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The Many Facets of Mikhail Kuzmin

A Miscellany

edited by

Publication Year: 2011

Published by: Slavica Publishers

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pp. ix-xii

This collection of critical essays and materials aims to provide a multi-faceted portrait of Mikhail Kuzmin (1872-1936), a key but underestimated figure of Russian modernism whose artistic output reflects the rich variety of a latter-day...

От составителя

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pp. xiii-xvii

Part I:Poetry/Поэзия

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"The Burden of Memory": Mikhail Kuzmin as Catalogue Poet

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pp. 3-25

The untitled partially rhymed accentual piece "Zolotaia elena po lestnitse..." (1926)1 amalgamates token images of outwardly alien epochs and cultural/stylistic strata to an end...

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Themes, Structure, and Intertexts in Mikhail Kuzmin's Infinitive Poem "Sweet Is It To Die..."

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pp. 26-42

The term infinitivnoe pis 'mo (infinitive writing - IW) was coined for verses that contain sufficiently autonomous infinitive verbs.1 In the ideal case, the infinitives are...

Мне с кажԁым ymром nроmuбнеŭ заyченыŭ, мерmбыŭ сmux

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pp. 43-57

Part II: Drama/Драма

Еще раз о «Смерти Нерона» М. Кyзмина

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pp. 61-72

Part III Prose/Проза

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An Englishman in the Russian Bathhouse: Kuzmin's Wings and the Russian Tradition of Homoerotic Writing

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pp. 75-87

Published just over a century ago, Mikhail Kuzmin's novel Wings (Kryl'ia; 1906) marked the first attempt in Russian literature to create an extensive and sympathetic portrayal of same-sex love. It is well documented that Kuzmin's...

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A Literary Lion Hidden in Plain View: Clues to Mikhail Kuzmin's "Aunt Sonya's Sofa" and "Lecture by Dostoevsky"

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pp. 89-139

Mikhail Kuzmin's career as prose writer, which started more than a century ago with the publication of Kryl'ia (Wings) in 1906, was far from successful. Although he introduced radically new perspectives into Russian literature, such as openly homosexual themes, a...

Part IV: Music/Мyзыка

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Meaning Between Media: Structural Concerns in the Alexandrian Songs

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pp. 143-158

The musical settings of Mikhael Kuzmin's Alexandrian Songs offer an especially fruitful case study for analysis. As a rare example of a single artist producing both a literary text and a setting for piano and voice, these songs can provide...


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pp. 159-162

Part V: Poetics/Поэтика

«Переxодящие» сюжеты y М. Кyзмиa

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pp. 165-178

Part VI: Kuzmin and His Contemporaries/Кyзмин и современики

Миxаил Кyзмин и Алексей Толстой

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pp. 181-212

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Bitter Sweet: Mikhail Kuzmin and Konstantin Somov

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pp. 213-224

The subject of this essay is the uneasy alliance between the poet Mikhail Kuzmin (1872-1936) and the painter Konstantin Andreevich Somov (1869-1939), especially the latter's portraits of the former. Unfortunately, within this alliance there are ...

История записей авторского чтения М. Кyзминa

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pp. 225-227

Part VII: (Re)publications/(Ре)пyбликации

«Лекция Достоевского»

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pp. 231-233

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"Lecture by Dostoevsky"

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pp. 235-237

Ilya Ivanovich Koshkin had two passions, which easily joined company with each other: he was a collector and a great admirer of mechanical inventions. All his more than modest means he would spend n the purchase of antique clocks, chimes, musical...

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«Лекция Достоевского»

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pp. 239-248

Mikhail Kuzmin, "'Lecture by Dostoevsky.'" The following four pages present a facsimile reproduction of the only publication of this work during Kuzmin's lifetime...

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Кyранты любви

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pp. 249-305

Facsimile reprint of musical notation from the edition: Kuzmin, M. Kuranty liubvi. Words and music by M. Kuzmin. Moscow: Skorpion, 1910.

Index of Names

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pp. 306-312

Yказатель произведений Миxаила Кyзмина

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pp. 313-318

E-ISBN-13: 9780893578824
E-ISBN-10: 0893578827
Print-ISBN-13: 9780893573829
Print-ISBN-10: 0893573825

Publication Year: 2011