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A House Too Small

And Other Stories

Ezra Hirschmann, with foreword by Alan Berger

Publication Year: 2013

In this unique collection of short stories, the central link is the profound impact of the Holocaust on the lives of first and subsequent generation survivors. Each story has roots in World War II, but all end in the present. Extending into Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and the Americas, the stories demonstrate that the shards of Holocaust evil are scattered far and wide and that the passage of time may, or may not, bring closure. The characters are diverse, from the fragile and frail to the courageous in the face of brutality. Through the unfolding of events long after their traumatic occurrence, some protagonists are relieved of their debilities, while others are rendered desperate by them. For readers interested in post-Holocaust literature, the damaged human condition, and family sagas, this book is a must. Reaching far beyond events that concluded in 1945, A House Too Small carries the aftermath of the Shoah forward, deftly unfolding its powerful personal consequences through remembrance, forgiveness, retribution, tragedy, intrigue, devotion, and redemption.

Published by: Texas Tech University Press

Series: Modern Jewish Literature and Culture

Title Page, Copyright

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p. vii-vii

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pp. ix-xiii

The Holocaust, as a historically anchored event, ended in 1945. The Nuremberg trials of twenty-two top Nazi criminals, which began in November of that year and ended eleven months later, signaled the end of official concern. The world turned to other matters. Postwar reconstruction, a future that looked bright ...

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p. xv-xv

Without the encouragement of dear family and friends, this book may not have come into existence. My appreciation of them and their lives is abiding, even if they are not named here. With respect and gratitude, I also acknowledge: Robert Mandel PhD, the Director ...

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Beggar in the Bahnhoff

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pp. 3-42

"He will be the breath of God,” the old man said, speaking softly to his dying daughter. Her strength failing, Ruth clutched the infant to her chest. Her bones protruded through the fl imsy nightdress. Her father’s words were spoken as if he were carving carefully, like an artist working in the ...

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The Clairvoyant

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pp. 43-66

Summer swept across Austria. With warm and soft fi ngertips it caressed the bases of tall mountains. With supple arms, it hugged the plains. Nimbly it tickled the surfaces of deep lakes. From the Neusiedler See in the east to Feldkirch in the west, and from Villach in the south to Gmund in the north, the Motherland bathed in the glory of temperate ...

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Fall of Grace

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pp. 67-122

On a winter’s night, the stranger came to Figlands Park. A man with a single good eye, a bad leg, and many pains called his home by that name because, he said, “Once fig trees grew abundantly in the garden.” The house was adjacent to a park. The lawn was dry, wilted, and brown in the cold Highveld chill. Remnants of ...

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Hester’s Folly

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pp. 123-140

It shot out of the sky. Like a cannon ball, the thing plummeted to earth. It trailed a red and white plume that looked like something being peeled, perhaps ripped, off something else. It had rained the night before. Water pooled in troughs. Just beyond the cowshed, where on clear days outdoor milking was once a joy, the ground it ...

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A House Too Small

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pp. 141-160

Beside the infant’s crib in which she lay, a small replica of the Statue of Liberty, like a toy, settled in a spreading pool of blood. It had seeped through creamy sheets. Now it dripped, in uncongealed drops, onto the suicide ...

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Lady Dorothy’s Dilemma

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pp. 161-196

Oh yes, she had thought many times, in her ever-diminishing interludes of sobriety, my husband certainly spared no expense to allow his eye to fall more commonly on beauty than on ugliness. But that only applied to her immediate gentrified ...

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Ghost of the Ganges

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pp. 197-240

At the back of his Rolls-Royce Ghost, hidden behind drawn shades, a grotesquely fat man known only as the proprietor was reading The Lloyds Register of British and Foreign Shipping. The editorial concerned losses by the ultra wealthy Lloyds “names” to meet pirates’ ransoms—the lucrative prizes for hunting ...

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Page Count: 288
Publication Year: 2013

Series Title: Modern Jewish Literature and Culture