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Critical Essays on Israeli Social Issues and Scholarship

Books on Israel, Volume III

Russell Stone, Walter P. Zenner

Publication Year: 1994

Critical Essays on Israeli Social Issues and Scholarship is part of a series of review volumes sponsored by the Association for Israel Studies and published by SUNY Press that provides a framework for discussion of research and scholarship on all aspects of Israeli society. This book brings together review essays commenting on issues in Israeli culture, literature, politics, scholarship, and society. The authors identify a series of recently published books and provide critical commentary. In their examination, they go beyond the works themselves to comment on the state of scholarship and social conditions. Topics covered include Israeli writers’ reactions to the Holocaust, critical analyses of the popular Israeli poet and novelist Amnon Shamosh, the linguistic relations between Yiddish and Modern Hebrew, ethnic relations, the emerging “mainstream” of Israeli culture, politics, Israeli historical revisionism, and social, psychological, and political aspects of the continuing Israel-Palestine conflict.

Published by: State University of New York Press

Series: SUNY series in Israeli Studies

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pp. 1-6

This volume of critical essays is part of a series that comments on issues within Israeli culture, literature, politics, scholarship, and society. The series is sponsored by the Association for Israel Studies, which was founded in 1985 by scholars from several disciplines to provide a framework for the discussion of all aspects of Israeli...

Part I: Literature and Language

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Rewriting the Holocaust: An Israeli Case Study in the Sociology of the Novel

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pp. 9-30

Two recently published novels by young Israeli authors, Dorit Peleg's Una and Omer Bartov's Border Patrol (both published by Hakibbutz Hame'uchad, 1988), are the starting point of the following inquiry. Both contain large sections concerning the life of a Jew during the Holocaust, as seen and portrayed through the eyes of a contemporary Israeli. This portrayal makes no claim...

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Espionage and Cultural Mediation

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pp. 31-42

When we speak about the meeting of cultures, we usually think about individuals who represent differences between two distinct social systems and who learn traits and patterns from the "other" culture. The spy, however, must stand between two cultures surreptitiously. I recall a World War II film about...

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An Authentic Human Voice: The Poetry of Amnon Shamosh

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pp. 43-62

The present situation prevailing between Ashkenazim and Sephardim i n Israel is expressed sometimes in terms of tradition vs. modernity, East vs. West, European vs. Oriental, modern vs. pre-modern, secular vs. religious, or suchlike pairs of opposites. The relationship then is articulated in cultural, geographic, communal, or ethnic distinctions...

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On The Schizoid Nature of Modern Hebrew

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pp. 63-86

The monograph's central argument is that Modern Hebrew (MH) is a Slavic language. Wexler claims that Yiddish was originally a dialect of the Sorbian subgroup of the Slavic language family (located in the southern corner of former East Germany), and that the supposed Germanic origin of this Judeo-Sorbian dialect...

Part II: Culture and Society:Gender, Ethnicity, Community

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Does Gender Matter?

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pp. 89-106

In a society as complex as Israel's, with its uneasy coexistence between modern and traditional social classes, how do we set criteria for measuring the empowerment of women? Is women's liberation determined solely by public sphere activity?...

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Studies on Ethnicity

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pp. 107-120

Books on Israeli ethnicity (defined in reference to Israeli Jews in terms of one's country or region of origin) continue to appear, and its role in shaping Israeli...

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The Search for Israeliness: Toward an Anthropology of the Contemporary Mainstream

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pp. 121-134

These two books are the most recent entries in what is becoming a genre in the anthropology of Israel, the search for what it means to be Israeli and how that meaning is reflected in everyday life. Other earlier works which share this focus on mainstream...

Part III: Social Analysis

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From Apparatus to Populus: The Political Sociology of Yonathan Shapiro

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pp. 137-160

Yonathan Shapiro occupies a special place in Israeli :iology. Until his emergence in the field in the early 1970s the sociological discourse in Israel was totally dominated by one school, the functionalist, or modernization school, which was based...

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Governing in a Turbulent National Policy Environment

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pp. 161-176

Hehzkel Dror, one of Israel's leading social scientists, internationally known for his pioneering studies in public policy analysis. Dror has recently completed a monumental work of five volumes in Hebrew where he provides a long-range analysis of Israel's fundamental...

Part IV: History and Politics

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The Significance of Israeli Historical Revisionism

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pp. 179-200

In the past decade or so, there has been a remarkable burst of historical scholarship—most, though not all, the work of Israeli academicians and journalists—on the origins and dynamics of the Arab-Israeli conflict. The sources of this new scholarship are recently declassified Israeli, American, British, Palestinian, and United Nations...

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The Utopian Crisis of the Israeli State

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pp. 201-226

Since the Lebanon War, political-sociological discourse in Israel has been increasingly focused on the crisis of the Israeli state. Israeli political sociologists, virtually all of whom belong to the left-liberal camp of Israeli politics, have been grappling with the seeming inability...

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The Arab-Israeli Conflict and the Victory of Otherness

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pp. 227-244

The Arab-Israeli conflict, one of the most complicated of all conflicts in the contemporary world, has been approached by analysts from numerous angles: broad historical analysis, legal perspectives, personal observations, security dilemmas, attitudinal prisms...

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The Intercommunal Dimension in the Arab-Israeli Conflict: The Intifada

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pp. 245-264

The protracted Arab-Israeli conflict is interstatal, and also contains a n intercommunal dimension which gives it a 'compound' quality, i.e., a structure composed of two bordering domains of violence—interstate and communal....


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Page Count: 268
Publication Year: 1994

Series Title: SUNY series in Israeli Studies