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Youth Peacebuilding

Music, Gender, and Change

Lesley J. Pruitt

Publication Year: 2013

Defines a new research area linking youth cultures and music with peacebuilding practice and policy.

Published by: State University of New York Press

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It seems only right to begin this musical journey with a plea from a song. As I discuss throughout this book, music—as expression, as creation, as inspiration—can provide many unique insights into transforming conflicts, altering our understandings, and achieving change. Some of the unique capacities of ...

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In the peacebuilding arena, the United Nations (UN) has tended to focus on formal political processes such as peace negotiations, institution building, and elections. It is difficult, if not impossible, for young people to be actively engaged in many of these peacebuilding activities. However, it is clear that...

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Chapter 1: Youth in Peace and Conflict

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Currently, nearly half the total world population is under 24 years old, and about 20 percent of these fall in the adolescent age bracket of 10–19 years. The generation of adolescents alive today is the largest in recorded history, and their proportion of the world population is growing quickly. Thus, numbers ...

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Chapter 2: Music Makes the (Young) People Come Together?

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Music plays an important cultural role in several ways, many of which contribute to its political potential. Scholars have described the potential of music to arouse emotions, reinforce social identities, offer hope and meaning, shape consciousness, demonstrate and demarcate belief, act as therapy, communicate...

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Chapter 3: The Beat on the Ground: Introducing the Case Studies

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For purposes of comparison, I decided to study two groups in diverse cultural contexts with different experiences of violence and peacebuilding. Northern Ireland is considered a post-conflict society, while Australia is seen as a country at peace, though violence does exist there. The search for suitable...

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Chapter 4: Building Peace Through a Musical Dialogue

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In recent years, many scholars of peace studies have agreed that dialogue is crucial to building peace and responding to global problems.1 However, important questions remain about the meanings and parameters of dialogue and how it might take place. Etymologically, the term is of Greek origin, deriving...

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Chapter 5: Shifting Identities, Performing Peace

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The chance to challenge conflict identities is another important outcome that may emerge from, or alongside, the musical dialogue just discussed. This is important because identity is a key issue in resolving or transforming conflicts. Many have posited that issues of identity often fuel conflict and that greater ...

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Chapter 6: Making Space, Creating Common Ground

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Efforts at building peace by (re)constructing identities require paying attention to space. Indeed, music may alter spaces in ways that create opportunities for contesting identities that support conflict. In particular, music-based peacebuilding programs can play a role in constructing spaces that...

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Chapter 7: Gendering the Jam: Possibilities and Prohibitions

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Gender equality is a key factor in achieving positive peace, so evaluating prospects for democratizing gender roles and challenging gender norms is vital in any study of peacebuilding. Building sustainable positive peace with young people will require constant reflection and an awareness of processes of ...

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In this research, I have found that music can be a particularly useful way to engage youth in peacebuilding. Youth participants themselves confirmed this—when asked whether they thought music had been a useful tool for their involvement in peacebuilding, all of them said it had. Moreover, music ...

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...7. Do you feel being involved in this project will make it eas-8. How do you think being a boy/girl affects your ability to be 9. Do you think boys or girls are more involved in conflict or 12. Do you think there are any kids who would have trouble fit-14. What skills, if any, have you learned in this project that can ...


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Publication Year: 2013