific power working through Jesus. Instances where Jesus “could do no deed of power”1 are recorded, but the former greatly outnumber these. Shortly after Jesus’ death, his disciples and others came to believe that God...

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Chapter 5: Jesus as Sourceof “Bounded Openness”

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...He lives in southern India, becomes interested in Hinduism, Christianity, and Islam and begins to practice all three. The pandit of the temple, the Imam of the mosque, and the priest of the church he goes to hear that he is frequenting these other places of worship. One day, all three meet Pi and his parents at the beach. An angry conversation ensues in which each denounces ...

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...Coming to the conclusion of this pilgrimage through fifteen contemporary Christologies from four continents, it is time to reflect on what can be gleaned from them. This can be divided into traditional issues in Christology of continuing relevance and new issues arising from contemporary contexts and developments...


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